Skyrim: The Best Mage Follower Guide

How to get the Best Ice Mage Follower in Skyrim + Unique Staff Hag's Wrath!

PLEASE READ Tip: If you have Serena as your current Mage follower their is a bug you can do which allows you to have two humanoid followers!

P.S; J'zargo is not the best mage follower, due to a bug he only uses low level spells, like sparks that does 21 damage, so hes useless. He wont even equip a weapon or staff.

Illia's Skill Set = Ironflesh, Icy Spear, Frost Cloak, Fast Healing, Ice Storm


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  • Daniel Leslie

    Onmond hands down he spam hit with chain lightning Marcario is a beast though. But with Omnond it feels more personal because I don't have to pay him and he usually kill before I even get a chance. Marcario does it too but I hate to pay to be protected :(

  • Erick Gabriel Marciano

    Oh man! I LOVE Illia!

  • oblivious farm boy

    J'zargo is the only true mage follower.

  • Liz Biz

    It looks like they dont want visitors lets go inside

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  • Master Mega

    Serena in the dawngaurd she never dies and is pretty good at attacking sadly she uses only ice spike and lightning bolt but if face to face combat she is pretty good

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