Transforming Skyrim: Our Mod List Edition

Thanks for watching us Transform Skyrim!

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Vivid Weathers

Realistic Water Two

Enhanced Vanilla Trees

Unbelievable Grass Two

Vividian ENB

Noble Skyrim 2k

Real Roads

Static Mesh Improvement Mod

Windsong Character Overhaul


Drachis Argonians

aMidianBorn Book of Silence

Hvergelmir's Armor Retexture - HAR

i7-4790k 4.0Ghz CPU
16gb RAM

Musical Lore - Nir Shor -
CC BY 3.0 -
  • Taj L

    So this won't break my $500 cyber power computer that can't handle ARK

  • Undead King

    these are my computer specs will I be able to run skyrim with all these modsintel(R) xeon(R) cpu e5506 @ 2.13 GHZ 12 GB RAMQuadro FX 580 graphics card I have 2 of these64 Bit operating system, 64-based processor

  • Josiah Carberry

    Mod listing starts at about 1:25 for the inpatient people :)

  • The Bearman

    Brodual needs to make more transforming skyrim vids

  • Elemental gamer

    i found somethign i really like to use instead of an ENB (my computer is old) its reshade, its really good if you dont have a good PC

  • Kaike The Humanhog

    At least there isn't any mod that turns the character into a bitch.

  • Echo Unbroken

    What are good texture mode for xbone

  • Kevin Picton

    good choice on the weather mod.... I tried a few weather mods, such as some realistic weather thing, and it made game way to dark, even on the lighter version. I had to delete and vivid weather was the only one I could use that didn't screw the lighting

  • Zach Doten

    Do you think all these mods are compatible with expanded towns and cities?

  • Chris Kaplan

    You guys are awesome

  • Valjin V

    Now I'm excited for my first play through!

  • Toby Sweetman

    I love how simple this is and I'd like to play with just a handful of overhauls but then as soon as I get modding I can't stop and before I know it my load order consist of 100+ mods and my load times are ridiculous.

  • LastTourniquet

    But why male models, you ask?Male models were genetically constructed to become assassins. Their in peak physical condition, They can gain entry to the most secure places in the world, but most important of all- Models don't think for themselves. They do as their told.

  • Lucas Jordan

    Now tell me, are you playing Special Edition? Or not?

  • Droqanar The Khajiit

    Lmfao I have all the mods listed in the description but the ENB looks nothing like it does here

  • Jizzy

    6:46 no fucking way I played like that for 2 years...

  • Adam Smith

    me: hey i finally got my enb working well and hey ive got a steady frame rate time to install verdant. it cant take down my fps that much.verdant: thats where youre wrong kiddo

  • Lukas Tran

    Is it me or all Skyrim videos have very little dislikes?

  • noah hunt

    hey so ive run into a big problem after I installed all these mods my game got a huge bug and basically there is no more voices and no npcs can talk anymore , ive looked everywhere and no one has any idea what it is and I need help so PLEASE respond

  • Nathaniel McGuire

    if you're on Xbox Project you will get with console.

  • Nini Braun

    is it for skyrim se? because vived weathers is. or can i choose which version i want do download?

  • AlexSoulReapr

    I had enough of these money fighting japanes models in this Monday to Friday game skyrim is not meant for Japanese models

  • prow97

    Unbelievable Grass Two is dead...

  • Gabby Alcantara

    Will a gtx 1050 ti be able to handle this? I'm planning to buy one in the next few weeks.

  • Trilasent

    I have a GTX 660 12Gb of RAM and 4GB of vRAM and I can't even use the performance version of Vividian without dropping below 50fps

  • Remon Te Slippe

    runable with gtx870 3gb ddr5 i74510hq 3.2 ghz?

  • Elsweyr

    i may be wrong but isn't real roads in smim

  • Deku 420

    Is that weather one for PS4? If not fuck you Sony lol

  • ambionkanai

    I just saw your specs. The only diff between your rig and mine is that you have a 1070 and I only have a 1060I'll be checking out more of your vids

  • HakaiShin

    Can de install all of these mods ? And does my PC run it :i5 6600 3.5G.HzGTX 970 4Go 16 Go RAM DDR4

  • Inquest

    I tried installing the enb and actually ruined my entire load order and skyrim folder.

  • Jafar Uddin

    Same CPU but at 5GHz and a 1080 instead of 1070 both watercooled and near silent =D Sweet!

  • Brian ONine

    Can a 970 and i5-6500 be able to perform atleast 60fps on 1080p with these mods installed ?

  • Toby Sweetman

    For those with low-end hardware like myself try out enhanced saturation, it offers a huge improvement in colour and has 0 performance lost, I use it and it looks like I'm using an ENB.

  • Thirteen Pixelz

    "BOTH genders" - brodual

  • Nikita Simanovich

    man, pls, fill in the assembly somewhere, looks cool and there are nor a lot of mods. Thank you.

  • Jaivardhan Deshwal

    Rain is so awesome during Storm Call---I am always using Storm call and everyone around dies so quickly and then I walk slowly without raising a finger through streets in Daedric armor like a Badass

  • Deety

    noble skyrim 2k, it's possible to have it but in 4k?

  • Andre Kurkcu

    Rudy or Vividian ENB? 2017?

  • Jizzy

    what type of lighting mod should I use instead of Vividan ENB?

  • Mason Maseda

    i just copied it.... man my skyrim is beautiful

  • LimaTheCatman _

    They play this with an i7 and a GTX 1070 SC, plus 16gb of ram. And I'm here wondering if a Pentium G4560 with 8gb of ram and a GTX 1050ti will run this same mod setup.

  • G K

    Can a gtx 1050 handle this?

  • Adam Smith

    after watching 15 brodual videos where i see vivid weathers and cant be bothered to mess around with my enb and finally give in"fine but im gonna complain the whole time"-bob, bobs burgers

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