(Skyrim)What happens if you give Harkon Auriel's bow!

This is what will happen if you had over the bow at the end of the Dawnguard DLC.

Nock to Tip Master Edition An Archery Overhaul by Foster

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  • Saboteur726

    Fuck, you're annoying 😔

  • FurryEskimo

    TLDR: He attack’s you. So, it’s basically exactly the same.

  • Shawn Cassidy

    "As you can see i'm one shotin skeletons"Damnhe's truly a beast

  • emmuh yuh

    are we gonna ignore he was rubbing his belly button and nipple in the video 💀

  • rudy aaron filipinas 2nd channel

    You sound like isran but in a less high pitch

  • lukabro cop

    Do you play on xbox or pc

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