Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 85 : Dremora of Coldharbour, Animations and Snow
Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 85 : Dremora of Coldharbour, Animations and Snow

Skyrim Mod Hightlight videos:
Skylight 14 : No snow under the roof :
Skylight 15 : Alchemist Compendium :
Skylight 16 : iNeed - Food Water and Sleep :

Mods covered in this video:
1. Dremora of Coldharbour :
2. Animations :
3. No snow under the roof :

Mods covered in highlight videos:
1. Alchemist Compendium :
2. iNeed - Food Water and Sleep :

Thumbnail courtesy of rwdarrow.

Mods used in taking this video:
1. Immersive HUD - iHUD :
2. SkyUI (with MCM) :
3. CTD and Memory patch ENBoost (or any new ENB) :

Visual Mods used in this video:
1. Phinix Natural ENB :
2. Project Reality - Climates Of Tamriel - Weather - Lighting :
3. Enhanced Lights and FX :
4. Pure Waters :
5. Skyrim HD - 2K Textures :
6. Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM :
7. Dynavision

Skyrim Mod Sanctuary - Nexus page for posting images:

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  • OneGamingLp

    I would like to see a "Dremora of Coldharbour" playable race mod because they look awesome.Is that a custom armor that they are wearing?Or maybe a custom retexture? Because it's not the standard Daedric Armor.

  • Webber

    The dremora, attractive!? xD  Could you imagine kissing one of those things, you'd get your eye gouged out.

  • Jacob Arensmeier

    The elder scrolls online? Oh... We dont talk about them....

  • TemporalMatador

    The intro triggered my ASMR

  • Snaekmon

    Am i the only one who's getting severe youtube player stutters? Never happened before so i would think this is Youtube's fault?

  • The Darkness

    but that intro though

  • Rawbbing Mysellph

    Maybe i'm a little late, but i really want to thank you TOO MUCH for all your videos, your precious time and the effort you put down for us; so THANK YOU GOPHER, we couldn't have done this without you!!!p.s: LOL you f@cked my brainz hard with that intro%%% ; ]Well done!

  • MCPunk55

    Wait... a layer of snow that size on top of a straw and wood roof would force the building to cave in, wouldn't it?

  • Cephalon Turtle

    someone needs to make a coldharbour dremora race mod

  • guitarHero1885

    gopher - psychotics necromancy mod allows permenant re-animations and summons.  it is very good - adds tons of new summonables and expands the conjuration tree massively.  loving the channel thanks for all your help.

  • The Unwanted One's

    dude you should have an oscar...

  • 1988Steez

    -The Dremora should be master level Conjuration to summon--they look amazing though!-Animations is great because you cannot drink potions while fighting. You have to get away first then drink, which makes more sense and makes the fights more intense and challenging.

  • Sawyer Schmitt


  • Leo Bauzá

    I miss so much Steev

  • Kaelan Swan, The King of Doom

    One of the Most! Powerful! Intros! I! Have! Ever! Seen! :3

  • Cascha_A

    For me the Animation Mod is really buggy. I fall teleport in dungeons for some reason and other stuff. After 5 hours gameplay few crash only of this mod. But a nice idea

  • ShadowKaiserin

    Snow arguments. The essence of too much time on one's hands.

  • Daniel Keely

    How did you manage to creepy up the cat in the hat! That's some skill

  • RoboHobo

    hey Gopher can you help me everytime i go in to my inventory and go to the potions tab my game crashes

  • Heldane Urbanus

    Dear Gopher,Once more the rhyme made this video for me! As always keep up this excellent quality, clarity, and helpfulness we are so spoiled by.

  • Mrmyagi132

    Holy shit! if you pitch that intro to the creators of TES 6 they'll probably make you voice act on one of the bigger characters in the next game.

  • Lichlord Kazam

    if i have a sword out...why cant i harvest the flowers with that?

  • Chris Beer

    Brilliant bit of poetry at the beginning there :P

  • Tomas Neliubsis

    Are Thing 1 and Thing 2 some reference to that movie?

  • Marina Lagutina

    да поистине народ нирна отупел и не может отличить дремор от бледной тени чего то

  • James Conkie

    The animations mod works awesome with Immersive first person (a mod everyone needs)

  • Grant Macdonald's Pig

    +Gopher Hey gopher, what do you think of the save-cleaning utility "Save Tool" ?btw love your videos

  • Justin White

    Just stumbled upon this video when I was looking at the old mod page for Daedra of Coldharbour. I remember watching this the day it came out! It's a shame that the new version was discontinued by the author because of a corrupted esp. I'd love to see a new Mod Sanctuary series once Special Edition is out. Are you planning on playing it again?

  • James Richards

    You made one of my favorite old Seuss poems sound much more creepier.  Loved it! (yes, I'm catching up...watched all your vids ;)

  • Kelsey Schall

    +Gopher or anyone: do you know if Dremora of Coldharbour is compatible with Skyre (does the damage scale and work with the daedra perks in the conjuration line? I did not see a patch and couldn't find anything about skyre in the comments on the nexus page.

  • Das-MJ

    the intro is just greatly narrated :)

  • Rigor Mortis Z

    intro reminds me of cat in the hat

  • deckkid101

    Spectacular Intro :D

  • Ryan Stutz

    That intro - you should have a playlist of just you reading things dramatically...i'd listen to that >.>

  • Bonnie Prince Charlie

    Combine animations with Enhanced Camera and it looks awesome in first person.

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