Skyrim Dawnguard Serana wait glitch

A glitch I ran into with no videos posted helping to fix it that I could find. sorry for the bad quality but it gets the message across. Hopefully an easy fix for everyone who's had the same problem
  • TigerPoop

    Shes stuck in a cave and cant cone out any one know how to fix it!??

  • Kevin Sahagun

    alguien que hable español que me ayude tengo el mismo problema

  • Shanti Schroers

    thanks thanks thanks omgg!!!!

  • Kevin Sahagun

    hey, can you help me?

  • TimyTimyTomTom JimyJimyJonJon

    Serana was broken for me but whenever I did the touching the sky quest she was fixed

  • Caresse Anal

    Thank you very much M8 !

  • Michelangelo Ferrazza

    This didn't seem to work for me... :(

  • Harrison Forger

    Thank yo so much I was stuck for about a half hour trying everything and didn't think of this!!!! Thanks again!!

  • Carnage Covers

    With me that  happened in the Forgotten Vale. I just waited 42 hours and she immediately followed me again. And I didn't go anywhere. I just stayed next to her. Glitch fixed.

  • My name is Jeff

    If you get another follower during a quest, tell that follower to wait somewhere that you can remember, wait a few days and go back to Castle Volkihar. You should find her there

  • kylefer

    I got the same damn bug, possibly the most annoying thing in the game...

  • Petru Boboc

    OH GOD THANK YOU M8 i know,almost 2016 and ur vid is from 2012,u still saved me about 3-4hrs bro

  • Ayyy B0ss

    When You are Waiting Hit The Menu Button on your controller and it cuts the time waaaayyy down. I do it on the 360. I'm not sure if you can do it on other things, however. It would have shortened your video considerably.

  • matt David

    I love you for making this video

  • FJans 123

    It is not necessary to wait in a town or city, i told her to wait inside a cave in the main quest of dawnguard and I was unable to go back, so I waited there the 72 hours, right next to her, and after waiting she just started following me again. sorry about the bad english, spanish is my main languaje and i'm trying to learn english the best I can.

  • Gibson Guitar Fan

    CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!! I lost serana and it is saying she is still following me but I don't remember where I told her to go. I wanted to do boethias quest but I can't tell her to go home because I can't find her and I never told her to wait. I tried waiting and fast traveling. Also my friend removed all my previous saves so I only have 1 save that keeps getting overridden also I play on 360 so if someone can tell me what I have to do that would be great.


    so many of these comments are from so long ago, ahh, the good old days.

  • Daniel Morgan

    thank you so much brother you're a shity video LOL helped me out I could not get her out of Whiterun but we're back on track thank you

  • Paul G

    dude your fucking lagit. ive had this problem for so long and then come across ypur video thishelped me alpt thanks man igot Serena back

  • Tesla Z

    I went to solstheim and told her to wait came back can not find her enyware it tells me I have her with me

  • Kross Lee

    This doesn't work and I'm stuck! Can't move in on the Dawnguard quest line!

  • Derrick Smith

    Wow man thanks a lot...

  • Ice Fox094

    I had dismissed her by accident and I found her a long time later back at Fort dawnguard. And when I talk to her, the only options I get now are wanting her to turn me into a vampire or to treat arrows with her blood.....

  • mpb utube

    Worked for me during snow elf quest. Went to a previous save (finding moth priest) and bug doesn't occur. Bug pops if asked to wait during soul cairn quest (later save)


    I tell to serana to go out and Now she cant follow me

  • johnnyjmac

    I left her in breeze home and don't know where she is now after I told her to wait

  • dragon greek

    I can't remember when I told serana to wait and I can't find her

  • subjekt abnormal

    I know this is old but this glitch just happened to me durring the "evil in waiting" quest,told her to wait in the beginning of the dungeon because I had breelyn as a follower also and when they get into the crossfire of battle and one hits the other,they go bitch mode and end up fighting each other killing one or the other. But anyway,I waited 4 days outside the cave after the quest and she appeared and re-followed. Thanks for this upload bud,saves me some frustration.

  • Anthony Jacob

    I lost serana. I was going to the throat of the world to meet parthinaax for the first time then I fast traveled out of there and she's just gone. When I ask others to follow me they say she's still with me. Does any body know what I got to do to get her to appear?

  • TyBarron77

    Thank god!!! This had me so pissed off

  • Dumelie9

    She didapeared on me in dark brotherhood what do I do

  • Sam Shebani

    you guy help me please. I told serana to wait or something and I cant find her and besides castle volikaher fort dawnguard and darkfall cave do you have ay idea were she might be if you help me it would be a huge fucking deal to me

  • NiNjA_DuDe115

    Thank you sooooo much she has all my shit and I couldn't sell any of it

  • Butteryniggels

    I lost her when I told her to wait but this damn bug doe

  • XxNinjaSlayaxX

    shes most likely at fort dawnguard cause that's where I found her

  • BiG-E

    does it have to be in whiterun ?

  • Michael Parrish

    Help!! I let serana go for I was doing the dragonborn dlc. So after that I went an found her. She would only make arrows. Help

  • Exodus_Gaming

    I told Sarana to wait in my house and then I went off to hire another guy and when I got back she was gone and now I'm waiting at the castle all the time and she's not there what happened

  • Matt

    Thank you, you sir are my savior, this glitch is so fucking annoying, Bethesda needs to get their shit together, thanks again for the help, I thought I was fucked.

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