Skyrim - Top 7 Companions

In our latest Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Video, we discuss our personal top 7 companions.

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Scott: newberrycrunch
Michael: oldberrychew


  • Jim Lellman

    Lydia is no prize, but she is my follower.

  • Edward Bates

    Whenever it's late at night, and I'm in a cave infested with draugr or some shit, I bring a follower and 2 dead thralls, just so I won't be alone and scared.

  • Joshyjay Suan

    Erik was based on a fan that passed away? T_T so sad but nice of Bethesda to dedicate an npc to him

  • Tony Wallace

    My favorite follower in Skyrim is:None of them! Followers have a tendency to severely cramp my style.

  • KoriMasho

    Cicero FTW!!! Yeay! I gave him a bow once. Once. It was terrifying to watch him leap around, firing arrow after arrow...and he NEVER MISSED!

  • T -800

    Cicero is annoying as fuck though.

  • Jenica Easterling

    what about lydia or the dbi wtf

  • Edberaga The Magician!

    no one talk about lydia??

  • sonpacho

    I wish they made more of these people able to be stewards

  • Mallorie Homer

    Cicero for the winnnnn love that silly fool!

  • Matthew Knudson

    I was about to argue with the top pick, but I have to agree

  • JD Photography

    i vote for barbas as the number 1 companion.

  • Nathan

    It's Mr. Jizz Argo

  • AvoidingPear Pancoust

    Well that was nice of Bethesda to mak Erik the slayer

  • Timmy Mclovin

    Oh serana I don't care what any YouTuber says you will always be my number one you sexy Kate Beckinsale looking b**

  • Just Because

    Serana is best, always...

  • OhGod Why


  • Tomas Murphy

    How is Cicero the "best"?

  • Paul Bornman

    Da fuq?! The jester. I hate that guy.

  • Dovah Kaaz

    hmm u left out frea and dark brotherhood initiates ... and they can achive highest levels which begs the question what u based that list on maybe u should make it "top 7 interesting followers "

  • Hammerfall541

    Companions are useful until you become strong enough to fight alone without using a lot of healing potions or healing yourself every time you fight.

  • Grimbanks

    Shout out to my boy Marcurio - the greatest follower I ever had. Solo'd a Dragon Priest, only to be killed by filthy Markarth guards.

  • T4piok4

    J'zargo is most displeased at the pronounciation

  • ผมคือ นายตัวป่วน

    jzargo is suck I don't care how your levels foolish cat keep uses sparks all time What!!!!!! We face The Legendary Dragon How dare you

  • Chase Vouros

    I am legitimately surprised I have not seen any comments disagreeing with your number one spot. Cicero is the single most annoying character in any video game I've ever played. He looks like a fool (pun intended) and is always keep immediately when the opportunity rises in my playthrough.

  • Spiced Memes

    Sven is the best follower. HANDS DOWN.



  • Sir Sir

    Seems like the spell casters are the better followers. They are always blowing enemies to hell.

  • ScarXLoco

    I wish I had a Sabre cat as a pet

  • James Roper

    Don't be fooled by this video, Serana is the worst follower in the game. She's constantly complaining, never has anything positive to say, can't fight worth a shit, raises useless undead to fight, which just get in the way, and she loves shooting you with her spells, when she should be shooting the bad guys.Inigo is far better than any of these. He knows how to flank an enemy that you're fighting, he rarely complains and when he does it's kind of funny, he knows how sneak, he doesn't spring traps like every other follower, and he feels like an actual living character in the game, and not just useless pack mule like the rest.

  • Twinkie Gobbler

    Serana will always be number one in my heart.

  • Trino B

    Onmund is a personal favorite for me, but after using Marcurio I never went back haha

  • TheLastmystic

    Erik is also a great follower as well purely because he’s the only barbarian follower in the game!

  • Digs 1

    One of the companions can somehow take the giants club,he's incredibly overpowered then.

  • Alinora Metaluna

    Mjoll was great except she would NOT STFU about that guy crapping himself.

  • Jacob C.

    " Bee and bard in"

  • Superior Snipez

    what about karjho and Serana being first cuz she's never dying

  • Hogan

    illa is my fave. follower you can find her in Darklight Tower

  • Brian Sheehan

    The crossbow is my only companion.

  • Sean Marlisa

    i hate Eric the slayer: i first bought him the armor then recruited him and then he talks shit about MAGES fuck him and his village

  • Sheogorath Daederic Prince Of Madness

    Kharjo is number one for me.

  • paperfolder


  • Trapz

    I️ use Marcurio lol, He’s a decent wizard

  • jbdragonlance

    Aela is better then any of them!

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