Transforming Skyrim: Our Mod List Edition

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Vivid Weathers

Realistic Water Two

Enhanced Vanilla Trees

Unbelievable Grass Two

Vividian ENB

Noble Skyrim 2k

Real Roads

Static Mesh Improvement Mod

Windsong Character Overhaul


Drachis Argonians

aMidianBorn Book of Silence

Hvergelmir's Armor Retexture - HAR

i7-4790k 4.0Ghz CPU
16gb RAM

Musical Lore - Nir Shor -
CC BY 3.0 -
  • Josiah Carberry

    Mod listing starts at about 1:25 for the inpatient people :)

  • Dylan_ Smit

    installed the same mods, enb, etc.. my game looks nothing like theirs. what gives?

  • ThePieMan

    What settings are you using for unbelievable grass two?NVM it's been hidden....this sucks

  • Nikita Simanovich

    man, pls, fill in the assembly somewhere, looks cool and there are nor a lot of mods. Thank you.

  • George Padley

    Do the hair and beard mods work for khajits??

  • Luke Cagle

    I would like to know which of the landscaping mods hurt the least in performance? I have pure waters but I would really like to do a floral grass mod.

  • F!LtHY W&bB!T

    Is it Xbox supported ?

  • kilikx1x

    But why male models, you ask?Male models were genetically constructed to become assassins. Their in peak physical condition, They can gain entry to the most secure places in the world, but most important of all- Models don't think for themselves. They do as their told.

  • Φίλιππος Σρν

    Will these mods work well with Skyrim SE running on a i5 4460 and GTX1050Ti?

  • Serena Morrison

    I had Static mesh improvement mod on for a long time but I removed it one day and I loved the normal one more. Especially the barrels.

  • Sean O'Brien

    So you can use the last two armor mods together? Wont they conflict with each other?

  • Kevin Picton

    good choice on the weather mod.... I tried a few weather mods, such as some realistic weather thing, and it made game way to dark, even on the lighter version. I had to delete and vivid weather was the only one I could use that didn't screw the lighting

  • TWDthearcherTWD

    You're fuckin' awesome! There's just something about this channel I love, I guess it's the fact that it's dedicated to Skyrim and you haven't really changed your channel to fit in with the current trends, I respect that!

  • Hayes

    Jesus you guys have a monster pc

  • Gabby Alcantara

    Will a gtx 1050 ti be able to handle this? I'm planning to buy one in the next few weeks.

  • Trilasent

    I have a GTX 660 12Gb of RAM and 4GB of vRAM and I can't even use the performance version of Vividian without dropping below 50fps

  • The Man Bearman

    Brodual needs to make more transforming skyrim vids

  • TwitchXk90

    Cant find Unbelievable Grass Two anywhere

  • Toby Sweetman

    For those with low-end hardware like myself try out enhanced saturation, it offers a huge improvement in colour and has 0 performance lost, I use it and it looks like I'm using an ENB.

  • Fully Zer0

    i would get most of these mods, shame i cant run it at 60 fps ;(

  • Toby Sweetman

    I love how simple this is and I'd like to play with just a handful of overhauls but then as soon as I get modding I can't stop and before I know it my load order consist of 100+ mods and my load times are ridiculous.

  • Mason Maseda

    i just copied it.... man my skyrim is beautiful

  • myles samonset

    I guess the 16gigs of ram really help you with the flora overhaul because i get black textures after like three minutes of playing, any idea how to fix this? I have 8gigs

  • St Jimmy

    This makes me feel like shite because my pic is garbage :,(

  • Elsweyr

    Should I create a new mod profile for this, or delete all of my mods?

  • Jonatan Dąbrowski

    Unbelievable Grass Two is hidden by author so its a little hard to download (24.04.2017) :p

  • Adam Mcnichol

    i've played 116hours so far and about 115 of those hours where spent modding and then fixing subsequent fuck ups caused by me modding! then fresh install...Rinse and repeat! This is my curse. :' (

  • Adam Smith

    after watching 15 brodual videos where i see vivid weathers and cant be bothered to mess around with my enb and finally give in"fine but im gonna complain the whole time"-bob, bobs burgers

  • Adam Smith

    me: hey i finally got my enb working well and hey ive got a steady frame rate time to install verdant. it cant take down my fps that much.verdant: thats where youre wrong kiddo

  • Cyber Space9191

    If I download all of these I would barely hit 10 fps

  • AeroDbladE

    great video i dont have a beast rig so some nice mid spec mods were needed also a character face improvements that dosent break immersion with anime is great too

  • prow97

    Unbelievable Grass Two is dead...

  • Elemental gamer

    i found somethign i really like to use instead of an ENB (my computer is old) its reshade, its really good if you dont have a good PC

  • MarkGhost Productions

    realistic waters two keeps crashing my game...

  • Ti Weka

    Stop saying vanilla it's annoying and repetitive asf

  • LordVader1094

    It sucks that unbelievable grass 2 is privated now.

  • Kerkuss Penta

    i jus nutted, ur skyrim looks beautiful it brings a tear to my eye :,,)

  • R. Kelly

    Can someone send this link to that MLXmods or whatever that one guy is who is basically the opposite of this channel and only features shitty japanese mods? I would if I didnt block him from being shown on my youtube like 3 years ago.

  • Bearderrific

    Looks like your character is in a different starting location when creating a new character - what mod is that?I've been using alternative life, I like the one you're using.

  • Brian ONine

    Can a 970 and i5-6500 be able to perform atleast 60fps on 1080p with these mods installed ?

  • Inquest

    I tried installing the enb and actually ruined my entire load order and skyrim folder.

  • Thirteen Pixelz

    "BOTH genders" - brodual

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