20 PS4 Games You Must Play In 2018

There are loads of huge games coming to PlayStation 4 in 2018 - here is our run-down of the top 20 that you should be excited about!

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  • Priya Gupta

    You should add 'Spider Man Ps4' and 'The Last Of Us' in this list

  • Ciao Marsmallow

    funny i bought ps4 only for monster hunter world

  • peruna miäs

    You forgot LA Noire!!!!!!!!

  • that stoned game guy

    Red dead redemption zombie multiplayer ?

  • peruna miäs

    Is far cry in 3rd person too?

  • Gloriouschico101

    Days gone has been delayed and won't come out till 2019. Yay :/

  • VR Car Racing

    Is fortnite here???🤔

  • Oussema Thebest

    this boy saved kratos on god of war III

  • Korg

    I hope Spider-Man is out this year.

  • ApparentlyShane

    Dreams is looking to be something quite special. <3

  • Musa Ali

    This guy is funny man

  • dicknugget BobbyCornhole

    I still can't understand how gow is gonna have 20 plus hours of gameplay....

  • Joseph A

    Kh3 gonna be the game of 2018 facts

  • the ashtech

    Wat happened to last of us2

  • asifur rahman

    PS4 killing it with there amazing exclusive games. I LOVE u PlayStation.

  • Peter Pan

    Very nasal speech...don't think I'll be back...hurts my ears.

  • muhammad ahmed aftab

    and what about last of us 2

  • asifur rahman

    Monster Hunter worldShadow of Colossus Nino Kuni 2God Of warDETROITYAKUJA 6already got released date n some of them already released.Far cry 5A Way OutKingdom Hearts Deliverance Etc multiplatform game also confirmed. What a time to be a PS4 gamer

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