Skyrim Mod: Holds - The City Overhaul

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Our cities may look different to yours and that's because of the Noble Skyrim retexture:

The fantastic Musical Lore by Nir Shor -
CC BY 3.0 -
  • Rophie Monroy

    the mod is so beautiful

  • Matt F

    If only it worked with like... literally any medium intensity load order. Ahhh skyrim your CTD's always ruin my day.

  • Justin Durfee

    Is this compatible with the Open Cities mod?

  • Blake Bauman

    If all the Skyrim modders got together they would make the new Elder Scrolls better and faster than Bethesda.

  • Tyler Hill

    I am so getting this mod

  • Mc

    He didint tell us what the mod was called

  • Kumbi

    This mod is utterly phenomenal. Sadly it has many compatibility issues.

  • Jackalack313 M

    Does this affect JKs series

  • StreetDestiny

    We need this for Skyrim SE

  • The Big Yin

    Solitude reminds me of Casterly Rock and Lannisport

  • Date Masamune

    Why watch porn if you can have THIS-

  • angry pepe cancer

    How much fps does it cause?

  • TheGoldGrandmaster

    Does it work with open cities?

  • nobody important

    Eugh. Can i just get a standalone for solitude?


    Does this work with Open Cities?EDIT: And was it ported over to Skyrim SE? I hope so, because this looks dope as hell.

  • Classymaru Nara

    This is not on the xbox one is it? Someone recommended me this mod then when I clicked on this video and you 4gbs I was like... Nope...

  • PYROZEN 117

    are these compatible with open cities

  • Hayden Richardson

    Anybody else running this on a pentium? 🤣

  • Suja Khan

    Imperials ain't got shit on Stormcloaks when it comes to dancing like a muthafucka!!

  • Makk 84

    7:27 heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Angry Potato

    When I activate this mod it ctd when I try to fast travel. Any tips on fixing this issue?


    the fact that it let's you pick and choose which city replacers to use is what makes this the best city mod out there

  • EndLessDream

    This mod looks awesome. Kinda reminds me on how great the cities in Oblivion are. Though is it "safe" to play this mod at their current state? i fear that mod with this scale might cause a severe crash that might be too hard to fix later on

  • David Idiart

    As of Oct 28, 2017, is this mod compatible with Open Cities?

  • Deadly Derp

    winterhold looks like kvatch but snowy to me.

  • Moldir Amreyeva

    How do these mods affect quests. For example, there's a dark brotherhood quest to kill a pirate captain, does the boat dissapear?

  • Tigers!


  • Gentleman Grizzly

    I wonder if this mod is compatible with Immersive Citizen.

  • Ciferz KA

    what is that mods that let u ride horses in first person view anyway?

  • Cinder Rose

    This mod looks great, but this version of it (I'm aware that it's updated since, I'm just making an observation) did Dawnstar dirty. The expanded parts of Riften, Solitude, and the re-done Falkreath look great. The unique, new locations look pretty good as well. But for whatever reason, Dawnstar's building style just doesn't seem as dynamic and visually interesting as the rest.

  • Colby Fisher

    does this work with open cities because my game crashed 5 times when rounding the corner to falkreth in the same spot every time.

  • TurTur Tea

    Dawnstar and falkreath look a bit weird

  • Yamé Iraavatee

    2:10 love how their fucken food is just spilling out of their plates

  • The 7 Billionth

    Holy fucking hell , bethesda this is what you should have done..Jesus christ i am speechless

  • Ryley L

    Imagine the fps drop in this.

  • AtomicIslamic

    what was the fps camera mod your using

  • No soy gay

    Excuse me but the falkreath towers look incredibly stupid

  • Legend Of Groombear

    Where's Windhelm

  • Barokai Rein

    Shame that this is one of the buggiest mods atm and author doesn't seem to care. Also the textures are fucking horrible. If he had simply used vanilla textures we could have overwritten all of those really,really low resolution textures with any other mod.

  • konstantinator 47

    What's with Matkarth, Dragon bridge and Mortal?

  • M Mirlas

    This version of Solitude reminds me of Buckeep Town from the Farseer Trilogy.

  • Angus Fern

    Is it compatible with the open city's mod

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