Red (Pokemon): The Story You Never Knew

Immerse yourself in a story of Pokemon legend, the tale of Red! Understand this Pokemon master's story, where he came from and how he became the world-renowned trainer we know today. Uncover a true understanding of Red, The Story You Never Knew.

Disclaimer: Red's story in this video is according to the video game canon. Any other footage used is only for visual purposes.

Please let us know about future video game characters you'd like us to cover in the comments below!


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  • Pham Phuankhang

    Zepto is in monster legends

  • JohanFrånStockholm

    Me too mars but i laugh too

  • Scavenger12312

    First Pokémon experience Me: OMG this pudgy looks coolPidgey: Oh your a new player, lemme introduce you the game... WITH SAND ATTACK!!!!! PSHHHHHHHHHH

  • JohanFrånStockholm

    Its the best video ive seen ine YEARS

  • Franck Assi

    red the best pokemon trainer gold and rest SUCKS

  • Jet-E

    I was actually expecting another video. I was expecting him to talk about what Red did, like getting a squirtle, eevee or snorlax. And how he went back home after getting beaten.

  • Kaneki the One Eyed Queen

    I stopped liking Pokemon after I obsessed over it too much and I closed myself off completely from Pokemon. A couple months ago I was cleaning my room and found my Pokemon cards and I looked through them and realized it was actually pretty cool. I play a little bit of it occasionally. Your right

  • Gregory Flores

    Too deep in the feels 😫

  • Rekha Kumari

    why you give mewtwo to red

  • Michael Zhang

    Don't take this comment as hate, but who else accidentally read treesicle's name as testicle? If it's just me then, well I must have issues.

  • alex LUNSFORD

    did anyone else see that in pokemon origins that is ash's hat

  • Unknown Lenny God

    Don't forget MEW

  • Paora Hekenui

    aint this the same story as ash? who the fuck is red?

  • Ben Stone

    Breh Red is suppost to be DEAD he died in the caves look it up the whole reason he just disappeared is cuz his soul was holding him back untill he lost then he could go to heaven

  • Bryan Fortune

    Red isn't 11 he is 13 XD

  • TheMegaGliscor

    Level 41 Hoothoot meat shield strategy xD

  • Pokemon Trainer Red

    my hat is not silly >:/

  • Cryptic Error

    But what I was told is that after red beat the elite 4 and set off on a journey for mew blue told everyone in pallet town that red had killed his raticate. Because on the S.S. Anne red knocked out all his pokemon. But what if only his raticate was the severly injured one who didn't make it. That's why blue makes an appearance in lavender tower to bury his raticate. So when blue tells everyone no one liked red anymore and red full of shame went to Mt. Silver to train alone, but with only his pokemon by his side. Everytime blue lost to red, red got happy he had won. But, when he lost to gold on Mt. Silver red felt the pain in loses, losing his priority and fame. So he falls off of Mt. Silver but somehow still seen again later on. Blue also stated that "he had searched all over looking for the pokemon that can beat any type. So raticate is a normal type and can't beat any pokemon type. That's why it was replaced by an eggecuture. -My theory

  • megaethan010

    pokemon is for little kids um unfortunately pokeporn exists poke pore melted my eyesrip me

  • Todd Ong


  • Ryan Duxbury

    Everyone knows about red and ash but what about jack?

  • Mahesvara

    That nurse Joy made my D swell.

  • Design Show

    The narrator is too good

  • SpringtrapYT

    lol red never caught mew

  • GavinSwagin

    Red Didn't Start my journey

  • Armani Pedockie

    Why doesn't red talk

  • Gabriele Fortini

    Hope they remaster Red/Blue and they only keep old pokemon. S/M is just so bad....

  • Purple Panther

    this is an a amazing video ps im new hear so hello

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