Skyrim Mods: THE NEXUS PROBLEM | MxR, Zenimax, Tarshana, PaidMods, YouTube, Floating Market, Lawsuit

You may not understand this unless you watch the PREVIOUS VIDEO:
This drama all started in October 2016, although MOST people wouldn't hear about it until March of 2017. Let's cap this drama off by going back to the beginning, explaining it, correcting mistakes I've made in the previous Podcast with Migrant Thought and Leonard French, and moving forward to explain how everyone's either a jackass, stupid, or an agenda pusher and how you shouldn't have faith in humanity anymore.

We won't be delving into the Floating Market Drama and so-called "Lawsuit" as much as people think, and this won't be a blind support of MxR, in fact, Machinima may have screwed him over hard, and he may have let it happen. I recommend people check out the Gaming Wildlife video on Machinima and why not to trust them, my statements from my friends lead me to believe their satire was actually true.

It all begins in October of last year when Yournotsupposedtobeinhere the creator of the Summerset Isle mod created a post titled: "YouTubers making money off of Mods". That's what started it all, and for the rest... well, just check out the video and despair.

Any and all references made in this video to 2006 are a typo and/or misspeaking and actually apply to 2016 instead.
  • Ariez Carmine

    Very interesting content. I'm surprised I've never come across this type of content. I'm Late but good stuff

  • Zaric Zhakaron

    When you hear me say 2006, I mean 2016. Haha.You may not understand this video unless you've seen the PREVIOUS VIDEO:

  • abhordisdain

    Mod authors are to blame, they can set up a patreon, set up a youtube, whatever and get money for their....other projects... just as easy as a reviewer can make money off what they do. Jealousy of something doesnt make it wrong.

  • str8shot

    It's an ego thing . Now it's all about money , not about showing their love for the game and wanting the adoring fans

  • Ernest Lemmingway

    I can't bring myself to support mod authors who submitted anything to the Creation Club, like Elianora. It's nothing against them personally. It's that I loathe the CC so much.

  • Tahni Gilbert

    for some reason I just get the feeling you are the wolf in sheeps wool

  • LocoArticWolf 21

    DraketheDragon oh the edge...I think you can cut yourself just listen to 30 seconds of that rambling.

  • ShneekeyTheLost

    Sounds like (to a lesser degree) what happened in the Modded Minecraft community in the 1.2.5 era, especially with the Sengir Bee Controversy.

  • Vanguard Detonados

    Lol, they profit using a bethesda game and complain about youtubers, that's some irony.

  • Fixed Error

    I can't trust people who wear sunglasses inside. Don't know why, but has always bugged me.

  • Wade Latchaw

    I did mods for myself, and finally posted some, wasn't long before they showed up in other mods, without my permission or even credit, after that I was done, pulled all my mods. Mods destroy other modders, just like youtubers destroy other youtubers. I did mods because I wanted something in the game that wasn't, not for money. Maybe one day I'll do public mods again, and I don't care what people do with them, as long as I get credit.

  • Fuzzy Panda

    It boils down to this. Modders, mod for fun, Users use Mods for fun. If your modding and not having fun then why are you doing it? I understand wanting to get paid, but getting paid isn't what you set out to do and being jealous over youtube reviewers is super childish. When you complain about MxR and others it's super childish and all everyone sees is someone who deep down inside hates modding and feels it's work rather then something they do just for fun. If you feel like it's work, apply for bethesda positions and if it makes you unhappy then stop. As a user I'm not saying "Give us handouts and shut up" I'm saying your being childish and need to grow up. Start a patreon, I've said this a billion times in mod videos when the topic of paid mods comes up. Start a patreon and claim the money as something other then modding. Bethesda won't let you get paid for your mods, fine, they never said that you can't get paid for being a creator in general. Start a youtube vlog channel and use that as the reason. Find a work around and a way and stop blaming users for your own unhappiness.

  • Michael Castro

    I'll admit I never even knew this thing was happening until now. I thought the relationship between Youtubers and mod authors was a strong-shared bond. Kind of stupid on my part and though this incident was between a select few of individuals, it is still pretty sad.

  • BulletKingIsHere

    The Real Problem is Tarshana

  • Garrette

    Crazy. I'm not a big modmaker or anything, I've only release a couple, but isn't the whole point for the community interaction and gratitude? Why even make mods if you don't care about people using them.

  • Franken Stein

    That's the edgiest dragon I've seen since Alduin.

  • Graf Vladumir

    Tarshana need's to be hit with a baseball bat so often in the face, that her jaw breaks so she can never talk or eat anymore!

  • Peter Young

    I only found your Chanel because of recently taking a interest in MxR's personal life, & so glad I did you also create great content, I agree with much of what you say & appreciate the no nonsense personal approach I have subbed & look forward to seeing more content.

  • waste of time

    An hour and a half??? Woah... I uh... I... think I will be saving this for later. I do enjoy your videos though.

  • Haggysack2k8

    Wolvenreign could actually do an excellent job of a Master Chief voice actor. He kinda sounds a little bit like Steve Downes with that voice impression.EDIT: And also, for me it seems, that guys like DrakeTheDragon are just begging for hate and not just for that, they are also begging for attention. Everything i heard about (and from) him here in this video is a cry for attention.And also for what i've heard from you now, it's like everyone made bad decisions.MxR has no experience with things like that and had done everything wrong, he could have done wrong,Tarshana was crying for attention and let's face it, she had it coming with posting her mod on the Nexus on a public site, where everyone can join and download everything,DrakeTheDragon wasn't the holy knight of a Nexus Staff Member all had hoped and also might have written this BS just to get some attention.and last but not least:me, for actually give all of this even a little bit of attention, with writing this comment. It is as you said with the Mod authors, why should i care? I too like MxR, yeah sure he sometimes seems to be "immature as F#%k!", but he does indeed make good videos and sometimes even i laugh about something. ...Pino, getting sexualized... A Shroom...Anyway, great video, i actually come to respect you for your neutral and more observational opinion. At first i thought: "Meh, this guy just looks like one of these newbz, but more arrogant and overconfident as hell. I'm just watching this one video."And now this is the second...or could even be the third video (lost track of it already, lol), which i watched completely.

  • bombchus

    Its not even close to somebody going into a gallery and taking pictures. it's more like a news crew going to the gallery, you see the pictures through your TV, and then are told to come and check it out.

  • Attilio S

    1 darned hour and 35 minutes ? No, sir, I'm not even try to listen to this video for a second ... If you have something to say, you should stay short, concise and efficient ... otherwise it's just air out of your lungs ...

  • Fuzzy Panda

    I did notice that for a good while it was like modders were against users. Like they hated the people that downloaded their mods and that the mods they made were just for other modders. I've had modders call me a idiot for not understanding something and asking for clarification. Honestly, I'm bummed a lot about how the modding scene has slowly died down but many of the ones that left with a hissy fit were real jerks towards the people that used them. To the ones that continue to this day and do amazing quality work and to those that are getting it to it and just starting out. I love you all, keep it up. You make these games worth it wayyyyyyy more then their worth and YOU are NEEDED and Appreciated. Screw the ones with sticks up their asses.

  • D J Lannister

    Wow, this DrakeTheDragon is what the binky the clowns think the Thalmor are

  • Kate Devils

    Mods should be monetized in a similar fashion to youtube videos; Ad revenue by views, downloads, endorsements, bonuses for achieving Top Files, and then donations. Paid Mods are worse than normal Microtransactions even. The Creation Club is disgusting, it's shoving microtransactions into a game over half a decade old. The advertisement for their microtransactions on the main menu after having my menu unmolested all these years until now is insulting. It would have been insulting from day 1, but after all these years is just repulsive.Mod makers deserve recognition, but not a paywall. TennoGen in Warframe and such are special cases in that they are multiplayer game and without mod potential, Tennogen is much more directly creating content for the game. (I still dislike Tennogen but only because it's ridiculously overpriced). Otherwise they're microtransactions still, but they're microtransactions in otherwise fair free to play games.Profit sharing lets plays is retarded. Lets plays wouldn't exist, because if frickin random mod authors can steal profit from a video creator for drawing eyes and being likeable, the game publishers themselves would be taking profit if not all the profit because you're suggesting they have a right to the videos produced by the youtube personalities. They do not. Neither do mod authors. That would be a sad drab world to live in, oppressive even. Just look at how less Nintendo content there is on youtube. Lots of people would love to cover their stuff but Nintendo are asshats that essentially do just what is proposed, they take a big chunk of any profit off their games. And people despise them for it.

  • Peter White

    You are one of my newest fav YTers. And you are 150% correct on MxR, his youth (lack of exp) and how naive he is worked against him on every level. And to answer your question about the fast turn around of the communication is he freaked, let fear dictate his actions and moved fast to resolve it no matter the outcome against him. He should have retained council as you said and counter sued this bitch. What I would have done.

  • lauren ennis

    I felt really sorry for Mxr

  • Łukasz Fiuk

    That DraketheDragon is such a mental cripple xD I've checked his mods, its sight to see xDI think that he dont need to worry about yt reviews of his mods.

  • Parthinax Thanatose

    I don't know y but I could happily listen to 8 more hours of u ranting about something like this, it is strangely addicting, I'm a little weirded out about it tbh.

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