Skyrim, Top 10 Best Glitches! (And Other Stuff)

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"A countdown of the Top 10 Glitches, Exploits, and Down Right Crazy Things I've encountered In Skyrim!"

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But the same digital only copy from steam cost $40 bucks... Well actually technically they have removed it from steam and instead made it a "Bundle" for even more money...

So if you want all the expansions I recommend going this route vs this route

It's cheaper than buying the expansions themselves, it'll still work on steam like normal and you actually get a physical copy too which is nice...

Mass Effect 3 Glitch Countdown: (

"The Forest" Glitches: (

Please Stay Tuned for Today's Top 10!"

10. Seat Me Not
9. Reachwater Rock
8. False Wall
7. Free Bird
6. Sky Bound
5. Stiff Neck
4. Sawmill Shenanigans
3. Kettle Chaos
2. A Mystery!
1. Greybeards Wrath

Update: I've heard of some other people getting the Lydia Glitch, so I guess their must be a way to duplicate it...
  • Dragonborn

    I was playing as my khajiit rouge one time. I was walking down the road with my companion Kharjo. I notice a dead horse, a few crates and barrels, and the dead driver. My question was, "Where's the buggy?". My khajiit's question was answered when she looked up and saw the buggy... upside down....10 feet off the ground.

  • Iwsif k

    In the skyrim is a glob that can do 482 damage

  • Foxy TM

    I actually saw wearwolf Lydia in another vid... your not the only one

  • Alfonso Flores

    The wherwolf glitch happened but it happened to sven

  • Kastal Dremora Lord Warrior King

    The giant wine you going the sky is not a glitch it happens to everyone it's a finished move on them

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