Skyrim: The Best Mage Follower Guide

How to get the Best Ice Mage Follower in Skyrim + Unique Staff Hag's Wrath!

PLEASE READ Tip: If you have Serena as your current Mage follower their is a bug you can do which allows you to have two humanoid followers!

P.S; J'zargo is not the best mage follower, due to a bug he only uses low level spells, like sparks that does 21 damage, so hes useless. He wont even equip a weapon or staff.

Illia's Skill Set = Ironflesh, Icy Spear, Frost Cloak, Fast Healing, Ice Storm


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  • Crazy Killjoy 2.0

    who want to start a bound bow meme with me

  • James Kendrick

    mic messes up at 2:40

  • NovaPenisVideot

    Video in conclusion: Best mage: (drumroll) JZARGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Caleb Barron

    Why does no one EVER mention Eola in these? Eola is better than Illia because she will follow repeatedly while Illia follows once and never again

  • GamezCRquad

    it scaled blizzard not ice storm

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  • Shadow_ Wing101

    So how do u get her back when u part ways with her??

  • Racheal Alonso

    There is actually a chest behind some webs around the bottom and where the second hagraven is there is a master chest in the corner behind the tent where the hag was just standing aslo in that tent was a chest

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