Skyrim Mods: THE NEXUS PROBLEM | MxR, Zenimax, Tarshana, PaidMods, YouTube, Floating Market, Lawsuit

You may not understand this unless you watch the PREVIOUS VIDEO:
This drama all started in October 2016, although MOST people wouldn't hear about it until March of 2017. Let's cap this drama off by going back to the beginning, explaining it, correcting mistakes I've made in the previous Podcast with Migrant Thought and Leonard French, and moving forward to explain how everyone's either a jackass, stupid, or an agenda pusher and how you shouldn't have faith in humanity anymore.

We won't be delving into the Floating Market Drama and so-called "Lawsuit" as much as people think, and this won't be a blind support of MxR, in fact, Machinima may have screwed him over hard, and he may have let it happen. I recommend people check out the Gaming Wildlife video on Machinima and why not to trust them, my statements from my friends lead me to believe their satire was actually true.

It all begins in October of last year when Yournotsupposedtobeinhere the creator of the Summerset Isle mod created a post titled: "YouTubers making money off of Mods". That's what started it all, and for the rest... well, just check out the video and despair.

Any and all references made in this video to 2006 are a typo and/or misspeaking and actually apply to 2016 instead.
  • Aljuvialle

    +Zaric, I have question if it's legal for Tarshana to use assets from other games in her mod at all? I watch your videos on the topic one more time and still have the question.From her mod descrption:This mod may not be uploaded anywhere else. XBox1 users please pay heed- This mod contains assets from another game company and cannot, under any circumstances, be placed on the Bethesda website. That is a big can of legal worms that should never cross anyone's mind. (Note: These permissions have remained unchanged since August, 2016 with the first alpha release and January, 2017 with the beta relase)

  • Alan Jones

    Dont you think this woman is just a feminist ,and we all know they hate mxr and will do anything to close him down,this silly woman might have ruined a mans life why because he shows mods with naked women and feminists hate it,they are ruining the world now they try to ruin our games. reviews have always been a way to find out the good mods from the bad or broken mods so as long as he is not trying to pass off her mods as his there is no reason for her childish actions.oh and death threats are a no no and anyone doing this crap needs to be arrested.

  • Tyler Thomas

    Zaric, I found your channel when trying to modernize Morrowind and have somehow found myself watching so much more than what I bargained for. Great content man I love your what if elder scrolls games were good videos and all the lore you speak of that I might never have known of. Keep it up man!

  • Zaric Zhakaron

    When you hear me say 2006, I mean 2016. Haha.You may not understand this video unless you've seen the PREVIOUS VIDEO:

  • Blue Pixel Works

    This retard must lik to hear his own voice cause has hasnt said shit.

  • Dampiir

    Youtube is an advertising platform plain and simple. Mod authors who's mods are showed to 1000's or in some cases 100's of 1000's of viewers should be thankful and the Youtuber should get paid a few bucks for their time and effort into giving free advertising. I do think mod authors should be allowed to get paid for their work also but that's the game publisher's fault not the Youtuber.

  • Ussurin

    I somehow missed the point of the video. What was the issue again? Someone was claiming he made mods/assets he didn;t made or something? I really don't see any serious problem here. It's not like majority of modders still infringe on copyright rights (which I agree are stupid, but you cannot be angry at people for doing what you yourself are doing). If you are amongst modders who actually don't infringe on this rights, then fine, you can be angry, but it's not problem of singular person but whole community.Also Bethesda shouldn't have any rights to the mods, unless it's mods created by tools they provided. If someone wrote a mod from top-down, then Bethesda in my opinion has the same rights to the mod as Ikea has to a piece of cloth that was made to fit on one of their tables.

  • Murderous Johnny

    Sounds like annoucers from the halo games lmao. Also "sexuallized content..just seems silly" um he gets alot of jokes from that so you are wrong. It matters. It's like saying rick and morty doesn't need violence because it's clever. It's all connected.

  • Ubeogesh

    1500 downloads on nexus sounds like a piece of cake. The only thing that I uploaded there was a config for BTmod (oblivion HUD mod), I don't consider myself a modder... and in a year I am notified that I have access to their modders forums and discord...

  • TheRed Hawk

    To be honest, even if he did it all in less then 2 hours, I would still stand by MxR, mainly because this is probably the first time he ever thought about Lawyers, Youtube, and Mods in the same sentence. Hopefully, if this happens in the future, he'll use this as a learning experience.

  • Random The Wise

    to be honest mod authors, YouTube reviewers, and Bethesda/zenimax should all get to be paid for theyre work

  • Jesse rule

    so basically what your saying is mxr is a child for realizing he cant handle this case and then backing out. idk about you but this seems more responsible then childish. and all of this still boils down too that mod author being an ass hat. yes what he did was miss information "tarnishing her brand" but no one is stupid enough to get confused by it. even after all of this the mod other SHOULD still be viewed as being in the wrong.

  • Travis Keating

    You keep lording those edges Nexus staff member

  • Jessica Jones

    Ty for this, I'm one those people whom never knew this case existed either. So to those who say drop it or leave the drama, get over your whining, to Zaric this was very well thought out and informative.

  • Theoes

    Jesus tap stepping balls, you sure do take a loooooooong time to get to the topic.

  • Ulieq

    Zaric is the 2nd Vegas Shooter

  • RayneR

    Pahahhaha I love the Drama talks its hilarious to listen to XD hahahahah Big titted skimpy armored women hahahahahahaI didn't even imagine this was a problem to anyone hahahahaahah Jesus fucking chirst you people are hilarious XD

  • negatyve

    The dramatic reading of DrakeTheDragon's comments were particularly entertaining. I can't help but chuckle at a staff member for a site that makes quite a bit of money off the mod community freaking the fuck out about youtubers making money off the mod community. Ideological notions of exploitation or providing a service is just hyperbolic hogwash.This video going over whether or not MXR could have one is a matter of speculation predicated on presumptions I'm not equipped to assess, I will, however, state that DrakeTheDragon is emphatically incorrect in his understanding of fair use and it's application to use of assets. Following this video, h3h3 landed a pretty significant landmark case involving use of copyrighted assets in youtube criticism and, as I expected, the court recognized that displaying copyrighted content in service of criticism on youtube is as much a fair use right as it is in print or traditional television media. What would have actually been interesting if the case moved forward would be if Tarshana could prove that you can financially damage a brand that has no inherent market value. Or that the association of a scantily clad avatar with the mod is any more damaging to her family friendly brand than the fact that the mod is published to integrate with a game that's rife with mature content aimed at mature audiences. MXR could have dressed the stock female model in the armor of the old gods with similar results, using nothing more than the assets of the game that Tarshana was initially fine associating her work with. But who knows, it would have been interesting to see how that played out.

  • 30noir

    Holy fuck man, you ever hear of the word 'summarise' ?

  • Cheshire Kitten

    With all due respect, the fact that Tarshana's mod was in the same video as a "slooty" mod has nothing to do with brand tarnishment or anything of the nature. The way I see it, and I'm sure others will agree with me on this, Tarshana's mod was fairly reviewed by MXR. The mod content was shown, be it for good or bad, and he was reviewing it as a separate mod apart from the so called "slooty" mods featured in the video. What Tarshana did was downright low, despicable and a desperate attempt at creating drama to bring attention to her mod. She saw a bad review on her "mod", if you can call a conglomerate of other mods truly a "mod", and got butthurt. What she should have done was to take that advice and instead try to bring attention to the varied aspects of her mods. I feel that would have had better results over going after a YouTuber.

  • Stéphanie Marchino

    Months after...So basicaly.... - Tarshana states in her mod she doesn't want any review on youtube of any kind (should it be legal or not is out of topic)- MxR does a review anyway "hey it' fair use"- Tarshana gets back in contact with MxR to remove the review- MxR ignores it (for whatever reason)- Tarshana rises it up to legal action- MxR stays silent and lets it gets worse- Everything explodes, raising Youtube interrest on his channel- MxR Skyrim vids get demonetized!Is it a consequence of all this thing? I don't know but seeing the current context of youtube searching to revoke "suspicious" vids from monetizing to please its announcers.... I see a patern there.Even if it's on a legal matter ok to do that, it's a huge lack of respect toward Tarshana and a simple request she asked for.He overruled a simple basic wish from Tarshana not to review it, that could have been accepted and removed ... end of case!Now it fired up and a huge damage has been done, not only for MxR but for everyone.

  • nayroy18

    That staff dude sounds like a kid, or fucking stupid, both even.

  • Alan Jones

    how old is this drake asshole sound like hes still in school but thinks hes a skyrim hero not a nerd like most of us that play these games,yes i know the voice actor is good and make him sound even more of a asshole but like most children today they think they are owed something when outside mods hes just one more nobody trying to be a thug.

  • Christoph Hofland

    I dunno if MXR actually does reviews. he doesn't score anything ,he doesn't talk about the problems really, if anything, its advertisement, for free. I never seen a video of a mod he just says in some rough form"well, dont download this steaming pile." he normally does mods that are up and comers and genuinely of worth.Plus, lets plays are not performance art as far as i can see. its more like watching someone do a paint by numbers sheet, or color a coloring book. Because its art that is sold incomplete. It needs customer interaction to be made whole. Just like a videogame.If thats the case, then mods are in the same boat. unless, possibly if the mods only purpose is to play the game for you.

  • José Manuel Oropeza

    Maybe I'm late to the disccussion. You are right, context matter, but it matter in both ways. I mean, maybe showing a mod with sexy characters in skimpy clothes is a damaging attempt BUT we should take a view in the market (the viewers of youtube reviews and mod consumers). The context of the market matters too, and in fact, sex sales so, maybe in this context, far from damaging is boosting the downloads and endorsement of particular mods. The mod community relates with that type of character, that's why body mods are on the top downloaded mods on nexus. I undestand the ego and hours of work of the authors and maybe, just maybe, bethesda is not doing right in stopping their profit (now we know with the creation club why were they blocking the mod authors, also, nobody force to mod author tu put those hours of work, it was their free choice).Maybe the solution is to get a game engine, let the moders do their magic with that engine and form a game studio with them, letting them get profits of their work from the game sales and the mods... don't know, i think in a plattaform with cheap month payments, just like kinddle, netflix, spotify, etc.Sorry if my english in not good enough. Cheers!

  • Der Schurkinist

    I lol'd so hard about those "staff member" comments.Not because of your voice actor (he's good though), but because of the ridiculousness of what he's saying. I mean, yeah, people trying to convince you how they do not care A LITTLE bit, while ranting about nothing but exactly that topic (and how they don't care) are met quite often.But that, that's like a whole new level. And fucked up, I missed this whole thing as I took a break from Skyrim and everything to it for almost a year. I'm glad though that MxR is still in business. Always liked the guy. As you said, it's not the unnecessary sexualisation of his videos contents that makes him good, it is the way he does things.-But seriously, that stuff is just so goddamn ridiculous.-I don't know about professional and semi-professional modders. I for myself have never released any shit of what I've created. And I do love changing the world so it fits my vision of the game (since Morrowind). But I do it for myself. And damn, some of my changes are just some shit that wouldn't work as soon as you would take out some other mod, that I don't even remember which one it is depending on in the first place. (Yeah, don't say it. I know: documentation. I'm lazy).As far as I can tell, modders should ask themselves if they don't just release their mods to show off. I doubt that it's the majority, but there are definitely a few of those. And I guess those are the ones who are easily pissed (while claiming that they're so much above that).

  • I am Bach

    Hah, I like this loophole.

  • Tiffian Ruler

    Wolvenreign, the dramatic reading guy from YTMND?

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