Skyrim: Star Wars in Skyrim!

A long time ago In a galaxy far, far away where guards used to be adventurers; a city named Solitude is attacked by a shady bunch.

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Mods used in the making of this video:


Deathstar moon:

*******The Force Push spell comes from the Midas Magic mod:
  • Adam Fitzpatrick

    Song? And don't say Darude- Sandstorm

  • Kaea Walker

    danm some riften got some good guards!

  • Maggie FH

    everything is better with star wars

  • Blinov Nikita

    Хоть я и знаю, английский, нооооооо сука!!! Ебал я Обаму БЛЯТЬ!!!!!!

  • SmartX PL

    How you can get so many enemies with lightsabers? I thought it's one question....HOW???!!!!??? Tell me plssss!

  • DeZe Productions

    They should make a star wars game that plays like 'infamous second son' and they could make multiple planets as DLC if they really wanted to milk the game. But they could just use Coruscant, as the entire planet is just one giant city. They could also make it like Destiny and have you travel to other planets.Also, it would be better if it was mainly a one player game (kind of like GTA or Just Cause 2) so they wouldn't have as much coding and less glitches.But are they ever gonna make a game like this??Nope.....Probably not.(At least Force Unleashed was good :) )

  • Caleb Kopp

    Star Rim the Fus Awakens.

  • plaguelock

    I wish someone would make a huge open world game like Skyrim set inthe Star Wars universe.

  • Jo$h

    music is on YT search for Jedi temple march

  • Master Yoda

    Hope they don't have against this technology.

  • Igor zz10

    So if I am a stormcloak, am I a sith?

  • tsubaki410

    Steel is useless against energy blades.

  • succ

    Thats no moon...ITS A TRAP!

  • Kenneth Burright

    skyrim and star wars are basically the same, just that star wars is more future with lightsabers and turbo plasma weapons and skyrim is the old age warfare type

  • Adam Baker

    I think someone should make a video where the dragonborn founds out the Thalmor had replaced one of the moons with the Death Star. Knowing that the Thalmor were planning to use it to destroy the planet (thus all the humans will be wiped out as millions of voices will suddenly cried out in terror and then suddenly silenced). Decided to prevent this catastrophe, Dovahkin had outfitted odahviing in a harness that will allow them to fly into Space so they could destroy the Death Star by firing a powerful magic shot into a small exhaust port that can only be reached by going through a trench. Bonus points if the harness made Odahviing look like a X-wing.

  • Joey Viggiani

    should make the mod to where it litterly cuts through people, the lightsaber lol

  • NOVAnimations AN

    I was going to subscribe, then I noticed it was MrRhexx and I already subbed.Love it!

  • The slayer Game player

    How do you make npc's have lightsabers

  • DJ Gomez

    wtf did I just watch

  • Ben g

    is it me or do they look funny/cute when they all run up the ramp

  • Jordan Wolfson

    I have the mod. It is quite simply the greatest mod for the game. It's just so perfect! Skyrim, a combat based game with Star Wars overtones! It's brilliant!

  • Javi Prada

    how have you done this video? I mean, how did you put the siths and the jedis?

  • Jamal Powell

    What is the name of the song in this video?

  • Aiden Conduff

    0:21 look on the left of the screen and theres a dragon shadow think about it and look at the left of the screen

  • SamBanana

    that was realy cool. also, if anyone has this game on steam the magicka sabers mod is in the workshop

  • Mästare Kalk

    how i want a light saber :(

  • AGAS Kyle

    that was awesome!!! XD

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