What is the Strongest Weapon you can Create in Skyrim?

In our latest Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim video we explain the process for making the strongest weapon that you can create.

You will need the Dragonborn DLC, a stahlrim weapon of your choice, 100 smithing, 100 enchanting, and some other perks from skills like destruction. Prepare yourself to have some fun slaughtering with your new super sword!

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Michael: oldberrychew


  • Uncle Sasuke

    Pop a fortify smithing elixir and it's even better :)

  • mia Nelson

    There is only one true question, how many hits to kill the strongest enemy?

  • DarkestKnight75

    The strongest weapon is definitely your bow. SNEAKY ARCHERS ARE THE GOAT

  • Chibi Mant

    Everybody is talking about the restoration loop, but I'm just wondering why a sword? A mace could ignore 75% of armor. (Plus wasn't it this channel that said don't get the sword critical perks because they're terrible?)

  • Alex Cassel

    Take a shot every time he says Augmented.

  • Yan D'nat

    Depends on how much you cheat! ;)

  • fritt wastaken

    You missed alchemy for a better enchanters elixir

  • Peli Mies

    This video was 25% more confusing than I thought..

  • takari matthewa

    image duel wealding this with berserk on to omg one hit everyone

  • FudgeMuppet

    There are fantastic additions to the process in comments! We are aware of alchemy/smithing potions and black book effects etc to push it all even further, but we just wanted to make the main points; Stahlrim with chaos/frost damage, increasing the enchantment damage dramatically, and Destruction perks affecting enchantments damage. Leaving you with a very powerful sword.Thanks again guys for watching and working together in the comments, it's really appreciated!Regards,Michael, Scott and Drew

  • Jan Holeček

    I made unenchanted Blades sword (that katana) with 400 dmg. I used smithing potion and smithing armor. Enchanted weapons are useless, cause you have to recharge them.

  • yoyoyo yoyoyo

    Idk if he realizes that you can improve armor by like 999999% better enchanting. Then you van equip it to craft weapons 999999% better. So you can have a sword that does like a million damage a hit.

  • Hexed Hero

    You can make a basic iron dagger do billions of damage, you just have to have a lot of alchemy materials and a lot of sets of basic armors to enchant, just make a potion to boost your enchanting and enchant a set of armor that boosts your alchemy and go back and forth like that until your potion is hella strong and increases by over 1000000% and then enchant a armor set to boost enchantment, and then one for smithing. And then you can create your way to overpowered weapons and armor with those 2 sets of enchanted armor, legit

  • Killer Toast

    I had enchantment s on my armor and necklace and ring that makes one handed weapons do more dammage. I can now one shot dragons with a heavy attack.

  • Brendan Jeffrey

    I thought a black soul gem would be better?

  • Andrew Wizard15

    A stalhrim warhammer...

  • That one american

    Alright just pull up console commands and....

  • doneldark 7 doneldark 7

    My bow is better then that

  • king of the werewolf's

    I thought that this would be in Skyrim not in a DLC

  • Vergil Sparda

    Yeah ok it is powerful,But IS THIS THE WEAPON THAT CAN SURPASS METAL GEAR ?!

  • err0r0b0

    No exploits? If they haven't been patched after all these years, they aren't exploits, they're secrets.

  • John Scarborough

    Add to that 5 points in the one handed damage perk, enchantments on a ring, necklace, gauntlets and boots to increase one handed weapon damage and then you'll be extremely powerful

  • Nickallsopp92

    Please, with the use of max enchantmant, smithing, and one hand handed skills, i created an armor set from the blades armor that augmented my one handed skill by 20% with the gauntlets, a cuirass, a shield, a ring, and a necklace. I also created a clothing set that increased my enchanting so I can extend the enchantment of another clothing that maximized my smithing, with the use of this clothing set I was able legendary all my armor and my blades sword, with an armor rating of 187 for the cuirass, 50 for the helmet, gauntlets, and boots, 67 for the shield, and a max damage for the sword at 187 combined with 30 damage of fire and 20 damage of drain health. Combined with the enchantment augmentation of my armor the damage increased to 237 + 50 elemental. And that's just the blades armor, the effect magnifies when you use it this process on ebony, deadric, or dragon armor and weapons. Dragon armor and weapons are obviously the strongest, just using the longsword as an example I was able to bring up the damage to over 350 + 50 elemental. All of this was done without mods or cheats, This was done with nothing but in-game assessets.

  • Maxx_EZ

    wearing dukaan will boost frost damage by another 25% and seeker of sorcery will boost enchantments by 10% makeing it more powerful and reduce the cost of all spells by 10% so the charge will last longer

  • CasualMCZ TMC

    Skyrim doing a Million+ views in 2017, tells you everything. I need a witch to erase my memory so I can enjoy this game all over again.

  • Joe iMEiST

    What about the paralyzed enchantment?

  • capricorn1971ad

    you got this all wrong..you don't want to use the potions you suggested to enchant, instead you use those to create gear for alchemy and smithing.with 100 in smithing and all perks along with smithing gear and fortify smithing potions created by you.. with 100 in alchemy and alchemy gear (mine are around 134% stronger, compared to the max of 50% on bought potions)my dragon bone bow does over 200 damage with no enchantment, zephyr does over 200 damage..there are better ways, your ideas can be improved upon greatly, all with no exploits.

  • The Deamon

    The strongest weapon in Skyrim is, Meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! I don't need to improve my "smiffing abiwaty."

  • veranya2074

    Holy Nine😨😨😨 only one strike then all Breton gone ???

  • Brett Bivins

    Can you do this with a bow

  • Joshua Littleton

    why dont you do a video on the crystal bow. it is in vanilla skyrim and is accessible when using TCL command. i found it on Xbox One and i only had the "cheat spell" mod installed so it wasnt a mod weapon. as far as i can see know one knows anything about it.

  • NaveauliA

    u change player name to the STRONGEST WEAPON ? hahahaha

  • Mcreeper 1

    if you use fortify alchemy potions and fortify restoration potions to create smithing and enchanting potions of ridiculous quality, you can litterally do the maximum amount of damage possible in skyrim.

  • MashedPotatoes

    Mehrunes' Razor is the strongest weapon in my opinion. Couple of hit's on a strong enemy and boom dead. What kinda dead you ask? Instand dead.

  • Snow_OP

    God tier weapon < Invisible+Muffle spell

  • dovahkiin_brasil

    It is mehrune razor , It s a hit kill sniper

  • Gurglefleur

    Well I somehow made the champions cudgel do 38 thousand damage

  • Kall-su Sae

    Not bad for the second most damaging legit wep, but not the best. Use absorb health instead of frost enchant. Game puts absorb health below chaos, which means it benefits from all the boosts that effect the chaos enchant! Looked like chaos was doing 158 each element (my eyes arnt so good)And frost was 218. Youd instead hav chaos at 158 each elenent, and absorb health at 468. And added healing

  • Connor Iquada

    That’s just straight fucked

  • PS1 Hagrid

    I remember building a daedric war hammer back on the Xbox 360 that was like 34000 damage by stacking potions on every step of the build.

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