What is the Strongest Weapon you can Create in Skyrim?

In our latest Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim video we explain the process for making the strongest weapon that you can create.

You will need the Dragonborn DLC, a stahlrim weapon of your choice, 100 smithing, 100 enchanting, and some other perks from skills like destruction. Prepare yourself to have some fun slaughtering with your new super sword!

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  • Quaker Steaks

    dear gosh that ad you got on this video of that pretzel twist from sonic looks heavenly. i need one now. <3 <3 <3

  • Kyle Parks

    Can you make a video to make the strongest bow?

  • Jesse Pfeifer

    weak u can get swords up to 3000dmg

  • Jerami Brasher

    Wouldn't it be more powerful if it was a two handed weapon?

  • Sir Mirko of the filth

    evry weapon is the strongest with the alchemy glitch even wooden swords could onehit evry enemy in the game

  • Swmh

    Ever 1 shot a dragon on legendary difficulty? I know i have

  • TheLezinator

    I might give this a try, I remember in Oblivion I made a sword with 100 Des for 10 seconds. 1 hit kills on everything lol

  • Jan Mischa

    I played this game when it came out fresh.I maxed out heavy armor and the lightning magic for the kamehameha with 100%cd and mana cost reduction enchanted on the strongest heavy armor you could get back then.I took absolutely 0 dmg from anything and I could endlessly cast an electric kamehameha that did insane dmg and also permanently paralyzed all enemys and bosses.I think I haven´t seen any game where you could get brokenly op so easily with almost no effort. From that point on the game was completely boring and unchallenging and I never touched it again

  • Rarty !

    my dragon sword has 366 damage

  • Colin Bissell

    At 1:29 to 1:35 is you saying enchanted so much I can’t even comprehend

  • Richard Peterson

    and yeah, anything above 300 damage or so needs an exploit like fudge said. I don't see what the big deal about with or without exploit is, it's not like these loop holes are anything new, and they don't crash the game, and in my opinion, some, like potion loop actually take quite a bit of work and time to pull off correctly. so it's not as much of an exploit as it is an advanced strategy. your simply using the tools your given to it's fullest capacity. if that's cheating to you then stop playing games.

  • Onandonandomnom

    For mages wanting to achieve a similar amount of damage, you'll need the elemental blast spell from creation club's arcane accessories. Next, you'll obviously need 2/2 points in augmented flames and shock and also a point in the illusion tree's aspect of terror perk. Next, you'll need to become a vampire and get the necromage perk then wear Azhidal's mask. The reason I chose the extra fire damage over the shock damage that was available is because not only does the fire damage have more base damage to be increased because of aspect of terror, and the fire damage will do damage over time adding up to more damage anyway. So, with all this, the damage should add up to 202.5 shock damage, and 371.825 fire damage. You can further increase this through alchemy, but I don't count alchemy as you could make anything strong as hell using alchemy

  • M3t4lgr33rs0l16

    I have legitly made a deadric bow with fortified smithing gear up to 1200 damage. Took about a month to get all the materials needed for potions and soul gems for it but it's do able vanilla game.

  • CumSă

    Just get a dragonbone weapon enchant it and smite it and tah da you are OP

  • pixelPlaythrough22

    also i would say leaning chaos damage from champions cudgel is better for this list.

  • J Bongo

    Ladies and gentleman! I present to you....SHEOGORATH'S TOOTHPICK!!

  • FudgeMuppet

    There are fantastic additions to the process in comments! We are aware of alchemy/smithing potions and black book effects etc to push it all even further, but we just wanted to make the main points; Stahlrim with chaos/frost damage, increasing the enchantment damage dramatically, and Destruction perks affecting enchantments damage. Leaving you with a very powerful sword.Thanks again guys for watching and working together in the comments, it's really appreciated!Regards,Michael, Scott and Drew

  • XxFresh SkyrimXx

    Drinking game : take a shot everytime he says "damage"

  • Robert H. Goddard

    i got a 621 damage battleaxe once.and nooooooo i did not use any exploits like the Restoration potion, i simply used all proper ingame mechanics.i could have gotten it higher but i was pretty young at the time and pretty proud of myself.

  • Slayer Runefrost

    Idk, my Fire/ice daedric long sword was taking down legendary Dragons with 1-3 hits (depending on critical hits) and one shotted the ebony warrior.

  • Fury

    and add another 100% damage to the d**k at 4:00

  • Matthew Clifton

    To beast your character even more, stick absorb health on there instead of frost and you don't fecking die...I killed Alduin with a knife and fork, whilst only wearing fine clothes...if you also are a vampire and have necromage, it boosts the enchantments even further.https://youtu.be/lPyUO_CEvNs

  • Spencer Rawlins

    You forgot to get Notch's pickaxe. It's the only weapon that ups smithing. Not too much of damage buff with all the boosts already there, but every bit helps.

  • Justin Flores

    Dont want to be that guy, but you definitly could have smith your sword better, and the enchantments could have been improved a bit more,via the smithing potion and smithing enchanted armor while sharpening, you had your enchantment gear on. Its a good sword i geuss but theres far more you could have done, but good work nun the less

  • Mr Heru_san

    well my trick is maximize smithing and enchanting level, using enchanter elixir & fortify smithing gears incl gloves, necklce, tunic, ring at 30% ... damn that thing is beast especially for dragonbone weapons 😁

  • Richard Peterson

    by the way, fudge does work hard on bringing us the best possible content, so be an all star, lend him a sub and a thumbs up if you find such guides and tutorials helpful. it will help keep him in business to keep helping us.

  • Richard Peterson

    I appreciate the fact this is mostly geared to those that don't know lol. so I can't in fairness say that this is old news. personally I prefer the bow, and zepher bow makes one of the best in terms of dps. provided you got the appropriate perk in archery, this bow can give up to a 60% fiteing speed bonus. 30% without the perk. still making it one of the fastest bows in the game. and this isn't including the slow time shout. or the multitude of ways to use that shout to insane effects. but there is a stalrim bow that makes good use of this video. just in case it is a new subject. I also recommend the special stalrim armor. pretty beast set. makes the entire thing all come together nice. and if your a sword guy, that armor can be very useful.

  • BeastmodeV28

    Pause 3:38 4 fingers and WTF is that thumb? XD

  • JadedFriend1000 // Landen1456

    The strongest weapon is the strongest weapon

  • pixelPlaythrough22

    not counting alchemy loops

  • Curious Wind

    Y'all need windshear m8

  • Ja Wh

    And here I was thinking my +10 ice damage on a superior ebony mace was good

  • Erick Pantoja

    Fork is best 1 hitter

  • Mark Ogdon

    Will it be boosted further with the maskes you get from solsthime and the prison break glitch? I wish we could put the black bow of fate's enchantment on it too!

  • Mc Light

    i just had skyrim oringnal pc now i just got lengdary i used to watch you when i played skyrim on ps3 then i stopped watching you cause i dind tplay skyrim now!! IM GONNA WATCH U ALL DAYY EVERRY DAy

  • Yawnos Mannonen

    if you want to properly increase the effects of this, you need to make yourself into a vampire and get the necromage perk under restoration first before you get the perk in the destruction tree as this will amply the effects of all of those perks by 25% it will also do this to all the magic item you equip, and as such your enchanting will be more powerful and so will the weapon once you equip it.

  • David Anderson

    It took forever but i have made this weapon and it is amazing, it kill legendary dragons easily,bi would recommend that you start off as a mage, then switch to a warrior....its op

  • Harrowed One

    I’ve always preferred fire soul trap and flames on a Daedric Warhammer because of the preliminary bonus damage because the targets on fire from fire soul trap, then the flames to bonus damage because they’re already on fire. Then I go all out two handed, heavy armour and magic resistance buffs on my armour, plus the lord stone to further negate pesky mages... we’re looking at over 250 base damage without factoring in weapon enchantments here.Of course I always name my hammer Letztes Licht, or Last Light. Best part is it doesn’t require DLC!

  • Parashjin

    As far as i know, Vampire with necromage makes even better enchantments

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