Skyrim Mod: Holds - The City Overhaul

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Our cities may look different to yours and that's because of the Noble Skyrim retexture:

The fantastic Musical Lore by Nir Shor -
CC BY 3.0 -
  • Lomas Longstrider

    The mod looks great, problem is, it is incompatible with 1000 other mods or some of them you have to download a million patches. I am still thiking if I'll give it a go.

  • Cinder Rose

    This mod looks great, but this version of it (I'm aware that it's updated since, I'm just making an observation) did Dawnstar dirty. The expanded parts of Riften, Solitude, and the re-done Falkreath look great. The unique, new locations look pretty good as well. But for whatever reason, Dawnstar's building style just doesn't seem as dynamic and visually interesting as the rest.

  • Suja Khan

    Imperials ain't got shit on Stormcloaks when it comes to dancing like a muthafucka!!

  • YaSabesQuién

    what about Markarth?

  • Zxylo 5

    Downloading. Sorry to all my mods but now I'm deactivating them(Except live another live. Fuck the vanilla start)

  • Caden Buhler

    anyone know if this mod screws with any quests?

  • Puggy the pug

    Do any of you know if this mod will ever be on Xbox1 because the author never mentions it. Also, what about Markarth.

  • B AA

    What ENB are you using here?

  • Z. Turniap

    Anyone else find "Brodual the Reviwer" easter egg in this mod (modular version) in Falkreath? I thought it was pretty cool and I hope that Brodual found it too while they were reviewing this.

  • Frederick X.

    This + Tamriel Reloaded + Verdant + SFO + Summer Skyrim = Medieval Skyrim. Interesting.

  • Ryley L

    Imagine the fps drop in this.

  • Zxylo 5

    Solitude after: "capital" of Skyrim Solitud before: The Capital of Skyrim

  • Kill3rCat

    If only we had an 'Open Cities - Holds' mod.

  • Wazuuf

    Is this compatible with populated towns cities villages?

  • Hayden Richardson

    Anybody else running this on a pentium? 🤣

  • Date Masamune

    Why watch porn if you can have THIS-

  • BoltActionGaming 17

    are these compatible with open cities

  • Miguel Francisco

    is this pc only or can you get it on xbox 1

  • Tyler Hill

    I am so getting this mod

  • Finite Wehosh

    Is it compatible with populated cities/forts/dungeons mods?

  • Christoph Fischer

    I don't like Flakreath and Dawnstar in this mod

  • Alistair Cross

    I really wish there was a special edition port for this.

  • Angus Fern

    Is it compatible with the open city's mod

  • TheGoldGrandmaster

    Does it work with open cities?

  • The Last Crusader

    This doesn't seem to work for me, doesn't show up in my load order. Any help?

  • South Burnouts

    I really want to download this mod, but most of the mods I have installed are or seem too incompatible with it. Can anyone tell me if there is a patch for RDO and Immersive Citizens with the mod?EDIT: I saw this mod first on the SSE Nexus, and I absolutely fell in love with the idea of this mod. I seen the list of mods it is compatible with and not with. I would love to see an advancement soon. Especially for the mods listed on that list.

  • Moldir Amreyeva

    How do these mods affect quests. For example, there's a dark brotherhood quest to kill a pirate captain, does the boat dissapear?

  • Vencel Bucsi

    Is this mod compatible with the pirates of skyrim mod?

  • Foul Mood Central

    Take notes Bethesda. (I know someone said it before but damn do modders make this game a better product by lightyears)

  • Godzilla52

    is holds compatible with Open Cities?

  • SnarkyRogue

    These look reeeeeally ugly. Can't see myself ever considering this. Eugh...

  • First Person Craft

    But is the mod potato computer friendly?

  • Mr.SofaKing1230

    This mod makes me fucking cream


    Congrats to the mod creator for turning Skyrim into Minecraft.Expansion without imaginative style.

  • Mason Maseda

    great mod.... BUT it crashes Jovasker

  • konstantinator 47

    What's with Matkarth, Dragon bridge and Mortal?

  • Kumbi

    This mod is utterly phenomenal. Sadly it has many compatibility issues.

  • Φίλιππος Σρν

    Wow, this mod looks amazing! But will in drop my fps a lot in SE? I'm using GTX1050Ti and i5 4460

  • Marvin Friedman

    Is it available for SE?

  • sarkasmt2


  • AmazingGaming

    Why can't someone just expand whiterun to actually make it look like a trade-city? Give it more loading screens with more walls and districts.

  • DarkSentinel18

    is it compatible with open cities?

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