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ESO Skyshards

Dwarven Colossus


Dolmen Ruins

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  • Marty Taylor

    I really liked ESO if I had better internet I’d still be playing

  • headhunter 9865

    what about ish are armorum which adds crafting motifs

  • James seeker

    My computer has a hard time running eso :(

  • Nicolas Tardy

    "I" ? Are you not doing the mods reviews together anymore ?

  • Horaţiu Mlendea

    Does anyone know any mod that adds ESO exclusive books? I mean just the books that are in ESO but not already in previous TES games. I already have a mod that brings books from past titles just not from ESO.

  • Haano?

    Just curious, what animation mod did you use? If it is not, then is it just a clip from ESO?

  • David Robson

    That derpy Harvester movement.

  • Yup Ok

    What's the name of the mod when you the harvester hit you and you went flying and you stayed in first person?

  • Ana Person

    Started ESO with the beta, I did take a break from the early game not going to lie it was shit when it launched but it really (in my humble opinion) started to shine when it introduced the crime system (which should have been included at launch). That's when the world first started to feel like Tamriel as opposed to "Tamriel World(tm)"Now it's my go to game if I want to just play a game.

  • Limitless Beast

    Is skyshards on the SpEd?

  • EmoPro93

    Hi Brodual, can you please consider doing a mod series using a couple of the settlement/cities mods out there? Something like Holds the City + Jk Skyrim Lite + ETAC (modular) or even more...Make it like a guide and perhaps, just perhaps adding a few npc mods you guys featured a while ago (Immersive Citizens, Inconsequential NPC, Interesting NPC, Extra Guards) and settlement improvement mods (The Notice Board by MannyGT) And proceed making them compatible with each other. Make it a guide and a showcase or some sort. Or just add in/remove mods from/to the list...

  • The God you never knew

    I've seen more people complaining about people complaining about ESO than people actually complaining about ESO.Guys stop, no one cares either way. I came for some neat mods.

  • headhunter 9865

    fucks sake he didn't even mention the legends:breton knight or the legends:eso nord armor

  • Delve

    I am Broduelsexual…Sexually attracted to dueling bros.

  • Supreme KeK - Lord of KeKistan

    AU-TO-MO-TON not atomejtom. XD

  • Raiden Jr.

    Please do a video on the High King of Skyim mod.

  • Brent Castro

    Check out funko pop dwarven colossus exclusive summer convention sdcc elder scrolls via @eBay

  • deltahalo241

    The Harvesters mod looks pretty good (I already have it for my version of SSE) The one downside I see is the lack of an animation which makes the enemy seem a bit stiff and awkward, but it's understandable that it's not there and does remind me of the Spider Daedra in Oblivion that are absent in Skyrim.

  • LoveKing29

    i wish there was a mod out there that seperated armour pieces like boots, leggs, chest, gloves, shoulders and helmet... like eso

  • karimkopra

    dose skyrim special edition mods work on the legendary edition ? or it will crash ?

  • Preston Garvey

    God the toxicity is immense for ESO. I've played through all the Elder Scrolls game from Morrowind-Skyrim (tried to play Arena, couldn't sit through it xD) and let me tell you this, ESO has improved and is a great game overall now.

  • War Ninja

    ESO is actually pretty fun. Anyone who hasn't played it, I'd suggest it as a good MMORPG to play after you beat Arena/Daggerfall/Morrowind/Oblivion/Skyrim. In that order.

  • AA3

    Could you do a mod list for a playthrough ie. imperious

  • Ren Valaria

    what mods did you have on while making this video OTHER then the 4 you showed

  • BleachNoSkip Takken

    With these mods that keep coming, Skyrim become the worst place to stay. (the land not the game it self)

  • Butmen Teh Derp Night Rizes

    I liked eso, have 300 hours on it, but the end game is so boring to me since you can do the end game as a lvl 15 and there is no difference, and pve is extremely boring

  • JackOfAllTrades

    Outro song? Cant find it on machima.

  • JaXa GAME

    ahem! Skyshards is SSE! cough cough*

  • Andrei Trimbez

    Has anyone tried ESOSkyshards with the original Skyrim ? I just cant give up requiem to use SSE :D

  • Delivery of the platinum chip is non-negotiable.

    V I V E C G E T S S I C K

  • NinthArcher

    Link to the Daedric armor texture?

  • Tio Vegeta

    Thats really great, My friend's mods, Dwarven Colossus and Harvester are here... amazing ;)

  • Jericho Swain

    ESO isnt a bad game... it's a good game, but not good enough to be part if the elder scrolls series

  • August Ward

    The reason I dislike ESO as a game is because Elder Scrolls games are meant to be single player. The story was focused. With ESO's story, it felt like it was saying, "Remember, you're special....just like everyone else!" If I wanted a fantasy mmo, I would go play WoW. The same thing happened with Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Instead of making a third KotOR, they made SWTOR. They missed one of the greatest points of the game: there is one hero, and s/he is special. MMOs are great for interacting with the community that shares your interest, but it dilutes the story for a player. The social aspect might make up for it in some ways, but an MMO game, at least for me, can never make me FEEL like I'm actually there, experiencing the story.

  • DarkDraconarius

    You're pronouncing automaton incorrectly :D

  • JaXa GAME

    ahem! Skyshards is SSE! cough cough*

  • adrian velante

    There are ESO armors made by newermind43

  • Joe Kaz


  • VokunKendovJosh

    Should I play ESO? Does it force the story on you or are you free to follow the story at your own pace (kinda like how Skyrim works)?

  • Puddle Zerg

    Theres a skyshard just in this dudes house. Who's house? Who knows. But seriously did he not just wonder why the fuck a giant shard is in their house now?

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