Skyrim Mod: Disparity - Character Class Overhaul

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  • Caleb Manville

    Does this work for skyre PS4?

  • Dalton Portwood

    Any one remember choice for who you should join in the civil war,ugg my head hurts from so many bad memories

  • Epic Mormon Brony

    seriously, I dont' see anything to allow me to utilize the menu for disparity. it's located under the mod custimzation menu when you hit esc right?

  • Aj Ortiz

    That's it getting into PC gaming.

  • MrScreamingSilence

    How is the mod called that makes the perk screen cleaner, without changing any perks? I know I saw it in one or two videos, but I can't remember which one and searching for perk on nexus brings no results

  • Benjamin Ruiz

    is this out on ps4 yet

  • foogi

    i want to be able to create my own character with their own backstory i hate the power fantasy aspect of being dragonborn i would rather just be a khajit born in cyrodiil.

  • RJ

    Would've thought you went through all the races...?

  • Dark Hole96

    Wondering if it would work ok if I activated this mod while I'm mid play through? Just a question

  • zelpyzelp

    I like that the classes are optional, since the race changes are enough to be a standalone thing.

  • alexiamok

    Will this mod work well with Requiem?

  • Zzarcon1

    Love the height differences.


    Ocrs are not UGLY THEY'RE BEAUTIFUL 😭😭. I would love to be a Chief favorite wife and live out my days in a tribe full of my kin or just live days in a orc kingdom 😁😁.

  • Glass Wolf

    Yes. All of the yes. Why have I not heard about this mod sooner?!

  • Philip Jonsson

    What is the perk mod he is using?

  • Gunnar Stockman

    Will this mod be available for skyrim special edition?

  • SayWhat?

    Is this height changing going to cause armors to not fit properly for the NPC's because I can only imagine that this is why Bethesda made everyone equal height so as not to have to resize all the clothing...meaning less work for them? Of course, the change may be subtle enough not to cause a real problem.

  • Cercei Lannister

    I want to get Skyrim on my new PC (with 3 or 4 Mods) how good should be my PC to run this Game?

  • stevesb97

    Can someone help me? I downloaded this mod a few days ago and it doesn't appear in the MCM. I have the latest version of SkyUI and all my other mods show up. I have reinstalled several times and can find no solution to this problem.


    Skyrim was made for freedom which means you can be a mage warrior and thief at the same time classes suck and that's why stuff like dragons dogma isn't so good

  • Samuel Ofori

    Will this be compatible with the Imperious mod as well?

  • Magi V

    So this is basically D&D, Skyrim style. NICE.

  • smallmak5

    does disparity work along with imperious races?

  • Shaolin Schlag

    What is the best class to play as?

  • Juan Frate

    Is it compatible with skyrim redone?

  • Spacemicheladatchet '

    this mod is confusing

  • Appaloosa Hill

    Why do mods like these even get popular ? Why should I be punished for wanting to be an Orc Mage or a high elf warrior ? Only an absolute retard would download this mod . I'm ok with class and skill tree overhauls but in no way is punishing a player for playing what or who they want " fun " THATS WHY THEY DIDNT DO IT IN THE FIRST PLACE ! Sure certain races had better skills but it wasn't so bad you couldn't do something . Changes base attributes AND lowering skills is flat out retarded why should my magika AND my magic skills be lowered from 100 magika and 10-15 in magic skills to 50 magika and 1-5 in magic skills ? Why punish a player for playing like what they want ? The person who made this mod could NEVER create a good game ( I'd like to se them try go on make a good game where you can play like you want with any race you want mod created whoever you are I HOPE YOU SEE THIS JUST TO PROVE ME WRONG ! ) anyways have a good day

  • M Mirlas

    Is this good with Racemenu?

  • Databat123

    I came here for one mod, and came back with 5. Damn you Brodual for doing your job and being so extra

  • Josh Greenfield

    Does this work if you have already started the game

  • Keppy

    When he is looking through his perks is that a different menu mod/retext or is it part of the mod showcased?

  • Xale

    So if I play a Khajiit, will I be extremely ineffective at intimidation because I'm cute and cuddly?

  • Mary Foxx

    WOOD ELF men are shorter than their female counterparts tho- I hope that is taken into consideration.I also hope being female doesn't automatically make your character weaker or less intimidating. (Especially if say the woman is bulkier & a warrior type(

  • Vriska Serket

    I can really appreciate the heavy control in a mod that changes so much. Part of why I couldn't play requiem despite liking some features was the harsh nature of the features I didn't care for.

  • Manic

    Still my favourite mod of all time. Very well made and so customizable. Can't play Skyrim without it. <3

  • couchnigga

    good that feminists didnt find this

  • Noa Zitu

    I kinda just wanna use this for the height differences since I've already put 100 hours into two characters each and I'm just trying to have a super immersive skyrim

  • Mr PoPo

    Should I get this or character creation overhaul

  • Dylan Gerig

    Why oh why did I skip this episode when I was checking out what mods I wanted? facepalm

  • LegendarySuper SaiyanJonathanMarcus

    I'm getting all my new PC parts in a month! This is definitely the first game I'm getting. SO PUMPED PC MASTER RACE HERE I COME!

  • Darcy Mckinnon

    Is there one for skyrim legendary edition (Not special edition)

  • Cyrius

    What mod are you using for the layout of the menus? E.g. the menu layout when choosing your race and for the level-up system.

  • Luis Barney

    how do I open mod menu on Xbox

  • TheNecroDarkness

    I would like to see this mod in the special edition xbox1 game.

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