DawnGuard Castle Door Bug FIX

Skyrim DawnGuard Serana castle door bug FIX.
  • Maximilian Birkhimer

    this vid is 3 years old and people still can't beat the game on console

  • Blaiech Rabi

    Harkon is still bugged

  • Autumn Gilley

    So I'm having issues with the gatekeeper not wanting to show up. I just got back from filling up the chalice and he's not here so the GATE wont open for me and I'm getting very frustrated because it seems like no one has gotten this glitch before.

  • saint hes

    thank you! worked for me

  • HeroSpiderman

    helped alot. too bad i didnt get to experience it to its fullest. but really appreciate the effort

  • Samuel L. Jackson _

    What if it's on PS4?

  • Trash Content

    I can't even get through the main gate, the dumbfuck watchmen just says that I am not welcome even though I have serana with me (can anyone help me) (I'm on Xbox one)

  • sascha b

    i have the problem that after i become a vampire lord and walk in the hall everyone attacks me help :o

  • ed champagne


  • 1

    I saw this on a forum, follow this and you don't have to skip over the quest:1. While at the gate guard, type "getstage dlc1vq02" to verify that you are in stage "6.0"2. Then, type "setstage dlc1vq02 8" and close the console.3. Serana should head toward the door and try to open it (and fail)4. Open the console and select Serana. Make sure you select her and not some of the background!5. Type "coc dlc1vampirecastleguildhall" to teleport into the castle.6. With Serana still selected (teleporting doesn't deselect her), type "moveto player" to move her into the castle.7. Serana should immediately start moving through the room. If she does, check "getstage dlc1vq02" - the stage should now be "10.0" if everything worked right.Then you can go into console, click on the portcullis from the inside, then type 'disable' and it will delete, so you can get through easier.

  • BK 7830

    What do I do if I'm on ps4 am I able to restart the dlc quest line or am I stuck with this dumb cunt

  • Not my name

    Plate and Gate... (easy solution for consoles)Just go into first person while holding a plate or platter and whirlwind sprint in first person while holding the plate in front of you at the gate at eye level; it works to get in but as far as I know; You will have to do this every time to get in.

  • Robert Chierichella

    So Im fucking pissed as a ps4 player I love skyrim and dawnguard is my favorite content and now i can't fucking play it cause of this goddamn bug that they were supposedly working on three years ago


    thanks thos glitch was pissing me off awsome tutorial

  • OsamaBinLooney

    im on ps3 and i went to castle volkihar early and used the wooden plate glitch to get inside the castle and loot all the treasurethen when i went to do dawnguard for real the gate guard wont unlock the gate to let me inno console commands on ps3, sucks that i have to start my whole game over if i want to do dawnguard

  • Monstaah

    Good Onya Mate, Thanks Muchly..

  • doc j

    Bethesda should be ashamed. It's sad that we have to do this lol... Thanks for the video!

  • Omega Narcissus

    dude ur vid really help thx

  • Zakattack577

    this does not help console uses

  • Jeffrey Jef

    You deserve an award. Been stuck with this B forever. The trick does work for PS4.

  • Thud Gordon

    you can select Serana in console before getting into the castle and after entering, just type " moveto player " in console with serana kept selected. everything will go as usual then!

  • LumberLark

    Hey guys its been a while since i posted anything on here for skyrim, thanks again for all the feedback and what not. I can of course make more vids on skyrim, and if anyone has anything specific they need such as a bug they have encountered plz write a comment on what it is and where they found it. I will try to make more fix/glitch vids for skyrim. also im thinking of changing my current type of vids to make. do u guys want playthroughs/game footage or more fixes and glitches? And again thanks for all ur support and feedback on everything

  • Maximilian Birkhimer

    Maybe we have to come to fact there never gonna fix

  • 1

    ffs it's years after the dlc was released and they still didn't fix it.

  • MisterCeCi Bon

    How do you fix this bug for Xbox 360? Please help!!

  • Jade River

    I tried , tried everything i can , I cannot get past those frickin doors, I do getstage it says 06 which is right then do setstage to 8 , serana walks up n goes thru the doors,the gates then become locked and thats when the gate guards tells me " they're locked for a reason" ohhh gee , no, ?I tried that vampire castle guild hall one , didnt work I just keep crashing , and its only recently I have been thru this line countless time with this issue , so it must mod related , I just dont know which, Im even thinking of installing elianora's vamp home mod which has a connecting door and take seran thru that way just to see what happens http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/52057/?On pc

  • Aash Oto

    im on PS4 and cant do shit about it T~T

  • Jessica Murry

    I'm playing on PS3 dose anyone know how to get throw the door?

  • dan reid

    I have never played a game with more glitches then skyrim.. I just spent two hours fixing a thief guild quest... now the gate guard won't open the gate for the dawguard quest... Bethesda makes nice games but they freeze all the time and are infested with glitches.

  • LKLycanFenrir

    consegui resolver o problema usando esse método q vc usou, Obrigado :D

  • ed champagne


  • Camden Sorter

    im playing on xbox and the gatekeeper will not open the gate all together? any ideas on how to fix?

  • Sarah Reddick

    I'm doing this on ps3 and I can get to the wooden door but when I open the door the whole system freezes. Any ideas on how to fix it?

  • Reon Tomasu

    Lol, just drop a wooden plate in front of the door, lift it and sprint into the door, that's it

  • Lasgoo00

    Thank you very much!

  • YimO Lokoto

    Youre a genius!!!! Thanksss!!!! Seriously!!!

  • gw govers

    Witch commend do i have 2 type if i wanna join the danwguard and not the vampiers?

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