The SCIENCE! Behind Skyrim's GIANT Catapult

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Executive Producer | Randy Parish
Producer | Rasha
Writer/Editor/ Narrator | Austin Hourigan
Director | Josh Yebba
Closed Captioning | Kyle Yebba
  • kaytikat -ty5

    I love these intros.

  • Ayden King

    I just learned waves at school oh my god

  • drako7890

    What's the science behind Dragon armor? I'm truthfully curious.

  • Floyd Masterson

    yay metric stuff i as an American don't know the conversions for :D

  • Ninetails theGodkiller

    ok so know that i know this well shit man first time i meat i giant in skyrim i was lvl 18 and it was right over the mountain i killed them by sniping them with a bow because well shit im a boss (i honestly thought they would kill me and was to much of wimp to attack them head on) so i killed them but i was standing just above them so my guy is deaf right like very very deaf hmmmm

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