Skyrim Lore: Molag Bal Secrets!

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This one is a little short because there really isn't that much on Molag Bal "yet". Why do I say yet? well...

Molag Bal is the enemy boss in Elder Scrolls Online, which is the reason why I chose him for the Lore segment of today. In this video we get to know who he is, what he represents, and what he stands for. As soon as Elder Scrolls Online comes out and we get to know more about him, I will consider doing a part 2.

Art at 0:40 and 2:30 by David Winnen, digital artist

Pictures are also the cover for "Omniversal God" by Dol Ammad
Link to the song here:
  • train thurnax

    0:40 I think I let out a little poo

  • MrJiggles

    I know this was awhile ago, but isn't there another lore with Molag Bal where... Urm.. His Dick is the spear in Vivec? In which got shoved down his throat to of supposedly killed him?


    so on elder scrolls online what ever you do DEFINITELY DO NOT become a femail.

  • Harlan Lacy

    By the Nine! It's always Serana this, Serana that, SeranaSeranaSERANA!!! Shutup about it! If your going to be fanaticly protective over something, make it... I dunno... Cicero? Shadowmere? The Adoring Fan? Just make it something actually worth caring about!

  • tccasanova

    why is this unlisted?

  • Im Habs

    Thank god I like Wolves better than Bats XD.

  • brian salvy sally

    I wanna be the king of rape 😔

  • Cobra Gamming

    is it just me or does the statue of molag bal look like a deathclaw from fallout

  • Sean lee

    What is your end music? Seems familiar

  • Paidd

    King of Rape. Molag Bal and I would get along quite well in Skyrim.

  • veranya2074

    Molag bal is a dick....😂😂everyone knows that.50 shades of Molag Bal- in Serena mind.

  • novocaine

    why is this video unlisted ? hmm curious, and what are your thoughts really on ESO? specifically on the lore.. i havent played it/probably wont play it/ but all i heard was "ESO broke the lore" im interested in a video you can make that maybe lists what ESO got right and what they got wrong in there? or possibly straight up explain some of the lore of it, and conciser bethesda gonna just ignore ESO for upcoming Elder Scrolls titles.

  • Sarah R

    So if you're a woman and want to become a full-blood vampire, you have to risk getting raped to death by a Daedric Prince?...think I'll just get bit and become a regular vampire, thanks.

  • Stroppy

    Dude can't Daedra take on any form? Whale dick time

  • Fedora

    Wait, why is this video unlisted?

  • SaladSnack6000

    So molag bal is a serial rapist.


    I wonder what what parties are like with Molag-bal?

  • Huntenboy TheSniper

    Is it bad that I give serana the mace of molag bal???

  • Potato Pie

    Me fk u molag ball I'll kill u for rapeing serrana Sam used : butt shank... ... ... Not very effective

  • Shane Murry

    So does this mean Serena had a rape you to become a true vampire?

  • Natsu Dragneel

    Elder scrolls online sucks ass

  • Audrey B

    everyone's complaining that Molag Bal raped Serana when she was actually grateful and didn't want to be cured. Also she wouldn't be a vampire and her character probably wouldn't be as intresting. Get over it

  • Quillan Jacobson

    Its funny to hear someone talk about ESO like anything other than a crappy WAW clone (which was crappy to begin with) that can't even keep itself consistent with the Elder Scrolls lore.

  • Knight Slayer

    Our version of Lucifer.

  • Bjooldr The Guard

    So molag bal accidentally created the vampires?Cool.

  • Mason Officially

    Fun fact - it's Molag Bal blood that turns people into Pure-Blooded Vampires, the whole rape ritual is just a fetish he has

  • Super Cat

    So would your blood be pure after being turned into a VL by Harkon?

  • Eyesis

    Damn did you hit a lot of this on the head the souless people and vampires for example lol

  • TheDarkWarrior Gaming*Artist

    so I guess that's why he has bal in his name

  • Mathias Liechty

    LOL beta key? Just buy the game dude xD Have you not done that yet? I've not seen any ESO footage on your channel as of late.

  • darkpaw1 darkpaw1

    This is why I love Molag Bal the most of all Daedric Princes. Literally nothing says pwnage like a Molag Bal rape face. :3

  • cee awesomeness

    I only helped him for his Mace.

  • Gavin Meeker

    Do you know awkward it would be for Molag bal when the other gods discovered he was called the king of rape

  • That Keewee

    So when I first got Molag Bal's mace, I thought he was hella cool and helpful... I would now like to amend that thought 😐

  • Tanzanight

    Personally my favorite dadra is hermyasmorera

  • Cody Carson

    I left a really compelling comment in your last video (the vampire one)


    Scratching my Molag bals

  • Dawson Knopp

    I play Dawn Guard Is not Bad I wish you can ask whiterun king aloud a nice vampire who daughter of vampire lord I feel bad for her know made up person you can really how goes through like real life but not really.


    Molag bal is Little T confirmed last year

  • Grey Riot

    Ick just ick im gonna go find an Argonian concubine to write a death threat on the back of

  • Rep Scorez

    imagine if molag bal was gay....... would harkon still go through with it? what do you think

  • Stanislav Albert

    He RAPED Serana! He is an asshole i gonna kill him

  • Bite Me

    I have his mace it's pretty badass

  • Your Average Joe

    So Vampirism is an STD?

  • FeezLof -

    I know you did a loreplay for peryite, but you should give him a secrets video.

  • Syafiq Ibrahim

    I didn't knew Harken is such a huge cuck

  • Jada IsNotHere

    Is anyone else super protective over Serana?I get super pissed when someone insults or hits her lmao.

  • Trash Boat Industries6969


  • Paidd

    I'm gonna go rape some thots/hoes and mothers and see if I might get grants the Mace of Molag Bal

  • Elliott Gaming

    We need more elder scrolls lore! These are awesome

  • Tali Sparta

    I find it surprising folks didn't get that the story of the first vampire in Mundus is kind of the frame work for becoming a pure blooded vampire and that only women can be them. I mean the book is in Serana's mother's lab and things got really icy between her mother and father after they became vampires. Do some detective work peoples all the pieces were there for you to link up. xD

  • Interela1000 Jojo

    I love werewolves, but Molag Bal is my favorite Deadra. I don't know, that his oblivion plane is badass and his voice is fucking awesome and I love the designs for him! Just overall cool!

  • Phoenixfireheart

    Wow I hate Serena's parents and Molag bol even more now poor Serena

  • Elliott Gaming

    My cousin used to be a feminazi (she later realized how dumb it was) but I showed her this when she was one and when it talked about rape she legit got triggered

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