Skyrim - 6 Disturbing Enemies

6 of the most disturbing enemies that you can find in Skyrim!


Scott: newberrycrunch
Michael: oldberrychew


  • Melvin

    Frankenstein's Monsters! Triggering intensifies!

  • da best o' da best

    Number one.....chicken

  • Caleb Kopp

    Slaughterfish. The fact I cann't fight it when I move slower than it and it can fight me, is a fact I find disgusting.

  • Adrian Africa

    I'm surprised the Ash Spawn aren't here.

  • Leo Salokorpi

    #1 fucking albino spider

  • Free steve

    the vomit guys crashed my wedding one time, afterwords the fiance wouldnt speak to me as if i abandoned er at the alter

  • Cancer

    2:07 Got Volkihar's pronunciation correct.

  • Mega Man

    Seekers make awesome conjurations though (when fighting strong enemies/groups of foes)... but never travel with them as they have some of the slowest mobility in the game. so slow that they are best left as sentry units

  • Zambie Pug

    What about nirnroot. shivers

  • Pawky ツ

    you forgot the spiders............

  • Beatrice Neniute

    I find the Lurkers are kind of disturing for me, a lot. They're creepy when they show up, ugly by appearance and they're redicilously tougher than a normal giant.

  • Lr god

    After the forsworn mission in skyrim i was exploring and found one of the red people.

  • Tyler Taylor

    Any frostbite spider

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