Skyrim: The Best Mage Follower Guide

How to get the Best Ice Mage Follower in Skyrim + Unique Staff Hag's Wrath!

PLEASE READ Tip: If you have Serena as your current Mage follower their is a bug you can do which allows you to have two humanoid followers!

P.S; J'zargo is not the best mage follower, due to a bug he only uses low level spells, like sparks that does 21 damage, so hes useless. He wont even equip a weapon or staff.

Illia's Skill Set = Ironflesh, Icy Spear, Frost Cloak, Fast Healing, Ice Storm


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  • jade boswell

    My game freezes every few hours why does it do that

  • Vatos locos

    I think teldryn sero was the best mage follower I bought him for 500 gold and he can summon stuff

  • Eli97

    When i played this quest she accidently hit Lidia and Lidia killed her lmao

  • Puckers 116

    Imagine having the ebony warrior as a follower

  • Andre

    So uh... I accidentally departed with illia and I fast traveled now I just don't know where she is.

  • youtube gamer

    At the end she says find Me in riften,where is she in riften

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