The New Creation Club Content is here and it is _____

Today we take a look at the new content added in by the latest update to Fallout 4's Creation Cub. Creation Club adds in new addons or paid mods for Fallout 4 on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

  • edgar viera

    I have the shark skin, but it's not showing on the workbench??

  • JSIN G

    If you don't buy these creation club packs does it still disable script extender or armor keyword?

  • DOOM Slayer

    I think... I will wait for a 50% off or 100% off sale of Eli’s CC mod.

  • Despicable Mind

    I'm just very worried about how empty future Bethesda games will be...😢

  • RunsWithFeathers

    Haven't been able to play since the start of creation club broke my fallout (nexesMM and fallout both crash on activation) and not much point in trying to fix them because each new release apparently will break them again. It obvious Bethesda is deliberately trying to torpedo the free mod community. Like seriously, your update breaks ARMOR KEYWORDS? The thing a good many popular mods depend on? A bit heavy-handed bethesda

  • Mark Cunningham

    Elianora made potted plants for the workshop about 2 years ago lol, and they are free on Nexus

  • acevitamin

    yeah well I hate ridiculous gun skins, so thank you but not thank you I will stick to the modded high res default

  • Alphacode

    All of these are available for free....

  • StormReaper34

    I honestly believe that people should consider that CC is stupid and pointless full stop, period. It's a money grabbing microtransactioning scam that we as a community should fight to suppress and abolish. Why in the world Bugthesda wants to make this much money when they can't even use their budget to get a better engine, have a quality story and NOT a cheap radiant sleepfest. Why out of all thing couldn't they fix things like frame drops and optimisation in the city. For christ sake, my GTX 1070 can run BF2 and Overwatch on 100+ fps on max settings (with BF2 being 60-70). Yet bethesda can't properly throw out their Gamebryo engine or their CK engine and take a shit on it and say, "it was fun while it lastest you buggy piece of shit." The CC content is used assest and crap and nothing original like the overhaul idea I have to have actual stories for the 4 main factions or possibly new animations for doors, weapons, and NPC. Armor that is Modular. Weapons with tons of customization. If bethesda keep going down this path and keeps their eyes shut for us the community, All hope is lost and fallout and skyrim will be Resting in Peace with command and conquer, am awesome franchise ruined by it's menacing creators equivalent to Bethesda but worser, EA games..

  • YukitoOnline

    I pity the people who paid and adamantly defends these shitty mods...

  • Sam Richardson

    Not crazy at all. "Fool me twice, shame on me indeed..." I thought (stupidly) that with the advent of the new .esl mod format with .40 there would be a shift into not breaking scripted mods. I was doing some house cleaning and got rid of cdantes backup utility and didnt get around to reinstalling it before this new update like I should have. Well, that won't happen again.

  • Ryan Clark

    It's sad really. I would totally support this if they (Bethesda) actually promoted worthwhile content (i.e. massive quest mods like The Forgotten City or Falskaar, overhaul mods, etc). This so called "content" is nothing but a waste of money.

  • De Bo

    Club creation shit:Hey can I copy your homework?Modding community:No and don’t try to change it a bit, it’s good as it isClub creation shit:Awww *steal homework!Modding community:Hey!A couple of weeks laterModding community:Care to explain?Club creation shit:Don’t worry it doesn’t matter, I may have copy your homework, but I made it shitter!Modding community:Than why did you put price tags then?Club creation shit:*OH SHIT THEYRE ON TO US”Club creation shit haha jokes and stuff

  • MrDecuss

    Yeah...if we have to pay for mods then they have to be WORTH IT, like DLC worth it.

  • Aselene

    Apologies if it's already been mentioned but unless bethesda increases the amount you can build in your settlement so you can build as much as you want within the confines of the border then theres little hope left for fallout4. At the moment to get around the awful build limitation you can use the drop and store method, but even then, use it too much and the game crashes. On the ps4 it's very limited and only if you have a super computer can you build upto the borders. When i say super computer i mean one you'd would have to take out a mortgage for. An i7 with 1 top range gpu maxed out and oodles of ram just wont cut it. Fix this bethesda and there will be life left in f4 yet, if not then dozens of paint jobs aren't gonna save it.

  • D Johnson

    I've lost a lot of respect for Elianora, even though she is one of my favourite modders :/

  • SSA 111A2

    One Question, do you lose the ability to gain trophies(on ps4) if you use anything from creation club? I know you do if you use normal mods.

  • Onholyservicebound

    I noticed that youtubers are really tip-toeing around the Picket Fences add-on, likely because it was developed by Elianora. Let's get real here, the pack is very lackluster, and this is from someone who was looking forward to more settlement items. It's mostly recolors and things that already exist in game or in the DLC. It doesn't stand up to the modded alternatives, and worst of all, it has a fridge filled with imaginary food that you can't actually take! That makes the mod 10x worse than any in game of modded alternative, lol.

  • The Divide

    Alright modders, time to create even better mods than this garbage

  • Jake Goodwin

    You should make a point of telling viewers what the USD dollar cost of these mods are instead of what it is in their nonsense imaginary fake currency.


    All theses mods suck

  • josh vanhoose

    Nexus as cooler shit

  • Thomas Melder

    It doesn't work for me any tips?

  • Javong9727

    it's bad payed mods is always bad

  • ctrlaltdel

    pricing semi-fair? LOL dude

  • DangerIncFilms

    Choco Chip Pattern camo for my pip-boy. Yay. *Yaaay*. DCU Tricolor for life.

  • MadCourier 6

    Juichead Disappointed with cc? PRAISE THE LORD JUICE IS AWARE!

  • lonecourierjoeyV2

    Lmao fucking weaponskins what a joke.only mod thats worth it is eli’s mod

  • Arcturian_

    You voice is annoying AF but hey thanks for the INFO

  • Starfish 25

    How are those gun skins implemented? Is that something that cannot be done before? You know, does it add some mechanics to the base game which could be used by mods without cc? I guess there is couple of new vanilla keywords?

  • Ben McDougal

    Nope. It should just be free. Never buying a mod.

  • ThePlagued Doctor

    The creation club broke all my Bethesda game online features

  • ArexBlazed

    Don't support this abomination! Nothing but a money hungry cash grab. Milk the players.

  • Emoji Cool

    They need to add something to consoles you'd only be able to see on PC. PC get to have a near unlimited chances to create anything. You can only do so much on consoles. I'd love some tactical armor like the military uses or at least some modern weapons or new quests

  • RPGaming

    Well it's obvious that we aren't the target audience for those mods...They're still trying to ignore us while keep milking those PS4 casuals...but hey, at least there are no lootboxes ;)

  • Rabbit Cyclops

    Why he sound like a top ten maker.

  • Tr|cks

    Nice review, good balance of pros and cons

  • Jon Ghost

    It’s funny because you guys got exactly what you wanted. This wasteful workshop creation took up cool armors and weapons we could have gotten.

  • Hen Peckley

    Lets support paying for mods

  • OrangeJews

    “And thats not saying much im just kinda sad...” 🤣🤣🤣 your the best juicehead

  • Callum Hart

    Fuck this shit im done with Bethesda. Completely ruined any decent reputation they had with their community and for what!? A pink fucking gun!!!???

  • Zero SixDel

    Thumbs up if you guys think Sony is being a bitch about external assets. FYI, if Sony is gonna make a console they should be prepared for this stuff to happen, sony just let us have custom mods dammit!!!!

  • Jesse 127

    PLEASE HELP!!So I paid for 5550 of those credits and it says I purchased them but I never got the credits. I check the creation club every day since I bought them and still nothing. What do I do???

  • Omnik TWR

    I've gotten word of another Creation Club that needs your help. I'll mark it on your map. We need to show the Creation Club that the minutemen exist and that they're here to help.

  • HamonFilledPigeon

    bad. the answer is bad.

  • Crow Leon

    I'd hate to call these shit mods simply because I know how much work and detail Eli puts into hers. I still feel they need to pull CC and do a complete rework as they really hurt themselves by releasing already known mods (and inferior compared to the originals) after stating they wouldn't do that. This batch has some new things but nothing worth spending on. Instead of color palate swaps and skins why not make a brand new gun like HyperX does so often.

  • Spacefrisian

    1.022 GB down the drain....and i cannot even negate or skip it if i want to get acces to the regular free mods not put on my console...yaaaay

  • HNM

    creation club is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stupid. Just.. WHY? lmao Nexus has all you need if you're on pc.

  • Nishaan Bhinder

    The weapon paint jobs and literally almost everything else in creation club should have been in the vanilla game

  • Michael Howes

    I wouldnt buy that pretentious cunt Elinoras' mods if they were free

  • Rift Gaming9958

    Do any mods on creation club break the game

  • Michael Murphy

    You can get better reskins of all of these guns on the Nexus for free.

  • SkullBros. TX Gaming

    Some of the best mod authors out there, and this is what Bethesda has them working on???WOW...Just WOW!?

  • Dokdiamant

    One thing to this Paintjob Mods: If you have ANY Free Mods, that change any Color of Pip Boy, PA or Weapons, or the AWCR Mod running, they will not apear in the Workbenches.For the last, and for the Weapons, you can find a temporary solution Mod on Nexus, but for the Pip Boy Colors, I havn't seen such a Mod for the Moment, or it needs a different .ESL Name because it was made for another Language version.The rest is nice to know, but not really nessessary and also this patch was again a Mod breaker, as all the ones before and the comming ones.I stoped playing F4 for that. I have enough of this Updates, that ruins my perfect working game with every patch! -.-/At the Moment, it crashes all 3 - 4 play Hours back to desktop, without error message or log entry. Really, Beth should work on a new Engine insted of using the old updated one again! And they should overwork the mechanics, How Mods are build in the game. And MAYBE, they should put in a Script Extender from Start next Time, so that such Problems will be Problems of the Past with the next Game. \Also there is another thing that would interests me: Do you get that Weapon paintjobs from Start, like the ones on the PA, or do you become them with the Magazins?Because, it would be more... Imersive, to get them with the Magazins, insted of have them before them.

  • TLCain

    Paid mods are like cheap hookers, just close ur eyes and let them finish but as soon as it’s over u feel dumb for spending money on it

  • ItalianDragon

    "They actually listed the mod author names for all these new releases".Now that's useful, I'll easily know which modder to boycott for participating in this abomination called the Creation Club."Then we have what's probably of most interest to all of us"Sorry JuiceHead, but do we actually look like the kind of folks who fall in awe in front of paint jobs that anyone can do in 5 minutes in photoshop ? Sorry, that's a no. And if you think otherwise, well then hot damn you really have a shitty opinion of the Fallout 4 mod users."I actually think the pricing is semi-fair here"Dude, for those two bucks I can buy some indie games that offer more replayability than those tryhard cheapo shitty skins. The price isn't even "semi-fair" considering how all those shitty paint jobs can be made in photoshop in no time whatsoever.

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