Skyrim - 6 Disturbing Enemies

6 of the most disturbing enemies that you can find in Skyrim!


Scott: newberrycrunch
Michael: oldberrychew


  • Quinn The Wolf

    Why are you saying these enemys are disturbing?The most disturbing creatures are mind controll spidersThink about one of theze spiders laching on your own head >W< its just grosser then gross Its discusting

  • Ramon Harris

    how are frostbite spiders not on this list

  • Aiden Rhoads

    The Falmer may have lost to the Dwemer originally but hey, who's living in the cities (and just living in general) now?

  • Joshua Arjona

    Finally I'm not the only one

  • Dante Wolf

    Obviously your weak and scare easily, and have never read anything from H.P. Lovecraft.

  • Lord Tachanka

    4:00 Never seen them before is that a mod?

  • BossAinz929

    4:12 More like the Preists of Cthulhu.

  • DaemonDoctorHetlan

    “Deadly dual wielding techniques.”Shows a briarheart with only one axe.

  • Skeletris

    "Deadly talons" yea ... not really

  • Pascal Mosterd

    Nothing is as disturbing as Nimhe

  • Jesse Hood

    The last one looks like a mini Cthulhu

  • Asher Ketchup

    Fun fact: if you pickpocket a Forsworn Briar Heart, you can take its Briar heart thus killing the Forsworn

  • Boredpersons55

    This is a lie. I didn't see any mention of those filthy dumner in here

  • Bite Me

    The first time I fought a falmer I was so freaked out and thought it was so cool looking I forgot to fight and died and they were really hard to kill that was my first charactor though I was a noob lol I never even used enchants or sharpened my sword or enhanced my armors back then I was always stoned in those days though so I would get lost in dwemer ruins and didn't tinker around with enchanting and smithing always thought it was boring

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