Skyrim Mod: Holds - The City Overhaul

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Our cities may look different to yours and that's because of the Noble Skyrim retexture:

The fantastic Musical Lore by Nir Shor -
CC BY 3.0 -
  • Sunny-D Memelord

    Is there a SSE port for this?

  • Puggy the pug

    Do any of you know if this mod will ever be on Xbox1 because the author never mentions it. Also, what about Markarth.

  • StarGunnerNinja Gaming

    poor Morthal, no one wants to look at you and improve you Morthal, oh how sad.

  • Miguel Francisco

    is this pc only or can you get it on xbox 1

  • Andrew D


  • David Romine

    Wouldn't the Solitude docks clash with the docks from The Northern Cardinal?

  • Φίλιππος Σρν

    Wow, this mod looks amazing! But will in drop my fps a lot in SE? I'm using GTX1050Ti and i5 4460

  • Godzilla52

    is holds compatible with Open Cities?

  • Wombat

    does this mod change breezehome??

  • YaSabesQuién

    what about Markarth?

  • Grand Exalt Owain

    7/10: Needs to lower the retardation in the defence (particularly with Solitude's tall ridge-things that are above the gates, thought that was always a problem). Also, I want a version with the full Winterhold rebuilt.

  • Michael Flores

    Any idea if this will be coming to consol

  • Jason Woodward

    does anybody know if this conflicts with helgan reborn or fronter fortress: TES Arena

  • sarkasmt2


  • Jericho Swain

    I have questions for fellow skyrim players: does this mod cause big frames drop? And does it bug out some quests (ex: civil war quest)

  • KraineK xDDD karambitch

    the roofs look like shit mostly because of the snow being perfectly fallen on top of the roof and that makes it look like its just white space and no texture at all so if that gets fixed i might get it

  • Pedro Oscar

    Everything looks fantastic but the watered down quality makes it look like the legend of Zelda trying to blend with more realistic shading styles of Skyrim.

  • Zxylo 5

    Solitude after: "capital" of Skyrim Solitud before: The Capital of Skyrim

  • Pedro Oscar

    I know Whiterun is in the plains with the possibility of it being home to wild horses (hence the sigil) but its beauty lacks trees. i get the whole "wood for houses" thing but a few trees would work well

  • Rob Graham

    Looks Fantastic. but I chose not to install it because currently its still plagued by numerous bugs. I hope the author fixes it soon, because i would love to have it in my game

  • B AA

    What ENB are you using here?

  • Lomas Longstrider

    The mod looks great, problem is, it is incompatible with 1000 other mods or some of them you have to download a million patches. I am still thiking if I'll give it a go.

  • jacob brakespeare

    hey brodual, are there any mods that focus or help build up orc strongholds or orcs in general?


    I can't find this on my Xbox one

  • Caden Buhler

    anyone know if this mod screws with any quests?

  • buddyltd

    Colour me impressed. I like.

  • Darth Adrullan

    with the Civil war quest, if you side with Stormcloaks, aren't the A.I's pathways for the ending messed up with the new walls and pathways? i would think same for Imperials?


    Congrats to the mod creator for turning Skyrim into Minecraft.Expansion without imaginative style.

  • Mada Alexander

    is it compatible with open cities

  • Endermaximum

    I really wouldnt get the dawnstar one. I always considered dawnstar the province that was really trying but wasn't that powerful.

  • SouthBurnouts

    I really want to download this mod, but most of the mods I have installed are or seem too incompatible with it. Can anyone tell me if there is a patch for RDO and Immersive Citizens with the mod?EDIT: I saw this mod first on the SSE Nexus, and I absolutely fell in love with the idea of this mod. I seen the list of mods it is compatible with and not with. I would love to see an advancement soon. Especially for the mods listed on that list.

  • Jericho Swain

    I read in the comments that some people are scared that the skyrim community will die out. Don't worry guys, I can assure that the community will always be as active until the next TES game. Just like the Fallout 3/ New Vegas community transitionned to Fallout 4.

  • Foul Mood Central

    Take notes Bethesda. (I know someone said it before but damn do modders make this game a better product by lightyears)

  • Leo Torres

    does this make the game more demanding?

  • Frederick X.

    This + Tamriel Reloaded + Verdant + SFO + Summer Skyrim = Medieval Skyrim. Interesting.

  • Zxylo 5

    Downloading. Sorry to all my mods but now I'm deactivating them(Except live another live. Fuck the vanilla start)

  • Alistair Cross

    I really wish there was a special edition port for this.

  • James S

    Is this mod on the bethasda mod list? Idk how to use nexus

  • David Romine

    The Solitude expansion would clash with some ship mods, no?

  • trollmaster420

    What about bugs with the civil war quest line

  • Spas Delev

    i hope if a dragon attacks it wont start bugging through the new stuff

  • Cheese Sticks

    Isn't falkreath supposed to be a giant, busy, lively center of trade with Cyrodiil?

  • Kill3rCat

    If only we had an 'Open Cities - Holds' mod.

  • Mr.SofaKing1230

    This mod makes me fucking cream

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