Skyrim Tales - Dragonborn Coward

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  • Giv dat Hyucc Nibba

    My childhood Sniffle

  • WoWserJJ

    Throthgar, son of Bothvar, descendant of Edgar, brother-in-law of Einar, second cousin of Falkmar, slayer of Guldar

  • GhostDragon10

    I love Throthgar so much. He's comfort food for the Skyrim loving soul.

  • O.G. Loki

    And so, the journey of the cohesive unit began here

  • Solidus 316

    o wow, totally worth coming back to watch, a lot of folks first are not good but this was great, loved the Python style narrative

  • ButtsnifferStinkerface Animefan69

    I don't know how this doesn't have more views and likes. :U

  • Darth Xodius

    (Wolf having a stroll suddenly Throthgar slams down in front of it from out of nowhere) Wolf: Huh?!!

  • Highmaster Otto, Prussian Stallion

    holy shit, this was made 11 days after release

  • Nikim Krow

    Here we are where it all began

  • Test me cmon

    notice it says no mature content

  • kdamann01

    can't believe it's been over 4 years since this first came out, time flies

  • The Epic Duck

    I remember this too damn well

  • laila amell

    this never gets boring

  • DeadlyLad

    What a legend he was.

  • acevedo dlm

    Thank you for stealing my name

  • Gabriel Lorenzana

    It was only 11 days after Skyrim released. It's crazy how huge Skyrim became in such little time. What an epic fucking game.

  • ksiazeBrowara

    Johnny Bravo is a true Hero

  • Jhan919

    By Taylaws, it's true!

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