Skyrim's Emo YouTuber Goes Crazy (Sinitar Gaming)

► Emo female brony named Sinitar Gaming said he want some beef with me over videos where I troll FudgeMuppet fanboys. Turns out he's an emo brony who manipulates his fans so he can have them pay for his living expenses.

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  • Thierno Bah

    Cuts wrist with smashed vodka bottle. Inchants ussr national anthem.

  • Benny Paul

    “who’s pony is this?” Lolololol

  • richbogli

    You the one playing in that gameplay? git gud boi

  • JokerTricks34

    Hahaha, muscle, you, your thinner than my anorexic rat

  • Jay Turner

    Lol the name is so familiar to me but I dont know him

  • Adrian Jackson

    Dude, You need more subs

  • was tas

    Omg!IKARI even has a fake account called Becky Gabarilic where he further advertizes his channel, even in this fing video!!!!I know this because I'm banned from his channel account and I dont see Ikari and Becky Gabarilic.On my other account I see them both.THIS GUY IS GETTING A BIGGER DOUCHE WITH EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF RESEARCH.You have to make a video and completely destroy him.

  • nerd0Chija

    You actually lose it, when you start using argumentum ad hominem and argumentum ad personam, the lowest and worst arguments that someone can use against someone in discussion.

  • Hazemore

    yo you suck, dont tell people how to live, make a video on me, you suck.

  • Sebastien Nortje

    I love how you just spent 10 mins (well actually I assume you spent a good few hours making this video) to rip on a guy, saying how anyone else could do a better job at it than him, when he has more subs, views and likes than you. If he's bad then what does that make you? You act like a guy who thinks he knows all of the answers to life, Mr. Self-Righteous. But honestly dude, you simply come off as someone who's angry or just a total pessimist.I was like you once, I used to think bringing the bad out of everything and everyone would bring them down to boost me up, but in the long run, it just makes you look like an asshole.Now usually I wouldn't care about just another asshole but the fact that your vids are quite malicious towards other Youtubers creates quite the effect. You see, your bullshit is bringing down other channels by killing off their subs, views, likes, whatever and in reality you are making them lose money. I mean what is wrong with you? I would never do anything to jeopardise someone's financial situation because in some country's, no money means no house, no food, no water, no bed, no life! Now I know this sounds extreme, and it wouldn't get to that point, or I would rather emphasise on a "probably" wouldn't get to that point. I'm just trying to figure out, WHY? Why do you do this to other people? You are literally taking time out of pretty much everyday (where you could be productive) to bully and bring people down, and with that, their livelihood. I just don't understand why... And if you even dare to pull out a victim card, then be prepared to put it where it belongs (in the shit container) because you manage to do this to so many people which clearly invites the idea that YOU are the problem. Why don't you stop being the problem and maybe work towards being a solution? If anyone went out and saw a Mr. Problem and a Mr. Solution, who do you think they'd go to first?I doubt it but I hope something of this gets through to you...p.s. I'm not going to be surprised at the fact that I'll probably get more negative comments than positive ones, since this is YOUR channel after all and your supporters will defend you. But hey, if you guys are all alike then maybe you should think your shit through as well.Peace.

  • Deceptive Answer

    So Sinitar left a message in the comments section, and you in return upload a 10min video acting real butt Besides he's got twice the subs you have, that speaks volumes my man. Just sayin ya'll ^^

  • zoozi214

    I took you abit seriously with the FM drama videos but now i can see your just trying to feed off of others, which indicate deficit mentality. What a waste...

  • Julian de Zeeuw

    Damm your an asshole.

  • was tas

    IKARI IS A FING DOUCHE.Find his comment in this comment section.Even in this situation he has to make the pathethic excuse to advertize his channel.There is no drama between him and Sinitar (donpotrein). There are a bunch of mod authors that hate his guts though. That piece of german trash is a reason alone to pull off my mods from the Nexus.IKARI. biggest looser in the modding community. Dislike the f out of that guy. He deserves every bit of it.

  • cheese pies

    While he's a cunt, your argument addressed almost nothing. All you really did was make fun of his patreon and wording, aswell as his body appearence, which is irrelevant. In this case both arguments are of similar quality. Half the insults aren't related to the topic at hand.

  • JokerTricks34

    And go watch his roleplay dumbass, that's work, your shit is only complaining about people making you feel bad about yourself

  • Peter Tremblay

    Just the way you mock the guy about his appearance is showing the low level idiot you are!

  • Crosse SC

    So basically you are attacking the guy, nice video man, totally

  • Ikari

    MAN! You are my hero! Thanks. My channel has actually suffered alot because of Sinitar...

  • Smile

    oh no. another leafy wannabe

  • William D'Auria

    Could you do a video on ThickFreedom. He makes videos on Ark: Survival Evolved and all of his videos are clickbait (especially some from 2-3 months ago) and is extremely cancerous, maybe even worse than verlisify.

  • Anthony Torres

    Hx u exagerate aot man. I be thinking you just look for drama.

  • Frauggu

    Lol you are like leafy but an actual bully

  • Moose Rouse

    Just seems like his video was constructive criticism to me

  • Conios

    Cmon lets just do Build videos i like these and all but... Ya know you should make a extra channel for this type of stuff.... I mean this stuff is interesting.

  • Ted Cruz

    "You're in a privileged position"You realize he lives in a communist hell hole where people live off of $200 a year right?

  • Adrian Jackson

    All these vids are lit

  • Becky Gabarilic

    Yes Sinitar is a total idiot... I prefer Ikari his voice isnt broken and you can actually understand what he's saying. Besides he makes weekly reviews. Eh the channel is called s.silin ikari check it out

  • Henriette Høgh

    I had a stone face brought this video until he said “my dog has more weight than you” and god darn it I cracked up laughing😂

  • CARL

    what the fuck is this autistic shit bro. it seems more like you're trying to hop on a bandwagon that's long been over my dude.but anyway good luck with your skyrim+leafy channel in 2017 lmao

  • Simmrdspice

    Mate, could drop this whole ranty phase please? I really liked your regular commentary videos where you shared your point of view with us, not these 10-minute "Oh God, why are people so dumb." videos.

  • Heuristicz

    I think I'm starting to like HX more with every video I watch. :)

  • Nevah

    Dude you are hilarious, I agree with everything you said. I also think you are kind of a dick. You scared of emotion bro?

  • duke of nuke

    Wow you are one hell of an asshole, acting like sinitar just wrote some drama comment under your video, but in reality he just wrote his opinion that he finds it stupid how you reacted to FM and started a fanboy war which one hell of a dick move ! And he is fucking right that is what you are, you are a attention whore looking for trouble so you get more views -.-Like a little kid whinning about everything and trying to start trouble just for attention...sad life you've got.And the fact that you are making fun of his looks just indiccates that you are very unhappy with yourself deep in your mind and that's why you've gotta make fun of other people, so you feel better !That is so sad...

  • JokerTricks34

    And stop going at YouTubers with more sub's than you

  • John Manard

    Sinitar has good videos but he as a person is in no way perfect. But seriously HX you are such a fucking savage lolxd! 😅

  • Arturo Hernandez

    Man I was subscribed to you and loved your content but what the fuck happened? Like honestly this channel is nothing but smelly shitty trash now.

  • Blk_Kurome

    You're an asshole lmao.

  • DeaDX - Games

    Just stop being rude you know youre not the best either, and your aperrance doesnt mean anything but your heart does. SORRY BAD ENGLAND

  • Vlad Cooles

    Fucking hell, I just discovered your channel and I think I'm in love. The way you talk shit is the most entertaining thing ever. You deserve so many more subscribers

  • chad wiley

    Jesus Crist HX those burns almost made me feel emo

  • WYLLi bAoB tHay mEng

    Holy fuck...that hairstyle is almost the same one as mine...I need to change hairstyle now..

  • Floofie kun

    Man, that kid is such a damn emo fag lol

  • Hawt Sauz

    I fucking knew he was from Ukraine.For some people it can be real tough out here. Due to our conflict with Russia, we have a huge crisis, so I understand why he's so desperate.Still, the way he wants to make money is just lazy and disgusting...he should get a real job.

  • Darth Wrath

    gets lotion ready HX, keep making videos, your rants are better than leafy's.And do make Skyrim vids.

  • Nasko K. Dimov

    Its kinda pathetic going on this dude like that. When you saw his comment , you just should have ignored him. By doing this video you show how petty you are and howyou get buthurt over nothing. I dont know why you even respond to it like that ... is it because he has more subs or something and you suffer from inferiority complex ? Its clear that you are not open to criticism , so you should just ignore such comments and statements. You are better than this. Just ignore and move on.

  • moptoplogan

    Lowkey enjoying these roast videos

  • Sam

    Came for the build vids, stayed for the stories and left because of the god awful drama

  • munha666

    he gets upset when people correct his mistakes/lies on comentaries

  • Jay'Kwan Wilkerson

    I can not believe that I only discovered you on youtube just because you roasted FudgeMuppet and I agree with ever argument you've made so far keep up the good work. and plz don't roast my channel.

  • Ger Vang

    If I subscribe do you promise to roast more stupid people lol?

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