Skyrim Mod: Beyond Skyrim - Bruma

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This is the fifth episode of our Top 100 Skyrim Mod Series. In this series we countdown the current Top 100 most popular mods for TES:V Skyrim - covering 5 mods per episode.

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Beyond Skyrim - Bruma

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Musical Lore - Nir Shor -
CC BY 3.0 -
  • Tyler W.

    This amazes me. I've never seen a mod of this quality with its own (pretty good) VA & soundtrack that matches an inhouse DLC. Props to these guys for the effort and creativity

  • Alek Shukhevych

    Is this also for PS4?

  • Almark

    Blinks: Bruma? it's finally done after all these years ;)

  • RDon Somov

    plz ask the creaters to agree to bethesda conditions on CC and bring this glory to consoles!

  • Liam Eady

    well, you guys can still make great videos!

  • Mithras 91

    Can someone make a video that showcases the new armor sets from this mod?

  • loyal alpha

    I love how pc people were like “it wont be on console because it can’t handle it” then it becomes available on console 😂😂

  • Chi'yo Maomaki

    Only for Special Edition huh? Looks like I'm giving this one a miss. I dont really want to be without skse. And since SKSE64 isn't ever coming out I'm not jumping to SSE

  • Limitless Beast

    Dope, I am so happy this is a thing!! (:

  • Brandon Maclean

    The Mages Guild actually broke up after the oblivion crisis not the great war

  • wastelander9092

    Thankyou king vegeta

  • SMBComix

    Can we get a source on the claim that Beyond Skyrim's full release will be for SE only?

  • Stegosaurus Checkmix

    The only way all of it can make it to console is creation club

  • Gauntlets 28

    Only special edition? :(

  • CecilDaBomb1117

    When will it be complete?

  • ChessArmyCommander

    I just started playing and I'm impressed! Its all good so far!

  • chris walls

    Beyond Skyrim will never be finished. A few more places might, but the project won't get finished.

  • Loth

    "better than any mod before". This got me thinking, did you ever make a review about enderal?

  • ItsLiss

    Man the oblivion soundtrack

  • Fotis Vasilopoulos

    @brodual Beyond Skyrim will be exclusively for SSE? ΟΗ ΝΟ :(

  • geramul

    The more videos I watch from Brodual's channel, the more I look at vanilla Skyrim as being horribly hollow. If only they hadn't decided to be idiots, and rush the game to make a stupidly arbitrary release date, 11-11-11. It just stings even more when you look at this creation club bullshit. Bethesda just can't handle that mod creators are making money through donations, because the mod creators deliver quality products that breathe life into an otherwise lifeless game.

  • bobthespacething

    Were can you get the mod

  • Dylan Stacey

    Is there a DB sanctuary or anything? Cuz the buildings have Shadowmarks, suggesting a Thrives guild presence

  • stonie Cad

    I just finished this it was great. Great characters and storylines. Before playing I heard from online and people I know that its better to do very late in the game but I had a lot of fun going there at level 10 on a new character with about 200 gold and whatever armor and weapon I found aling the way. Oh yea the voice acting was perfect.

  • Gabriel Leonardo

    Have you learned nothing from the last time you tried crossing the border?

  • cyb3r tooth

    I'm just here looking for them "Beyond Skyrim will probably never come out, it's too ambitious" negative people.

  • Endless Void

    Time to slaughter even more imperial scum

  • Žan Ujčič

    How are the borders? Are there invisible walls blocking off the rest of Cyrodiil?

  • Tximino M

    I've just started playing with this mod and I must say, I'm sad the rest isn't coming for regular Skyrim (I haven't jumped to SE just yet for many reasons -mainly I've spend way too many hours in the original game to start all over again) but I can understand why. It's sad how much better the city of Bruma is when compared to any of Skyrim's cities, I've got kind of lost in my first visit, which is something I can't say of any of Skyrim's main holds, and if they've done this with such a small city, I can't wait to see what they're going to do with the capital.

  • Rodian

    I tried to go through the border and when I did it took so long to load. and i never got in after 30 mins lmao

  • Eyeball Paul

    The "fact" that this is bigger than the dragonborn dlc is a blatant lie that should be removed from the mod page.

  • Soviet Wanderer

    Bethesda should declare this mod cannon. Why not? It's probably better than most of their work.

  • Just Me Again

    Guard: sees two male travelers hang outGuard: Hey should go Bruma, to enhance your BRU-MANCE😂get it????? no? well okay

  • Malkavian American

    Well, guess I'm excited.

  • noah Radtke

    Which mod did you use that the face of the Legate and its skin looks so realistic?

  • Alan Mistrzowski

    What a stupid fucking mod... It actually only adds a new continent and that's it. Not one storyline nothing, just a few lowkey quests wich you have to find by talking to people. Fucking regret I downloaded and installed this bullshit.

  • CHartaTHis

    Just noticed the Guild Wars theme at the beginning

  • Freedom of Speech

    Why didn't they just divide the city of bruma into three or five different parts that have their own cells to improve fps and performance while inside the city?

  • Kottery

    When I walked into Bruma and a remastered version of one of the Oblivion town themes started playing I legit teared up a bit.Whole mod is beautiful.

  • beer -

    what graphical mod is that?

  • John Smith

    I think that some day, we'll have games so big that people could play for a year straight and still not cover everything. Thousands of hours long. That's kind of scary.

  • airanator1212

    This is why creation club was made. The developers are losing their minds that some random people are releasing expansion quality mods completely free when they could've sold the same shit for like $20, except the quality would be way less considering a fans version will always be better because the drive to create something of your own to have it exactly as you imagine it will always be better than something completely driven by the greed for more money

  • Kia Yuki

    Why oh why, How much i was looking forward to this. And now my hopes to play it are dashed with the fact that Its only for the Special Edition.

  • wastelander9092

    @brodual will this come to the xbox or ps4 version?

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