Skyrim Mod: Dark Maneuvers

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Dark Maneuvers is a late-game Vampire Lord overhaul that offers several new spells and abilities to give you more play-style options. Most of the abilities can be broken down into three groups; movement, stealth and minions. They're automatically unlocked once you unlock all of the VL perks, and while there might be balancing issues, the mod is a lot of fun to play around with.

Dark Maneuvers

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  • The Questionable Question Mark

    Would this work along side 'Better Vampires'?

  • Susan Slaphappy

    bring it to xbox. we need good mods.

  • Wagner Nogueira

    Vampires: One of the most OP builds in the whole game. Werewolves : Useless after lvl 15.

  • Rafael Saligumba

    Any news if this mod is being updated for SE?

  • No

    Is this compatible with sancrosact?

  • Harz Bennett

    Can u use this with sacrosanct

  • SideVermin 93

    I want this mod for consoles :(

  • Elliott Gaming

    Finally a mod that let's you feed on awake people without seduction!

  • Baxx War

    I wish they had this on consol

  • Yamedo

    my mouth is drooling as it's been open the whole time watching this

  • Eric Violandi

    This needs to come to ps4

  • jamal afon-white

    imma be real, only reason I clicked on this was cause I thought it said "dank maneuvers"

  • Easton Spooner

    Please port this to xbox one

  • Kay TrAnCe Ops LEADER

    WARNING: Vampire Mods and Werewolf Mods put together do not work with AFT(Amazing Follower Tweaks). AFT is COMPATIBLE with Werewolf mods as far as I know, I don't believe AFT is COMPATIBLE with Vampire Mods yet....

  • Susan Slaphappy

    was hoping bat travel would make it to xbox.

  • mercurychaser24

    Will this mod be on the special edition consoles? 🤓😈 I'm in love the extended flight in bat form 😍😗

  • Barokai Rein

    I still hate the lord form.


    Anyone know if this could be ported to XB1?

  • ALTO The Dragonborn

    1:35-1:40Slide to the left! Slide to the right!

  • Matt Gee

    Why is his stamina regenarting in the sun? I thought that it doesn't regen at all.

  • Yuzhan Vong

    Will this come to Xbox 1 eventually

  • Kurosa

    I really hope that this awesome mod will be ported for skyrim SE and consol

  • Gandalf White

    Dear Brodual, can you make a review of Vampire OverLord mod? I want the mod's owner be aware of that mod are still in use for some players. So he will be able to update it and add compatibility patches for Better Vampires by Brehanin.

  • Brodini Got Magic

    I wish there was a mod where you don't fight Harkon and you go with his plan to block out the sun.

  • TheAceGamingDemon

    does this mod work with better vampires?

  • Can başkaya

    how to increase blood level

  • Xaos Bob

    I may actually be interested in trying out playing a vamp now.

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