Skyrim Mods Watch: Fat People in Skyrim

Finally sweetrolls have consequences. This mods add many fat NPCs in Skyrim. Let's see who they are.
Fat Bastards in Skyrim by Foster


In the soundtrack: Pop Goes the Weasel, Carefree by Kevin MacLeod (
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Tanner Treehouse
  • Heinz Kurt

    I was sent here by Google when I was searching for "fat people skyrim" because I just realized this annoying fact. They should learn from it and add it to their following games. No fat people is like no realism.... More fat people should be: all Jarl, some people around bars, some people in Skyrim randomly. Also a few Jarls children would be funny.

  • BadgeurM0B

    its true tho outside of the fighters or even hunters most merchants would be fat, I would say most bandits unless they were successful would be kind of skinny

  • bobsobol

    The librarian, in Winterhold should be a fat bastard. He always seems to be sitting at his desk reading a book, and eating bread. XDHowever, I think there should not be only fat men, but a few of the women could do with being more plump. There is a mod called EBD or "Every Body is Different" which can, I think, achieve this, given the right models. Unfortunately, it doesn't allocate appropriate body types to different NPCs. You could do it from the models / meshes you have from other mods, but mostly, they don't allow to be part of a "pack" of mods. That's what is really needed. Since male body meshes are less common, it seems this can be done. :D

  • Brutal Bob

    Chubby races adds in some chubby female races and and chubby npcs into the game if anyone is looking for chubby females as well. But only clothing works with the females so I hope you are good at casting mage armor!

  • spawngregory

    once again , great video :) . I'll be looking forward to the results of your testing the oculus rift

  • sovietchampagne

    gonna second the request for Fat Bastards, Baby Mommas and Knocked Up... i miss those ones

  • Jan T

    Nice video as usual mate.

  • Effe Montage

    can't someone reupload this?i really miss the mod

  • Gary Baldy

    Why is this mod unavailable now?

  • Vic Ben

    IDK why's the assassin's fat?

  • Lone Ranger

    An a-ma-zing mod yet again good job keep it up your one of the best

  • Melissa Russell

    What mod are you using to be able to watch yourself sleep? Great videos, highly entertaining. 

  • Demitrium

    1:14 then I am not alone

  • drluv2099

    Brother you are hysterical!

  • supermonkeyCL

    Holy shit did I laugh like hell

  • Benjin

    Somebody needs to reupload or a remake for this. For it to be removed is a disgrace on whoever who caused/allowed this to happen.

  • Ferdinand II

    I know this video is old but, is it compatible with EEO?

  • RyllenKriel

    Are you going to let that cat test drive your Oculus Rift? That is very generous of you Shinji.

  • zoe rosser

    what is mod called at 0:46 as it looks really simple to use.

  • Isbrahim Vin Tuna

    Your videos are very well edited and resourceful :DKeep up the good work.

  • Neiumi V

    Your cat is soo cute!!! I want her/him <333

  • Squidge

    It's a shame it was removed, I was gonna be a fat mage in my next playthrough :D

  • LEGO 116

    hashinji can you showcase my mod you said you would showcase it :)

  • Angela Hernandez

    I think that young pompous Jarl in Falkreath needs the treatment, after all he's always barging about how he eats the best food, and drinks the best wine. Unfortunately, from what I gather from recent comments it would seem this mod is unavailable at the moment.

  • Liquid Mog

    * holy shit, skyrim needed fatasses badly and this mod is a godsent

  • dieserscherzkeks

    Really adds to the immersion, they do look as if they belong. It's only natural that some characters put on weight after their more active years are a chapter of the past.

  • laffi

    You have the best voice ever for comedy! Keep it going :D!

  • Keenanz

    it's nightgate inn not nightingale inn :D

  • DIO

    What's that pregnancy mod you were talking about? Nevermind, found it xD

  • ShadowRaven

    Am I the only one who noticed he called The Emperor "Teetus The Second"?

  • Tanzen The Munchkin

    You have quickly become one of my favorite mod reviewers. Love the italian accent!

  • Saeed Adel

    The player after to many food should team up with gopher for a fitness mod

  • The_MrmcFluffy

    What's the character maker thing called I would like a comment. Thank you!

  • NightSky9

    whenever someone says sweetrolls i always hear sweet trolls XD what would those even look like

  • lfostelr

    @ArthurWhile I love the idea of a pot bellied dragon, I've already been accused of having a big belly fetish issue, so I guess I better pass on this idea.

  • The_MrmcFluffy

    The character customization sliders

  • Holy Cheese

    Love your channel man

  • Dead Purple

    when I get a new computer, I plan on getting this mod. Yoslada I thought would look with good a little meat on her.

  • umwha

    i jus discovered you and you are already my favourite skyrim mod reviewerrrr

  • Rodrigo Basoalto C.

    what enb are you using?

  • nutluck

    Nice video and I this is the kind of mod I would use personally.A note though, you might want to make sure the music from Game of Thrones is not copyrighted. If it is you will likely get a claim on this video.

  • ACoolStupidDog

    No fat Nazeem is bummer. I can only picture this bastard like that, hahaha.

  • Brubarov

    I never get tired of your reviews. Keep up the nice work, please, and do not change your style if you become "popular"!Grazie amici :)Btw, some GoT parts were filmed in Skyrim. I guess it's cheaper to film there.

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