Skyrim Mod: Top 3 Werewolf Replacer

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Warning this mod will change ALL werewolf not just you

Demon Werewolf Replacer
Werepanther - Werewolf Replacer
Lizardman - Werewolf Replacer

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  • Nep

    May wanna lower you graphics quality

  • Joshy Biggins

    I think the first should be a vampire lord replacer

  • Jacks Theories

    It's demon not deomon

  • Lee Huff

    Hope this will come to console ps4 and Xbox 1

  • Fisto Roboto

    Oh wow! Wish we had this for SSE on Xbox now! 😎👍🏻

  • James Frost

    This is the laggiest skyrim recording I've ever seen how many mods do you have?

  • 12345678910 11

    i need help with installing this mod i unpacked the bsa and put into the right folder joined the companions became a werewolf and then after that i activated the esp.but every time i transform it just shows the vanilla werewolf. the mod instructions say that i have to turn into a werewolf atleast once then i can activate the esp and i can play as said creature.i dont know what this even means i have tried everything but its same old vanilla werewolf any advice. and dont tell me to use nexus mod manager cause its messed up i tried to log in with my nexus account right password right user name right everything but when the log in results come back it says wrong password or username and i cant use steam either because my skyrim is craked,pirated, illegal call it what you want. when people are desparate to play pc games this is what the resort it from a freind though to many people on these torrent doenloads putting stupid passwords on these downloads. but please reply soon i am running out of ideas and the weremods i have arent that intresting so please help email is so you can send you reply there or i can check on the same page next time i come back.

  • Mihajlo Blagojevic

    I like the panther has lots of details

  • Josh Ruddock

    Saved best for first, huh? that's a good strategy

  • Sekai on

    Thats cool but it could be better, what I mean is something like... khajiits and argonians that can transform into a werewolf would have this form instead. That would only affect these npcs and if you have either of these races. (lizardman and werepanter)

  • A dancing Gangster shiba

    BRUH the panther lewks wierd

  • ButterMan10988

    is this also in the mod menu in skyrim special edition for the main menu

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