Skyrim - Top 7 Companions

In our latest Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Video, we discuss our personal top 7 companions.

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Scott: newberrycrunch
Michael: oldberrychew


  • ultimate gamer 56 higfbnm

    durak is the best because,,,, when he fires his cross bow its OP even use him your self

  • KnEpH131

    You left out Jenassa. Dual-wielding archer mercenary with sneak ability and no morals. Perfect for sneaky types or someone that wants an archer. Her archery is as good as Aela's and her one-handed levels to 100. Without mods she levels to 40-45. Give her some decent enchanted resistance/sneak light armor, a good bow of your choice, and my favorite combo - a health drain sword in main hand and Windshear or Paralyze sword/dagger in off hand. She can tank several deathlords for you in that set up. She is a beast. I cannot recommend her enough.

  • Shahdar

    I'm so happy with this list!!! Why? Because cicero is my follower, and Serana joined us when I started dawnguard, so now I have em both, and a husky. Gets a bit crowded sometimes, but I'm too attached to them to let them go!

  • Papa Rabbi

    J'zargo literally says his own name in the game and you still manage to pronounce it wrong

  • phantom knight

    Lydia has two uses: a sacrifice for Boethia or the Ebony Blade. She is not useless people. I guess this only counts human companions though. If you include animals, Shadowmare and Barbas would make this list. Shadowmare's HP regen is insane and Barbas is simply unkillable

  • Impera 815

    You literally just stole this entire list from IGN you fucking plagiarist

  • Kanelle88

    I hate Serana. I know she has more development when it comes to personality but I hate her personality. She is far over a thousand years old and the whole quest had her bitchin' about her parents like she's some teenager still and she's asking you to protect her (your character is an infant in age compared to her... seriously?!?!). I know she was locked up for a lot of it but she needed to get off her pretty little princess ass and become her own woman WAY before that happened.Anyways I agree with Cicero being the top follower. If I want a character to talk and talk, it might as well be something amusing... and he can fight and sneak well. If I want a follower to carry baggage, Lydia. She's at the central city on the map and I can send her there with anything I have in excess, that and I had her as a follower so much I automatically ignore her. If I want a follower for fighting I usually pick up Rayya because of the duel wielding. I give her a couple good swords with some awesome effects and let her have at it.

  • Egoist

    The four competing to be the best are; Anneke, Jenassa, Rayya, Frea. Why? They prefer dual wielding, meaning Windshear + Chillrend (or any enchanted paralyze sword) These 4 will destroy everything in legendary difficulty without the help of the dragonborn.

  • Will Roth

    If Teldryn Sero isn't on the list I'm going to FUS RO DAH my iPad across the room.

  • Kameron Sheppard

    Companions tend to be emotionless robots with no back story. Teldryn Sero at least has extra dialouge

  • Nationalist Hilpy

    Once ur level 30 your companions suck

  • ufde nattt

    how about frea she is a beast

  • James Kinstle

    These are NOT the best followers, these are simply the followers with the most interesting backstories.

  • EveryDaySlacker

    Ok.. Idgaf about their fucking stories. I want the best companions based on abilities and such. The stories are interesting and all. But that's not going to give me the edge in combat ya know?

  • Kepler Born

    I got chills learning about Eric the Slayer

  • Racheal Danielle Gorbea

    WOOO! I love Cicero....lololol

  • Ashley S.

    Marcurio! Serana's my second favorite. Marcurio may not have a big backstory, but he has some great one-liners and is great in battle.

  • Shannon Ney

    Is the basis for this top 7 stats or lore? I never used Cicero and Serana is the best follower I've had so it makes me wonder why you only talked about lore.

  • emptyhand777

    Can you imagine stench that escaped when Serana's sarcophagus was finally opened? I don't think she ever did take a bath. Better cross a few streams when you first meet her or else enemies will smell her coming upwind.

  • Lunacy

    he says jago when its j zargo

  • DaDonBossMan

    Bruh you play these games how you not saying the name how it’s pronounced

  • ChewysDynasty

    Benor is the best companion

  • ImmersiveAs Fuck

    I don't think the Z is silent in J'zargo.

  • Master-Smash Sandoval

    I live in a town in Illinois named Cicero

  • Caleb Marceau

    In my opinion the mage from the dragonborn DLC is best, he is the dark elf who tells you that you need a heart stone idr his name

  • Storm Wolf

    Pretty good list. Serana absolutely awesome.I've played more with Lydia as a follower than anyone else. But the two of em together is alot of OP fun.In the south of the rift you'll find a castle in it a female mage asks your help to kill the leader of her order. You do so and can recruit her. Name is Illia I think it's been a while

  • Adi

    This guy is a name butcher...

  • Em Zee

    Having that shitty dark elf complain about how dumb it is to charge bandit camps as I charge a bandit camp and one shot everything is so dumb.

  • calitroit45

    The worst is Lydia to me,I took her to the 1st dungeon and she died,I didn’t even show her dead body respect and just threw her body in the water

  • Jayden Gunter

    It’s pronounced “Je Zargo”. Does the apostrophe mean nothing?

  • Tropical Legend

    My teldryn died bye a stormcloak guard which lead me to join the imperials to avenge him

  • Aaron Barber

    This shit was boring asf, don't play Skyrim on console and btw I disliked and unsubscribed

  • Cayde-6's retarded cousin Booce

    Idk how serana is above Teldryn, Serana is just some overrated vampire with daddy issues who uses you to save herself. All those petty arguements she has with her mom in the soul cairn is just annoying like come one im the bloody dragonborn not ur family mediator. Teldryn on the other hand is a true bro, a merc with a mouth, always sarcastic and unimpressed with skyrim. Hes obviously better in combat than the bitch, he always spawns a potent atronach and starts shooting ice spikes and swinging his sword like none other. Most importantly, he doesnt give a shit abt any daddy issues, mommy isses or anything other than being sarcastic and helping the dragonborn. Teldryns a true bro. Also seranas also really bitchy and can get easilly offended like when u try to cure her vampirism, wish i could kill her after the story lmao

  • Tracy D'Arcy

    Faendral should be on here

  • Elizabeth Murray

    Awesome! My main man Teldryn made it to the top three! #soproud

  • ColbyPlays

    I always go with Erik

  • Angelica Salas

    I lost Serena somewhere in Skyrim when I had her wait cause she kept attacking the character in the quest. I will find her one day😭

  • AKAScythe

    What is this ranking based on?If i look up a list of potential follower and compare their stats/max level and skills to each other it's pretty clear that this list makes no sense at all.

  • William Nave

    I appreciate this I'm working on getting Eric now already gave his dad the gold for the armor

  • Glenasaurus

    Frea is number 1. She cannot die and she has no level cap.

  • Obi Wan Kenobi

    No way Cicero beats Serana, don't get me wrong I love that nut job, but Serana is such a diverse and sarcastic character that seems to have a mind of her own while following you around. Maybe it's just me, but I'd take Serana over Cicero any day

  • JDM Games


  • Raid Master

    I swear if Serana isn't first...Edit: Why have you done this FM

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