Skyrim Mod: Immersive Settlements & Point The Way

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Immersive Settlements

Point The Way

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  • Vriska Serket

    guessing this is not compatible with Expanded Towns and Cities of Skyrim.

  • XxYellowSnow15xX

    is immersive settlement compatible with towns and villages enhanced or will it bug out?

  • Cat Knight

    Will this conflict with JKs city mods?

  • eXcitabLe

    Of course it will bug out

  • Jan T

    It would not be compatible as they both add content in the same areas.

  • Mily Wolfheart

    is immersive settlements compatible with enhanced settlements??? please answer, and thanks in advance!!!

  • Simon Jern

    Brodual do you think you could cover the skyrim flora overhaul mod by Vurt? It's got some really nice features such as new tree models and a summer version!

  • ZombieCamper

    skyrim cant have more than 30-40 (more or less) npc's on screen at a time, so a army mod would only crash the game

  • Tommy Wiseau

    Do you know if this is compatible with Towns and Villages Enhanced? Particularly the Towns and Villages Enhanced - Villages.

  • VideoQuestEx

    Point the way looks like it will be useful!

  • Kevin Bäck

    Is it compatible with expanded towns and cities??

  • George_0505

    Is the Immersive Settlements mod is compatible with Inconsequential NPCs and Interesting NPCs?

  • zraiken

    Why do you guys have to sound so similar...

  • ben reed

    There's another settlement that needs our help, I'll mark it on your map

  • frostybe3r

    41k views, 500 likes, 43 comments. seems legit.

  • Pokephira

    Which mod turns Whiterun into a forest?

  • Sky Lord Panglot

    The links on your older videos are not quite working. Maybe because nexus is www instead of skyrim.nexusmods any more.

  • CozyStormcloud

    Try UFO, it allows you to have I think up to 30 companions and you can pimp them out! :)

  • Karen N.

    Have you run across a mod that stops your follower from talking when quest-line dialogue is going on?

  • JoeyBucketsUltimateFuckboy

    hello and welcome to browejual

  • Chance Barker

    unique uniques i shall watch that next

  • Euan Manning

    will immersive settlements lead to a worse performance?

  • alexgardien5

    Do some Oblivion mods :P

  • Improvman ψ

    Immerse Settlements is now merging with Expanded Towns and Cities.

  • Karen N.

    I looked at that, I don't mind the NPCs chatting as I walk by so much, it's when the followers start talking loudly about their childhood traumas while someone is giving you a quest or explaining an important piece of lore.

  • crayonoir

    Does this mod affects only the settlements, or the cities too? And if the cities are included , is it possible to turn them off? Cause I really like Dawn of Whiterun...

  • Magnus Anthun

    Silence is golden. I don't have the link on me as of now, but search the Nexus for it.

  • sir_squirrel_

    Anogher mod to add to my 150 odd

  • zfghty uuyghju

    Still no Falkreath sign :(

  • Tommy Wiseau

    Thanks for the fast response. I assumed so, but I just wanted confirmation.

  • WolfPresident

    UFO should work well.

  • Jan T

    Really loving this Immersive Settlements mod!

  • Raymond Alcantara

    1:06. Actually if you're going to Winterhold, the left road is faster. And To go to Ivarstead, going through Riverwood and taking the east road that goes through the inn is much faster

  • Zhmoses TV


  • Phum Keaos

    they have the mod name: build your own army mod

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