Red (Pokemon): The Story You Never Knew

Immerse yourself in a story of Pokemon legend, the tale of Red! Understand this Pokemon master's story, where he came from and how he became the world-renowned trainer we know today. Uncover a true understanding of Red, The Story You Never Knew.

Disclaimer: Red's story in this video is according to the video game canon. Any other footage used is only for visual purposes.

Please let us know about future video game characters you'd like us to cover in the comments below!


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  • ZingFox

    This is so true to me. In 6th grade me and my friends always hung out playing our Pokemon games. I had yellow and they had red, blue, etc. And I started getting obsessed at being the best and got every game and beat all my friends VIA Link cables. They quit and I got bored and quit too until a few years later and we all met up and battled again for fun. :P Jesus, just to think I pulled a Red irl too.

  • cameron Forsyth

    this is dumb because ash greninja and ash is way better than red

  • David Lopez

    I captured the three birds the same way what could that mean

  • James Bintley

    I really liked the old outro why did you change it!

  • Matthew Fanaff

    There is no way you can catch mewtwo with that much health. This video is fake

  • SimplySam

    This is like something Game Freak would actually create

  • ThatmcGamer X 2

    this video made me cry a bit

  • TitrusBRO

    Depression starts at 14:40

  • David Lopez

    well red says give money to mom

  • Nico Guidone

    what happened to Ashe?

  • HeaGPT- Bullet force

    pokemon player:(in red) Gives the rival a bad name, breaks his dreams of being champion,then becomes his grandfather's(HIS ONLY ALIVE FAMILY MEMBER i think)FAVOURITE

  • Zer0Gravity21

    I never loved pokemon that way. I'm a completionist, yes, but i never got attached to it quite like Red, or many people out there. Maybe there's something wrong with me. Regardless, Red is still canonically the number one pokemon master OF ALL TIME.

  • Pokemon Blue

    I will never give up Pokemon

  • Infintycrows Aj

    red has an obsession with Pokemon but I have an obsession with red,......... .,.

  • Victor Diaz

    fuck you red is cool

  • Quartz Chan


  • Sharon Caruana

    mew is actually a mythical


    Red it my fav trainer

  • Xavier Scholz

    better have a burn heal.

  • Oisin McBrien

    When I saw your channel name I thought it said "testicle"

  • Cody Graham

    Hang on if reds room is the whole second part of the house where does his mom sleep? Hmmm

  • santos tamang

    What happened to Ash? Or is Ash Red? Wth?

  • Sharon Caruana

    yeah, except in the very beginning, Red actually chooses bulbasaur, then proceeds to catch the other starters

  • mystic jolteon

    dude u r just talking about shit

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