Skyrim - Top 7 Companions

In our latest Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Video, we discuss our personal top 7 companions.

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Scott: newberrycrunch
Michael: oldberrychew


  • Ubera Maximus

    I always make sure to kill Cicero, curse that annoying fuck.

  • Sahroten SF

    you chose.....cicero....over Serana? man I never have another companion other than her xD

  • Colt McMeins

    Only problem about most of these companions is that they don't level with you indefinitely like J'Zargo does, making J'Zargo the best follower in the game. The five infinite leveling followers are J'Zargo, Durak, Celan, Ingjard, and Frea, J'Zargo being the best of them. Cicero is the best follower until he reaches his level cap, then J'Zargo rules all.

  • Ubera Maximus

    This guy reminds me of Hirumaredx with his lists and inability to pronounce words.

  • EzioIlMentore

    >Enters random stranger's house>Serana starts sweeping the floor

  • tylersprettyodd

    serana is the best follower. can Cicero turn you into a vampire lord and is he immortal? I tHiNk ThE fUcK nOt

  • Nathan Martucci

    While those are the best end game followers, my personal choice (if I'm a warrior) is Faendal. You can get him immediately after leaving Helgen, and he's really good as a stand-in until you can get one of the stronger followers. I can't tell you how many times he saved my ass in Bleak Falls Barrow and the 7000 steps.

  • Emily Warner

    whoops I killed Cicero.....

  • Daniel Wortham

    Is this some kind of joke? Cicero, I disagree

  • Jayy

    I usually like you're lists but this was way off Erik and Mjoll are fucking trash Cicero is more like number 2 because dbi beats him in stats per level and max at 81 while Cicero maxes at 50 making him worse . I'd replace mjoll with someone like vilkas farkas and Aela which they can train you really high in skills like archery :aela Heavy armor : farkasTwo handed : vilkas .Eriks max is level 30 and is very weak . I feel like this list is more like a top 7 followers story's before you meet them rather than a top 7 best followers ...10: belrand : battlemage9-7 aela farkas or vilkas for skills and power6 : any housecarl for defense 5-4:marcurio or jzargo for mages 3: dlc followers 2: Cicero assassin but easily can be replaced by number 11: dbi all around fucking beast can come in cause Havak and levels with you legitly to 81 along with jzargo and also along with jzargo has highest stats per level.

  • Ron S

    Should be titled "Top 7 Companion Backstories". Lots of backstory on each, but no real reason why they are "Top" followers. I don't usually pick my companion based on what their history is. I usually like FudgeMuppet's vids, but this one has a very misleading title.

  • TheChaosGaming 123

    I mean I prefer is kharjo he was helping a caravan when we help him get a family item from this past he even leaves his caravan because of are gratitude he is a great warrior and helper and when he died I cried. So that's my reason for kharjo.

  • Dounia Doudou

    I haven't watched the video yet, but Cicero is the best.

  • jay york

    Cicero is at your service great and powerful listener

  • BeruCampos

    I always get Mercúrio or the Old Haired veteran (forgot his name)

  • Dakoda Vaerus

    Calling bullshit, best companions in Skyrim and no members of the Companions? Aela, Farkas, or Vilkas should easily make this list

  • Spirit Moon

    why's everyone saying serana is good. she's HORRIBLE. why? 1. she gets in my fricking way2. she talks too much3. she's a vampire and I hate vampires. 4. I don't trust her5. and she likes to look at my character a lot. but..... she's supossed to be #1.

  • Shadow Ghost Leader

    What about derkeethus

  • Lucas santos

    glad to see my favorite companion on the top one

  • George Buckland

    When u get a really good companion but u lose them and then you scour the Skyrim wiki to know how to find them. RIP

  • johntxi

    Anyone know which followers cant be killed?

  • hufdsnhf

    So happy to see Erik the Slayer included here. After making him my follower I have such a soft spot for him. He's so charming

  • XMarioAscendedX

    Teldryn Sero by far is the best follower his fighting style plus perks equals greatness

  • Samtheman S

    I once had a khajiit character named jzargo not knowing there was an NPC named after me

  • arnesto1018

    You should do a video about which companion has the funniest interactions with the world i like breilyna she is always impressed with dwarven ruins

  • Andr01dGam1ngDud3

    I get so posed when people call followers companions. Companions are a group of fighters!!!!Also, where is my boy Faendal???

  • PikadrewTheCreeper

    Kinda sucks how the only Argonian companion stinks worse then a Skeever... Being a Lizard player myself, I would've loved to bring down the metaphorical hammer with the Hist guiding the strikes of me and my companion, but alas, that one Liz-Follower is a total wuss and beyond useless in combat... Send him back to Black Marsh...

  • Gadrick Knight

    Who the fuck is Jargo? lol

  • tyler

    ya know what's funny? Mjoll hates the thieves guild but she'll still follow me, the guild master

  • Jordan Abernathy

    How come sometimes when I am fighting people my companion (Aela) does nothing but stand there. It's like her AI doesn't recognize it.

  • Ronin Tortoise

    I was expecting lydia to be number 1, and was hit by a curveball when I heard cicero. I didn't even know he was a possible companion.

  • George Buckland

    What about illia the Mage near riften. She is the best Mage follower in the game. She uses master ice destruction spells.

  • Kaden Maness

    He follows you home even if you marry Her which is kind of weird also I killed him

  • Flex Gopnik

    XD Serena only get 2 place hmmm top 1 is Adoring fan...

  • Lost Lonely Dog

    I always liked Mauricio

  • Tom Kimmel

    LMAO Cicero is #1 what a joke. I spare him just cause I'm nuts but m'joll has nice dialogue and is a tank and knows how to sneak. currently using feandal from Riverwood on a new game I'm surprised he ain't dead yet I've shot him a few times on accident but damn he is good at drawing fire. yes doing the archery level up and taking back gold thing for now but I'm going for aela soon I've never done the companion guild.

  • SimderZ

    I love when Erandur sees a stray dog and says 'stupid dog'

  • Flood520

    Fuuuuuuuuuck Cicero.

  • Wobah Jett

    Its J'zargo, yes? dont meow with this one!

  • Commenting Guy

    I wanted to make a follower called INIGRO based on the khajit turd

  • Shadow Ghost Leader

    The one farmer boy follower is kinda sad to me now I didnt know that bathesda did something like that and it's really nice

  • Lief Ericson

    Illia > Erandur > Jzhargo

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