Serana - "I Guess You'll Never Get to Find Out"

Here is Serana's "flirty" reponse, according to a developer's note in the Creation Kit. For most players, the exchange when questioning Serana about her knowledge of the Elder Scroll goes:

"Turns out you don't learn much from just sleeping with something."
"Are you saying you want to learn more about me?"
"Not at this rate, no."

Using the console commands to change her relationship rank still didn't get this to trigger. Had to dig around in the Creation Kit to get this line to work.

I was always bothered by the fact of how there's never been a clip dedicated to this on YouTube yet, so here's one from my own game.
  • Commander Rolex

    how do you get this dialogue?

  • Keitho

    For anyone wondering how to get this dialogue option, you need to basically be super nice to serana from the moment you meet her. When you speak to her you get a bunch of different dialogue options...Pick the dialogue option which you think is the nicest by matter of deduction.

  • Jayce Moore

    Ha, that was actually funny as shit.

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