What is the Strongest Weapon you can Create in Skyrim?

In our latest Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim video we explain the process for making the strongest weapon that you can create.

You will need the Dragonborn DLC, a stahlrim weapon of your choice, 100 smithing, 100 enchanting, and some other perks from skills like destruction. Prepare yourself to have some fun slaughtering with your new super sword!

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  • Joseph Sarnowski

    I have on a legit charactor a 727 damage bow with 100 in alchmey, enchanting, ans smithins with all the best possible gear

  • Joseph Staven

    Fortify restoration potions still beats that all xD

  • Brett Learmonth

    LMAO you missed something fella for the stronger smithing 2daggers with knotched enchantment. and play with alchemy to slowly creep up the effects on enchanting and smithing potions higher then what you by or find

  • Alex Birchwood

    I kinda hate how you can make better gear than weapons made by gods and shit, like "ohh I just got me auriel's bow... my daedric bow is way better"

  • jaktheripper42

    you can make another god weapon or chose anothe 1H weapon then use the Dual savagry perk which gives a 50% DMG boost too the weapons being dual wielded

  • Samrux

    This doesn't even explain the process properly, and ignores most of the techniques needed for the actual highest possible damaging sword in the game, which this video promises.It's stupid. It's all stupid.

  • Kevin Vance

    is there a certain order to do these enchantments in because where x is damage and y /=z (X + y%) + z% /= (X + z%) + y%

  • Liquify

    Just get windshear it is the best ever nothing will beat it

  • This isnt Retro

    Dragonebone battle axe with 3 sec paralyze, kills practically anything + umbra with azuras star for recharge

  • Oliver Mounsey

    Also add paralysis to make it even stronger. It's not cheap I swear XD

  • WolfWarrior

    Or do the restoration glitch, and then get the pugilists gloves and make your gauntlets of choice and suplex everyone

  • NightOdin

    i dont use any smithing or enchant, it make the game too easy and least fun.

  • Ashley Orchard

    Meh I'd rather use alchemy and have a sword with over a billion damage lol

  • Comphi

    What about a one handed enchant on your gauntlets?

  • FudgeMuppet

    There are fantastic additions to the process in comments! We are aware of alchemy/smithing potions and black book effects etc to push it all even further, but we just wanted to make the main points; Stahlrim with chaos/frost damage, increasing the enchantment damage dramatically, and Destruction perks affecting enchantments damage. Leaving you with a very powerful sword.Thanks again guys for watching and working together in the comments, it's really appreciated!Regards,Michael, Scott and Drew

  • David Rincke

    Use in Addition the Blackbook effects One of the dragon masks (i like dukaan) fortify alchemy Gear and options to Make strong fortify enchanting potions etc. Can deal more Thank 1k dmg.

  • ethan allan

    You could also be a vampire with necromage

  • ezyryder55

    I wield a two handed Nord Hero Greatsword, you know, the one you can craft at the Skyforge. No enchantment on weapon, just armor, for two handed damage. This sword is the lightest two handed weapon in the game and has equal base damage to elven great sword. When coupled with elemental fury, the sword is OP for sure. When I put on my gear and ring and necklace, the damage goes up to 733. (Nord--lvl 100--Dragonscale helm and boots, hide bracers, fur armor. His name is Conan the Barbarian.)

  • proxy90909

    You can also apply it on a dagger because most of the damage comes from the enchantment a dagger which raises your attack speed will allow you to output more chaos

  • butter my buns

    if you want to make the real strongest weapon go to ESO channel, he made a video explaining how to get a weapon up to 10 million damage, its a little tricky but possible

  • Drew Bolton


  • DOITthe RookieWay

    Instead of wasting time on doing glitches or add up all % for enhancing a weapon, I'd rather download a mod and modify its weapon state, its skyrim and its already 2017

  • Rosen Kostov

    tl; dr - Play a battlemage properly (smithing, enchanting, destruction, one-hand) and use that head on your shoulders. You'll eventually reach exactly what the video describes - a stahlrim weapon with frost + chaos enchant + destruction perks. That's it.On a side note, I'd like to mention a build of my own. A dark elf dragon knight, inspired by ESO. Basically, pick dark elf (fire resistance + flame cloak racial), play him as warrior, but also get enchanting + destruction perks. From that point you can customize the way you want. I got conjuration for perma flame atronach, for example.

  • 2.718281828459045235360287471352662497

    Dumb question perhaps, but can this also work on bows? Believe it or not but I'm actually new to Skyrim (PC)! :)

  • Lukas

    Just use the Rasenshuriken of the Naruto Overhaul Mod xD

  • Agung PYM LINK

    Smithing,1 handed,alchemy perk lv 100,weapon dmg is really strong (no cheat of course ) miss skyrim

  • apocaliptix penguin

    My calculations state that you have a 12.5% chance for either all of the chaos damages to proc or none or them to proc, those odds are pretty good

  • Chris Churchill

    My god the combat in this game is fucking shit. *Slash with sword*Slash with sword*Slash with sword*Slash with sword*Slash with sword*Slash with sword*Slash with sword*Slash with sword*Slash with sword*Slash with sword*Slash with sword*Slash with sword*Slash with sword*Slash with sword*Slash with sword*Slash with sword*Slash with sword*Slash with swordFucking mind numbing........

  • Leto85

    And if you use Dragon Aspect (25% increases power attack damage) while wearing Cicero's Clothes (20% one-handed damage) and you are an orc who uses Berserker Rage (double the damage of both Cicero's Clothes and Dragon Aspect) that God weapon will do even more damage.

  • Anonymous person

    I wish deadric did that with fire, BECAUSE THEY ARE NORMALLY FORGED BY FUCKING DEMONS

  • Marchetti14

    Best weapon in game... my dragon sword does 1200 base damage

  • Mr Sister Fister

    The restoration glitch says hi fuckers

  • Exo Ghost

    The first thing I see is someone getting beheaded.... lol

  • Only Brad

    you can literally make an iron dagger one shot everything on the map

  • Mist Prowen

    To summarize the comments on how this could be taken further, here's a list of what could be potentially done to create an even more powerful weapon (without using exploits like the enchanting/alchemy loops):- Use fortify alchemy with maximum alchemy to create even stronger potions of fortify smithing/enchanting.- Use the perks in the alchemy tree that will further enhance this process.- Equip the notched Pickaxe while making/improving the weapon, as this will further increase the fortify smithing enchant.- Take all damage increasing destruction perks and enchants.- Use the black book perks related to powering up enchanting/smithing.- Vampire Perks such as Aspect of Fear.- While creating potions that buff enchanting/smithing, use enchanted armor that buffs alchemy.- Illusion tree fear perks will also help.- Finally, using sneak skill damage multipliers, the damage can be potentially multiplied via sneak attacks/back-stabs.

  • Curious Wind

    the enchantment is not bad but nothing beats Windshears bugged enchantment

  • David Boyle

    Just curious, isn't this kinda ruined by the fact that Nords have a natural 50% resistance to frost and most of the human enemies you encounter are Nords, also it doesn't do much against Ice wraiths, Ice trolls, Ice atronachs and Draugr.

  • Dan Bodine

    would rather stick with my 1 million damage iron dagger.

  • Yuri Ingram

    The question is who is worth killing at this stage?

  • Good Ol' Rub

    or you could just use the good ol fortify restoration trick and make a weapon that paralyzes whatever it strikes for eternity.

  • Breez Baconass

    Or just get windshear

  • Joseph Sarnowski

    100 in alchmy and 5 in alchemist will help your enchant strength and overall weapon damage if you make potions

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