Directions & Intros | Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion BEST at conveying | Skyrim, Fallout 4, Morrowind

Just another POINTLESS RAMBLING VIDEO about how NPCs give directions as well as the Intro sequences in Elder Scrolls Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim, as well as Fallout 3 & 4. I also, once again get into the good points and faults of the various games, because again each game has something they are better at than the others.

No, the quest indicator is stupid.
  • Ervin Pintar

    Can you do a video about Dynasty Warriors?

  • Peter Hansen

    in skyrim, you actually have a wonderful little spell called clairvoyance that could lead you to the quest goal, unfortunately they didnt make use of it more...

  • studio of greatness

    Becuase they character had personality to if you stephen king he evensaid storytelling is everything

  • Kain Blooden

    They could have skip straight to the cutting block screen like you just regained consciousness and done the introduction from there. They could of let you choose to be a storm cloak from there putting your head on the block if you did or ulfric if you didn't then the dragon comes. Once you get your hands free you should be able to jump outside the city skipping the rest of the tutorial. They could just put tutorial in brackets to highlet to go the other way if you wanted to do it.For the marker they could have the option to mark an area rather then the exact location.

  • Darkdodge

    Zaric, could you add a mod list you have been using in the video? I have a hard time trying to find what you got there, and some of the stuff I really like

  • Cryptosporidium 137

    What would be your ideal Fallout 3 or Fallout 4 experience?

  • camron gremmels

    I agree i hate having to ignore all the other content and just focus on the main quest for RP the maintain any fluency

  • Maikel Anders Lood

    before i got mods this cart scene was so often seen for me i literally Remembered it for word to word and it actually made me get skyrim fatigue because i would be forced to go through it again.

  • Ubeogesh

    You're talking that sense of urgency was given and then broken in Oblivion... I have the same freaking issue with Witcher 3. You gotta find Ciri cuz you're basically chasing her trail. But then there is just so much shit around you're expected to do (at least for a proper Kaer Morhen defense) that Geralt believing that Ciri is in danger and he has to find her soon becomes fake.

  • Roderic Kingfield

    They should learn from Nintendo when creating the map for the next game and give every geographical feature a name, like in BotW. That would make it easier for NPCs to give quest directions. Also, I think they should do away with the main quest. Instead there should be several smaller questlines that are loosely connected to the main plot of the game, that you can do in any order.

  • Simpa5

    Fallout New Vegas and Morrowind crushes the other TES/Fallout games when it comes to game intro. Short and concise yet filled with atmosphere and that fantastic feeling that TES/Fallout gives when you exit the tutorial/intro: "Shit, I'm on my own now." with the whole world before you. :)

  • Mixiv

    What do you think about the idea of map marking but they give you detail about the surrounding area like landmarks or people like hunters always in the area

  • DarkBazerker

    As much as I would love to, say Marrowind was great and is the best elder scroll game to date, I cant. I remember when I tryed to play Marrowind back in the day, and was told to find this old man, out west, in a big city. I spent hours, looking for the right city and the right old man. Around 6ish hours I finally found him. The whole experience left me with a very sour feeling, as thus I would refer to Marrowind as an unfinished product with potential. As to this day I have not bothered to try again, as it seems like to much of a pain. But all of this could have been avoided, if they did have some kind of quest marking system.

  • B AA

    Holy crap that mace at 04:45 is beautiful. What mod is it from?

  • TheRed Hawk

    honestly, gonna leave this video here warn you though, it's 5 hours long

  • Brotato

    As amazing and well thought out as this video is, I am a little confused on your standpoint on the Oblivion tutorial. I'm not sure if you read and/or reply to comments but if someone could help me out I would be very appreciative

  • chipputer

    The rant about the potions is actually wrong, though. Hadvar/Ralof tells you to look for supplies in there, namely potions, and the enemies that you fight mention potions before you even engage them. Beyond that, you get an (Optional) objective telling you to look for them and you even get a quest marker pointing at a barrel full of potions for you to look directly at and see what they look like.Not to mention two tables just barely off to the side (well within your field of view) that have potions sitting right on them in plain view that the player now knows what they look like.I don't know how you seem to miss this by labeling it just as optional as the jail cell with the mage and the lockpicking minigame but I'll chalk it up to you not seeming to enjoy Skyrim that much and you simply haven't played through the tutorial area very much as a result.

  • Death Incarnate

    So Zaric, what's your opinion of Bethesda's newest Creation Club item, Skyrim Survival Mode? Second worthwhile thing on the Creation Club after the Fallout 4 backpacks, or rip-off of Frostfall?

  • Shawn Driscoll

    26:52 Agree about the fake urgency.

  • Chilling Villain

    Zaric, you delve into topics that most people wouldn't even think of. I really do appreciate these kind of videos, the time spent watching longer videos like these are well worth it and offer up some insight I definitely appreciate.

  • Stephanus Tavilrond

    I'll mark it on your map - let's develop some voice synthesiser that won't break immersion, so we won't need voice actors

  • Eduardo Godinez

    i'd love to see that Relic Hunter video :P

  • HeyGuy4321

    I saw a mudcrab the other day.

  • spydrebyte

    I only watch some movies once, doesn't mean there's anything wrong with it, just have no need to experience it again. Thats the openings for me to both skyrim and oblivion, good for what they are but unnecessary on replay. MW was better IMO as it was over pretty quick so didn't really need a quickstart mod.

  • Halsaufschneider

    Let Me mark this on your browser...

  • Zaric Zhakaron

    *Skyrim is bad Power Fantasy -*Power Fantasy can be GOOD, when done right -

  • iandowdy13

    Lol. Talking about powering through the main quest of Skyrim or Fallout 4 reminded me that I still haven't finished F4 main quest and I've owned it since release

  • Jesse McCormick

    I have a different issue with radiant quests. In Oblivion, a quest location might have characters, enemies, settings, and dialog that fit with the context of the quest given to you. In Skyrim, you're pitted against bandits who have no clue about anything relating to your quest, in non-descript hideouts that make most of the side quests feel very copy-pasted. Let's bring back detailed quests with stories instead of "Can you retrieve my sword/helmet/book/ring? I was lost/stolen in a cave/fort/ruin. I'll mark it on your map."

  • starfthegreat

    Hey Zaric! Have you ever played the Vigilant mod for Skyrim? I personally thought it was one of the best quest mod ever made, but I thought that it went into some very obscure lore. Do you have any intentions of of reviewing it and discussing its lore?

  • Fridisen :3

    wait can you turn of the quest indicators? welp im stupid

  • joseph kofmann

    I just picked up Oblivion Game of the Year Edition just so I can have a good RPG to play

  • MysticAura

    Hand holding in games these days is kinda pathetic. The game devs have to assume everyone is an idiot and needs every minute detail pointed out to them, because how could the poor people actually THINK and look around.. that's too much work. Please game devs..stop making stupid proof games. Make people have to activate their brains for a change.

  • Multifire

    I want to see you make the worst character you possibly can in Daggerfall and see how far you get.

  • GorsserTuna

    i love immersive hud just to hide the quest stuff so i can just explore

  • Jaskaran Mangat

    I started playing Morrowind a month ago and I have logged over 300 hours on the game (with Tamriel Rebuilt) and I have to say... I now know why so many people love this game. The storytelling, worldbuilding, faction progression, politics, magic system, cities and architectural styles are so much better and fascinating than Skyrim's or Oblivion's. IMO Morrowind >>> Skyrim >>> Oblivion

  • Sam Bickers

    What do you think of dragon's dogma?

  • Raphael Perry

    There's a reason why I have a Skyrim save right after getting off the cart just before the character creation menu opens up.

  • TheRed Hawk

    to be honest, I rather have a cart scene rather then be told I'm pre-ordain to do everything before I even learn how to swing a sword. At least Skyrim doesn't immediately go "You are Pre-Ordain to save us!". In Skyrim , it's "hey, why don't you come to my town my Prisoner-buddy". It's actually quite a while until you actually become the dragon Born, and even then, it's a while longer before you can actually go along the process of saving everyone.

  • PhyreI3ird

    By the NINE! Thank you for explaining both sides here so well and bringing a sense of understanding to the comparisons where most people engage in the most annoying and tiresome "Mines is da bestesssst and yourz is ssssssshhhit!" and knocking one or another down for the sake of their favorite. And as somebody who truly loves all the main series (except for Arena) but leans most toward skyrim, you really hit the nail on the head for the major key appeal to it and I love how you go about your criticisms of it and the others, actually encouraging honest critical thought that isn't fueled by a superiority complex xDHelluva video man!

  • Skuash

    Skyrim was my first TES game and you are right, I thought the empire was the enemy and I hated them.

  • Sorcerous Kitty

    I miss marking my own notes on the map

  • Svenska

    Zaric, mind saying what the armour mod that Ralof had is?

  • Roger Kekeley

    is that old runescape music i can hear in the back?

  • Sephiwolf 44

    I just wanted to make a small comment about the Skyrim Civil War. I actually chose Imperial and I hadn't played the other games (or at least to any great length). For me it was about a logical argument about who would ultimately empower Skyrim over the Aldmeri Dominion. I while yes the civil war could have been so much better, working within what we have, I honestly don't see how Stormcloaks would have been the right choice. Now keep in mind that choice was also back in my 2012 play, long before I played ESO (yes I know what people think of it from a lore point of view). And even with watching tons of lore videos, watching explanations, playing ESO, and more, I'll always side with the Imperials rather than the Stormcloaks. But also keep in mind, the Mead emperors are a FAR cry from the Septim line.... and are far weaker. So when people make the argument that Stormcloaks would be closer to what Skyrim really needs, they're right in terms of the level of brutality and determination needed. But they are dead wrong on actual army strength. Sorry I know this has little to do with the actual video but I felt compelled to share my thoughts after you went over the fact that most people choose the Stormcloaks over Imperials if they only played Skyrim.

  • Substandard Gamer Kiba

    In Skyrim you have 10000000+ side quests and most of them are so generic I don`t want any specific directions.

  • Andrey Russian

    Agreed! No more quests. Let it be open world with planty of immersive realistic role playing options! :)

  • Ius Sicarius

    That's what I did with World of Tanks with being stuck because I spent money. Then I just said fuck it and uninstalled that crap

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