Skyrim - 6 Disturbing Enemies

6 of the most disturbing enemies that you can find in Skyrim!


Scott: newberrycrunch
Michael: oldberrychew


  • knyauѕαlιѕ

    The first time I saw the Hagravens I freaked the fuck out

  • Krov - Skyrim and Fallout

    Hagravens used to scare the fuck out of me

  • Janice Gregory


  • Italy love94

    Most vile and disturbing enemy is talos. The false god.

  • Mors Coronam

    Took me awhile to realize that looting the Briar Heart (item) actually opens the heart cavity on Foresworn Briar Heart's model and removes it from the cavity.

  • Khalil Devero

    What about the chaurus reaper

  • Im

    I had no idea about the diseased bretons wtf

  • Johnathan Jones Llanos

    Mod idea. Attack of the falmer a.k.a. falmer war mod. The falmer have finally decided to band together and use the followers they have as an infiltration or assassin company to target and eliminate high ranking officials. They come from underground in large raiding parties to attack citizens and try to overthrow cities, and for story purposes actually do. If interested I'd love to elaborate more.

  • Kenichi Otaku

    how could you craft or get the needed materials for it to begin with if you and all your fellows are blind, though?

  • Miguk Moonpark

    0:47 do hagravens have feathers for pubic hair?

  • Ace Williams

    Also those creatures from the black lagoon creep me out. They pop out if you get to close to the shore in Morrowind. I always try to stay clear from the black blob they spit at you. Disgusting.

  • Kurisu

    I know that this is an older video but hell i gotta say it: F.R.O.S.T.B.I.T.C.H. S.P.I.D.E.R.S.!

  • Fox Gaming

    Where are Bandits? The fact that there are so damn many of them compared to villagers and townspeople makes it a mystery that bandits don't rule every major city...What drove that many people to becoming bandits???

  • Sauli Jylhänen

    That crazy Priest in whierun

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