Skyrim Mods: THE NEXUS PROBLEM | MxR, Zenimax, Tarshana, PaidMods, YouTube, Floating Market, Lawsuit

You may not understand this unless you watch the PREVIOUS VIDEO:
This drama all started in October 2016, although MOST people wouldn't hear about it until March of 2017. Let's cap this drama off by going back to the beginning, explaining it, correcting mistakes I've made in the previous Podcast with Migrant Thought and Leonard French, and moving forward to explain how everyone's either a jackass, stupid, or an agenda pusher and how you shouldn't have faith in humanity anymore.

We won't be delving into the Floating Market Drama and so-called "Lawsuit" as much as people think, and this won't be a blind support of MxR, in fact, Machinima may have screwed him over hard, and he may have let it happen. I recommend people check out the Gaming Wildlife video on Machinima and why not to trust them, my statements from my friends lead me to believe their satire was actually true.

It all begins in October of last year when Yournotsupposedtobeinhere the creator of the Summerset Isle mod created a post titled: "YouTubers making money off of Mods". That's what started it all, and for the rest... well, just check out the video and despair.

Any and all references made in this video to 2006 are a typo and/or misspeaking and actually apply to 2016 instead.
  • Franken Stein

    That's the edgiest dragon I've seen since Alduin.

  • RayneR

    Pahahhaha I love the Drama talks its hilarious to listen to XD hahahahah Big titted skimpy armored women hahahahahahaI didn't even imagine this was a problem to anyone hahahahaahah Jesus fucking chirst you people are hilarious XD

  • Shane Martin

    You said no threats, but it has to be said.... If you steal my sweet roll, I will make you suffer.

  • Zaric Zhakaron

    When you hear me say 2006, I mean 2016. Haha.You may not understand this video unless you've seen the PREVIOUS VIDEO:

  • Vanguard Detonados

    Lol, they profit using a bethesda game and complain about youtubers, that's some irony.

  • Tiffian Ruler

    Wolvenreign, the dramatic reading guy from YTMND?

  • Peter White

    You are one of my newest fav YTers. And you are 150% correct on MxR, his youth (lack of exp) and how naive he is worked against him on every level. And to answer your question about the fast turn around of the communication is he freaked, let fear dictate his actions and moved fast to resolve it no matter the outcome against him. He should have retained council as you said and counter sued this bitch. What I would have done.

  • Yamnyak King

    You forgot to cover the first naked woman!

  • Frank Parker

    I know I am very late to all of this but let me say one thing. I as a user want nothing to do with mod authors that treat the users of mods like some uniformed chiild that practically should beg to be able to use their mods. There are mod authors out there that respect users and believe it or not despite being content creators youtubers are users. So if you attack them you attack the very people you make the mods for and if you are not making them you should not f... upload them!

  • Michael Castro

    I'll admit I never even knew this thing was happening until now. I thought the relationship between Youtubers and mod authors was a strong-shared bond. Kind of stupid on my part and though this incident was between a select few of individuals, it is still pretty sad.

  • Theoes

    Jesus tap stepping balls, you sure do take a loooooooong time to get to the topic.

  • yellow6100

    Admit it -you have Dagerfall in the background so people watch the video for great graphics -you sellout !

  • negatyve

    The dramatic reading of DrakeTheDragon's comments were particularly entertaining. I can't help but chuckle at a staff member for a site that makes quite a bit of money off the mod community freaking the fuck out about youtubers making money off the mod community. Ideological notions of exploitation or providing a service is just hyperbolic hogwash.This video going over whether or not MXR could have one is a matter of speculation predicated on presumptions I'm not equipped to assess, I will, however, state that DrakeTheDragon is emphatically incorrect in his understanding of fair use and it's application to use of assets. Following this video, h3h3 landed a pretty significant landmark case involving use of copyrighted assets in youtube criticism and, as I expected, the court recognized that displaying copyrighted content in service of criticism on youtube is as much a fair use right as it is in print or traditional television media. What would have actually been interesting if the case moved forward would be if Tarshana could prove that you can financially damage a brand that has no inherent market value. Or that the association of a scantily clad avatar with the mod is any more damaging to her family friendly brand than the fact that the mod is published to integrate with a game that's rife with mature content aimed at mature audiences. MXR could have dressed the stock female model in the armor of the old gods with similar results, using nothing more than the assets of the game that Tarshana was initially fine associating her work with. But who knows, it would have been interesting to see how that played out.

  • Garrette

    Crazy. I'm not a big modmaker or anything, I've only release a couple, but isn't the whole point for the community interaction and gratitude? Why even make mods if you don't care about people using them.

  • Oscar Walsh

    >Enjoying video and subject matter. >Zaric pronounces niche as nitch>Creates hundreds of alts to spam dislike and mass flags all his videos.

  • Jessica Taylor

    Ty for this, I'm one those people whom never knew this case existed either. So to those who say drop it or leave the drama, get over your whining, to Zaric this was very well thought out and informative.

  • Lord of the Geeks

    I almost feel bad for constantly giving you shit about liking bethesda's take on fallout. This is a remarkably nuanced problem. Thanks for bringing it to light. There's not much to fix it, like the challenges in the real fallout games (sorry i had to :P) Think maybe a good solution would be a reviewer like, contacting mod authors and asking for permission, and asking how they would like it presented...and giving them a percent of the video's ad revnue?

  • Cheshire Kitten

    With all due respect, the fact that Tarshana's mod was in the same video as a "slooty" mod has nothing to do with brand tarnishment or anything of the nature. The way I see it, and I'm sure others will agree with me on this, Tarshana's mod was fairly reviewed by MXR. The mod content was shown, be it for good or bad, and he was reviewing it as a separate mod apart from the so called "slooty" mods featured in the video. What Tarshana did was downright low, despicable and a desperate attempt at creating drama to bring attention to her mod. She saw a bad review on her "mod", if you can call a conglomerate of other mods truly a "mod", and got butthurt. What she should have done was to take that advice and instead try to bring attention to the varied aspects of her mods. I feel that would have had better results over going after a YouTuber.

  • bnerd1

    I downloaded some mods because of reviews/showcases

  • nayroy18

    That staff dude sounds like a kid, or fucking stupid, both even.

  • OXOTNHK aka D3ath Patr0l

    Im a mod user, i know a few mod makers, not large one they have on average less than 150 downloads a piece and we agree that zenimax doesnt want any responsibility, but also the modders that are so vocal and want to take down reviews yet still make their mods public, they dont do it for others, they do it because they want some sort of fame, whether good or bad, they want as many people to know who they are as possible, and there have been some who made mods just so they can get negayive feedback and grow in infamy, as all they want is to be known, lately ive liked to call it the shkrelli effect as its a similar mindset to what he showed, the quickest way to becime known is to be a villain, and its mostly their online names that are infamous, not they themselves, so they get what they want with being known, but dont have to deal with the responsiblity of having their real names known and have the fame/infamy affect their daily lives

  • Jesse rule

    so basically what your saying is mxr is a child for realizing he cant handle this case and then backing out. idk about you but this seems more responsible then childish. and all of this still boils down too that mod author being an ass hat. yes what he did was miss information "tarnishing her brand" but no one is stupid enough to get confused by it. even after all of this the mod other SHOULD still be viewed as being in the wrong.

  • Marshall G

    so after this video ive concluded you are indeed a cucked male.

  • Alex Gun

    "The peson can be smart but people in a whole are stupid" - this goes to my quote book:)I'm a little late to the party, but still...Can't call myself a modder cause I made only a few retextures and houses (Morrowind, Skyrim, Fallout 3), and only 2 of them are uploaded. But I do some other stuff on the internet and opinion is this: as long as it's on the internet - anyone can use it wherever one wants, just give it the credit.

  • Christoph Hofland

    I dunno if MXR actually does reviews. he doesn't score anything ,he doesn't talk about the problems really, if anything, its advertisement, for free. I never seen a video of a mod he just says in some rough form"well, dont download this steaming pile." he normally does mods that are up and comers and genuinely of worth.Plus, lets plays are not performance art as far as i can see. its more like watching someone do a paint by numbers sheet, or color a coloring book. Because its art that is sold incomplete. It needs customer interaction to be made whole. Just like a videogame.If thats the case, then mods are in the same boat. unless, possibly if the mods only purpose is to play the game for you.

  • zerozano

    The only problem I have with mod reviews (and most "reviews" in general) is the monetization behind them. This is especially true about "let's plays" as they may not be simply reviews. From a legal standpoint though, reviews like with MxR should hold legal grounds as far as "reviews". I'm not sure how the mod being free affects it but the fact is that the review does not take away from the purpose of the mod in any way, as it does not replace it's experience. Another complication is the EULA of the mod author which shouldn't hold any legal ground due to the nature of the content being a mod. IMO though, the issue is a moral violation. People always harp about how mods should be free but I think this should be extended to mod reviews too. Why should MxR be able to make money off of mods and no one bats an eye but when mod authors want to make money they are condemned? I do want mods to stay free, mind you, but I understand why some wouldn't want reviewers like MxR from making money off of what is essentially their content. I don't think MxR doesn't put work into his videos but their more of a showcase than anything else may be somewhat time consuming, but from a technical standpoint, it's incredibly simple, especially when compared to a lot of high-quality mods. If people think that simple video editing like what is done for most gaming videos is difficult, they wouldn't even be able to imagine the work needed for a lot of quality mods.

  • Graf Vladumir

    Tarshana need's to be hit with a baseball bat so often in the face, that her jaw breaks so she can never talk or eat anymore!

  • Haggysack2k8

    Wolvenreign could actually do an excellent job of a Master Chief voice actor. He kinda sounds a little bit like Steve Downes with that voice impression.EDIT: And also, for me it seems, that guys like DrakeTheDragon are just begging for hate and not just for that, they are also begging for attention. Everything i heard about (and from) him here in this video is a cry for attention.And also for what i've heard from you now, it's like everyone made bad decisions.MxR has no experience with things like that and had done everything wrong, he could have done wrong,Tarshana was crying for attention and let's face it, she had it coming with posting her mod on the Nexus on a public site, where everyone can join and download everything,DrakeTheDragon wasn't the holy knight of a Nexus Staff Member all had hoped and also might have written this BS just to get some attention.and last but not least:me, for actually give all of this even a little bit of attention, with writing this comment. It is as you said with the Mod authors, why should i care? I too like MxR, yeah sure he sometimes seems to be "immature as F#%k!", but he does indeed make good videos and sometimes even i laugh about something. ...Pino, getting sexualized... A Shroom...Anyway, great video, i actually come to respect you for your neutral and more observational opinion. At first i thought: "Meh, this guy just looks like one of these newbz, but more arrogant and overconfident as hell. I'm just watching this one video."And now this is the second...or could even be the third video (lost track of it already, lol), which i watched completely.

  • Random The Wise

    to be honest mod authors, YouTube reviewers, and Bethesda/zenimax should all get to be paid for theyre work

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