Directions & Intros | Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion BEST at conveying | Skyrim, Fallout 4, Morrowind

Just another POINTLESS RAMBLING VIDEO about how NPCs give directions as well as the Intro sequences in Elder Scrolls Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim, as well as Fallout 3 & 4. I also, once again get into the good points and faults of the various games, because again each game has something they are better at than the others.

No, the quest indicator is stupid.
  • GorsserTuna

    i love immersive hud just to hide the quest stuff so i can just explore

  • Mårtin

    Zaric, mind saying what the armour mod that Ralof had is?

  • 2prize

    22:13 so your not a fan of walking simulators?

  • iandowdy13

    Lol. Talking about powering through the main quest of Skyrim or Fallout 4 reminded me that I still haven't finished F4 main quest and I've owned it since release

  • HeyGuy4321

    I saw a mudcrab the other day.

  • Roderic Kingfield

    They should learn from Nintendo when creating the map for the next game and give every geographical feature a name, like in BotW. That would make it easier for NPCs to give quest directions. Also, I think they should do away with the main quest. Instead there should be several smaller questlines that are loosely connected to the main plot of the game, that you can do in any order.

  • Peter Hansen

    in skyrim, you actually have a wonderful little spell called clairvoyance that could lead you to the quest goal, unfortunately they didnt make use of it more...

  • studio of greatness

    Becuase they character had personality to if you stephen king he evensaid storytelling is everything

  • Dalitas D

    he said "there is a promt to shoot a bucket with an arrow" in the start of oblivion... i dont recall that, can anyone explain?

  • Zaric Zhakaron

    *Skyrim is bad Power Fantasy -*Power Fantasy can be GOOD, when done right -

  • Epic'O'Coco

    I was full out Storm-cloak until I realized General Tulius was Saul Tigh from Battlestar Galactica. I had to go full out Imperial after that. XD

  • Ubeogesh

    You're talking that sense of urgency was given and then broken in Oblivion... I have the same freaking issue with Witcher 3. You gotta find Ciri cuz you're basically chasing her trail. But then there is just so much shit around you're expected to do (at least for a proper Kaer Morhen defense) that Geralt believing that Ciri is in danger and he has to find her soon becomes fake.

  • TheRed Hawk

    to be honest, I rather have a cart scene rather then be told I'm pre-ordain to do everything before I even learn how to swing a sword. At least Skyrim doesn't immediately go "You are Pre-Ordain to save us!". In Skyrim , it's "hey, why don't you come to my town my Prisoner-buddy". It's actually quite a while until you actually become the dragon Born, and even then, it's a while longer before you can actually go along the process of saving everyone.

  • Fridisen :3

    wait can you turn of the quest indicators? welp im stupid

  • Substandard Gamer Kiba

    In Skyrim you have 10000000+ side quests and most of them are so generic I don`t want any specific directions.

  • Steel Xcaliber

    I love The Witcher 3, but it's tutorials were awful. Probably my fault for not playing the other games first.

  • Nessie Andrew

    My first ES game was Skyrim and I chose the imperials because they looked cool!

  • Jack Maney

    The main thing that drove me away from the Dead Rising series was that Dead Rising 2's main objective (get more Zombrex for Katie....over and over and over again....) continually kept me from exploring areas and scavenging for items to combine into new weapons at workbenches. That exploration was the most fun part of the game for me, and the game itself actively fought against letting me have that fun. I'd have dropped the Elder Scrolls franchise like a hot potato if any of the games had a timer to complete the main quest, even if the lack of urgency kinda kills immersion.

  • camron gremmels

    I agree i hate having to ignore all the other content and just focus on the main quest for RP the maintain any fluency

  • Martin Rusche

    il mark it on your map q.q

  • Maikel Anders Lood

    before i got mods this cart scene was so often seen for me i literally Remembered it for word to word and it actually made me get skyrim fatigue because i would be forced to go through it again.

  • Andrey Russian

    Agreed! No more quests. Let it be open world with planty of immersive realistic role playing options! :)

  • Saad

    You make a good argument, the writing in Bethesda game studios games have gotten more and more lazy, i hope they do an overhaul to their writing department as it's clearly been decreasing in quality and creativity .Another point is urgency, it has been done to death ( Fallout 3 and 4, ES 4 & 5 ), would like them to make the story progress at your own pace.

  • Simpa5

    Fallout New Vegas and Morrowind crushes the other TES/Fallout games when it comes to game intro. Short and concise yet filled with atmosphere and that fantastic feeling that TES/Fallout gives when you exit the tutorial/intro: "Shit, I'm on my own now." with the whole world before you. :)

  • Joe Schmo

    Because having a narrative is fucking bad right?

  • Super Kami Kitty

    I miss marking my own notes on the map

  • Connor Force

    "I'll mark it on your map" is okay if say the quest character lives in Bruma and you're currently in the Imperial City and they want you to come to their house there, it makes sense that they know where their own house is. But if it's like "Bandits attack every night but we don't know where they're coming from". Then they should say to you something like "They could be hiding in the caves just about south of here" or something. New Vegas has a quest like that for the NCR where you had to find a Khan hiding in a cave somewhere.

  • Jaymes of Demacia

    Funny Story.When emperor Uriel said, "let me see your face." right after, the video cut to some yogurt ad. The first thing the narrator said was, "cool and creamy..." video cuts back to the green haired abominationGods...

  • Eliran Tuil

    As a filthy casual, I respect you immensely but completely disagree with you.Edit:well, not completely, story was better in mw

  • Chupa Thingy

    That's what I did with World of Tanks with being stuck because I spent money. Then I just said fuck it and uninstalled that crap

  • TheRed Hawk

    honestly, gonna leave this video here warn you though, it's 5 hours long

  • Dowe Keller

    I would just like to add that in Morrowind your character is disincentivised from jumping right into the main quest. You show up at Caius' door, and he says you're green, freelance adventurer is a common enough profession here, go join some guilds and get a few side quests under your belt.

  • chefboyidie ñeç

    What do you think of dragon's dogma?

  • spydrebyte

    I only watch some movies once, doesn't mean there's anything wrong with it, just have no need to experience it again. Thats the openings for me to both skyrim and oblivion, good for what they are but unnecessary on replay. MW was better IMO as it was over pretty quick so didn't really need a quickstart mod.

  • Perkustin

    Although i do use alternate start now i don't really mind the cart ride, It's undeniably atmospheric and if it weren't for the rest of the game you'd think they were setting up some kind of awesome 'Civil War' style questline ;-P . There's also some great lines in it, 'My gods are smiling on me imperial, can you say the same?!' (actual goosebumps), 'Legends don't burn down villages' etc and some good character work with the child being told to go inside for example. It's just let down by the suddenness of your execution and deus ex Alduin. The opening 'dungeon' is mercifully short and can be raced through double time with no penalty and the setup in Riverwood is really well done. Fallout 4 is FUCKING TORTUROUS by comparison almost made worse by the fact it's ostensibly shorter, Oblivion's lasts an eternity but is made bearable by Oblivion's broken yet fiendishly addictive levelling mechanics/systems and how even the opener can be optimised to get the most for your build. Fallout 4 is by far the worst, Morrowind's is the best of the 21st century Beth games but that's because it's four rooms long.

  • SafariMaceram

    Zaric you are parroting the same thing for almost three years now we get it you love and hate all the elderscrolls games, You like some parts of some elderscrolls games but you hate those parts at the same time. You love the lore and you hate the lore. You want a randomly generated sandbox but you dont want a randomly generated sandbox, You want roleplaying but you dont want roleplaying. Go become a full jim sterling clone already, maybe you can have better time shitting on all the games instead of only tes games.

  • PhyreI3ird

    By the NINE! Thank you for explaining both sides here so well and bringing a sense of understanding to the comparisons where most people engage in the most annoying and tiresome "Mines is da bestesssst and yourz is ssssssshhhit!" and knocking one or another down for the sake of their favorite. And as somebody who truly loves all the main series (except for Arena) but leans most toward skyrim, you really hit the nail on the head for the major key appeal to it and I love how you go about your criticisms of it and the others, actually encouraging honest critical thought that isn't fueled by a superiority complex xDHelluva video man!

  • Cody Malicote

    Or downloads alternate start and says "FUCK THAT SHIT"

  • Darkdodge

    Zaric, could you add a mod list you have been using in the video? I have a hard time trying to find what you got there, and some of the stuff I really like

  • Cryptosporidium 137

    What would be your ideal Fallout 3 or Fallout 4 experience?

  • ehc

    Skyrim autosaves just before the character creation screen. At least special edition does

  • B AA

    Holy crap that mace at 04:45 is beautiful. What mod is it from?

  • MysticAura

    Hand holding in games these days is kinda pathetic. The game devs have to assume everyone is an idiot and needs every minute detail pointed out to them, because how could the poor people actually THINK and look around.. that's too much work. Please game devs..stop making stupid proof games. Make people have to activate their brains for a change.

  • Carl Frank

    Sorry if this has been brought up before, but at 15:50 you say they make you get Fargoth's ring. If my memory serves, you don't actually have to get that; you can miss it entirely and still make it out of the census and excise office, can't you?

  • The Hat Thieves Guild

    is that old runescape music i can hear in the back?

  • Raphael Perry

    There's a reason why I have a Skyrim save right after getting off the cart just before the character creation menu opens up.

  • NekoVeil

    How to "fix" radiant quests: Have your voice actors say the most important locations and items and enemies. Have a system that can tell where something is from a location and voice act cardinal directions and simple/common instructions. Maybe have some of the places nearest the big cities have voice acted directions, ie. Riverwood to Whiterun. Make it all modular!"Hello there, stranger."[Can I help you?]"Me? Yes. I actually had my 'elven sword' stolen from me by a 'bandit' a couple of days ago. He took off 'west' to his camp he called 'Fangtusk Hold'. Could you get that back to me? I'll pay you for it's return."[I'll get it]"Thank you! Thank you! To the 'west', 'over the bridge'. Please be quick!"

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