(Skyrim)What happens if you give Harkon Auriel's bow!

This is what will happen if you had over the bow at the end of the Dawnguard DLC.

Nock to Tip Master Edition An Archery Overhaul by Foster

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  • Sammie Jones

    Why did you circle his nipples? 😂

  • DeOnte Farland

    I used the restoration potions and alchemy table to make a high level percentage fortify smithing potion. Had my auriel bow smithed at 526 power and when I got to Harken I had the bow aimed at his chest when he was doing his dialogue then as soon as he attacked my arrow went off by itself and I killed him with one shot instantly ending the battle. I used no mods and have high level equipment and one hitter quitter weapons. Killed alduin with one slash too.

  • 赵文扬

    Actually an interesting video but please stop repeating yourself like 5 times. But well done for the video. Thanks!!

  • Terra BenLuk

    Am I the only one who thinks that Harkons nose looks like a... You know

  • Meowing Mouse

    THIS VIDEO WAS POINTLESS!!!! You can just say he does the exact same freaking thing. This is useless

  • Nakilyn Burns

    I hsve vampire lord but i dont use it at all

  • Acolyte

    Takes 9 minutes and 22 seconds to say "Nothing happens if you give him the bow", but you didn't even say it. You just said "I'm using bad arrows" for about 6 of the minutes, and "Check out these mods" for the next 3.

  • Cameron Cornish

    The comment section is the best thing about this video

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