Red (Pokemon): The Story You Never Knew

Immerse yourself in a story of Pokemon legend, the tale of Red! Understand this Pokemon master's story, where he came from and how he became the world-renowned trainer we know today. Uncover a true understanding of Red, The Story You Never Knew.

Disclaimer: Red's story in this video is according to the video game canon. Any other footage used is only for visual purposes.

Please let us know about future video game characters you'd like us to cover in the comments below!


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  • A Doyle

    I'm a bit upset to see no new mega evolutions and plus, where is that Charazarite X you had when battling Mewtwo?

  • OVYX

    What I'd love if they made a game about if you went back to kanto you don't continue with your current gen (latest) pokemon Red starts telling a tale and that's when the adventure in kanto starts you can only catch 120 pokemon before beating the elite four and have to have all 149 Pokemon to take Mewtwo on but your current generation trainer (once red's story is done) gets to go catch mew and in the end Red trades you the pokemon you caught but 20 lvs higher and this is ONLY your team so no way to get the others without using pokemon bank just a theory

  • Prometheus

    when you accidently get bulbasaur instead of squrtle at the end. heart gold.

  • Mia Valentine

    i love how he doesn't even mention about his mega charizard or the fact that he wasn't obsessed with pokemon, he was just upset about still finding mew. at least from my point of view anyway... lol

  • jacob nagler

    I beat blue every time

  • Jay Complex Kid Randle

    Soooooo.......there's nothing about catching Mew at all?

  • William Deavila

    Technicaly only 149 at first but people discovered a new pokemon and another one was created from the discovered pokemon

  • CNG

    The fuq, I will never grow out of Pokémon!

  • ProAssazinRex_ Gaming

    If Papyrus Was A PokeTALE Trainer...Wild Grass: New EncounterA Wild Frisk Appeared...Papyrus: A HUMAN!!

  • Barry Harper


  • Camilish pilish

    Hey, do a remastered version with Sun and Moon

  • Pepe The Frog

    10:58 scared the living shit out of me


    RED IS THE BEST...😄😄😄

  • Prometheus

    wish they made a longer show of red instead of ash

  • teehee

    Don't diss Red's hat after all he has the best one.

  • Shaila Latupan

    Pokémon is not a game for little kids , it's my life 👌


    Story of the overrated.

  • Prometheus

    I don't like how they left red like that

  • NerdLo Gamer

    But just before red traveled any further...Professor oak stopped him from getting killed by lvl 2 pidgeys...LEVEL 2...PIDGEY...

  • Rajendra Kargutkar

    it's fake he catch me too in ultra ball

  • Hoopz Neal

    I remember in the original PKMN Red, Blue & Yellow Moltres was the hardest to catch, while Zapdos was the easiest to catch

  • Adam de Hombre

    Is that a Red vs Blue reference at? 10:01

  • kerbynator

    I think im the only one who is not annoyed with mt moon

  • Zelda 194

    Red deserves a hiiigh quality anime film

  • Tia Thompson

    When the fanart look better than the actual 😍👌❤💦😝 Pls stop me

  • teehee

    I got a hope boner after hearing this lol definitely not a dgr reference

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