The Top 5 Skyrim Console MODS (Xbox One) for Week #001 (28/10/2016) are listed as in the video. Subscribe for WEEKLY Top 5 Skyrim Special Edition MODS on both PS4 and Xbox One.

Top 5 Skyrim PS4 MODS -

Top 5 Weekly MODS -

1. Female Body Replacer MOD -

2. Violence - A Kill Move -

3. Hideout MOD -

4. Greater Skaal Village -

5. Elemental Destruction Magic -

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  • InfiniteDragon

    hey where was the final area in the mod showcase i know its a mod but i dont know what kind

  • Mashable〈3

    I hope you get a lot of hate copycat!

  • xxnovaisherexx

    I'm going to play both moded and vinella

  • felicie mike

    bethesda shooting down mods let everyone no....

  • Venomous Gaming

    Just subscribed to you, nice vid. Also what follower was that, is it another Console mod or PC and i was going to make two vids tonight on Skyrim Let's Play, with mods but, for some reason Bethesda wont let me view the mods on their website so, should i just find all the mods on Nexus and put the link in the description? It would be a big help if you (Or anyone else) could help me with this, Thanks

  • Black Sinow

    My whole gripe with the seraphim mod is that it has the most compatibility problems and the armor mods for it are utter crap.

  • dianitestar123

    # last mod on list is auto best


    I recommend leaving links to mods and while showcasing mod list download space

  • 2fingaz

    great vid! check out my lets play vids. any support will help, thx

  • dave fallout4

    Hi , i gave you a thumbs down,, no mods link to Bethesda site.. if you review , link mod to site ..Peace

  • WTC

    If anyone wants to see how to get a topless female follower on xbox, watch the most recent video on my channel :)

  • GrubbyViper

    what underwear mod is that you're using with the body replacer?

  • Casey Lane

    A female body mod... coooooool.

  • Subie School

    Why in the name of God himself doesn't Seraphims Female Body mod excist for pc?...

  • FG Virus

    I'm 3 years old and i like naked ladies.

  • MikusLove Soul

    if we disable the mod can we get achievements?

  • Zealot 555

    i find it stupid that ps4 has limited mods and xbox one has most of all the mods

  • xxnovaisherexx

    I'm going to play both moded and vinella

  • TITANN 117

    I can't seem to get the seraphim Body Mod to work properly. there's always a seam in the skin colors don't match.

  • Queen

    God this is why I don't play with many other guy gamers cause they always play female characters just because they're too lonely to witness a half naked female irl

  • MiryoDub

    Omg being a Sony fan really has some downsides 😓 I'm literally saving for a Xbox One just to play Skyrim with mods lol

  • Wasting Douglas

    You realy kidding? Mods for PS4 not exist

  • MobileDecay

    Actually mods are coming to console. ;)

  • Ponnjie

    Where do I find the hideout mod?

  • Just Glib

    why does Xbox one get all the good mods I might just get a Xbox one just for Skyrim all the mods on ps4 are kinda shitty and Xbox one gets more space to download mods and ps4 gets 900 MB to download mods that's bull shit basically sony is fucking over ps4 users.

  • TeamLaughOutLoud

    Alright how the hell do I use the body replacer mod on NPCs?

  • bryen black

    Is it possible to add body replacer to ps4

  • Anime Problem

    I hope the dwarven spaceship mod makes it to Xbox one

  • Flynn Bobbermen

    why does your seraphim look different? was this filmed on pc? i wish my female body mod looked like it

  • Patrick Gaskill

    I've trophied out and done a second play through with mods on PS4 but now I'm getting an Xbox to play through with better mods.

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