The Senile Scribbles: Skyrim Parody - FULL SERIES

It's about time I did this I guess :) so here it is. Every Senile Scribbles: Skyrim Parody episode welded together into one long string of laughter and badassery! Enjoy!

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"Death of Kings" Kevin MacLeod (
  • wolfmaster king

    I twice the adventurer you are meeeeh

  • Ailyne Bonilla

    What armor is that at 11:02?

  • FireREKT_games

    all of this is so fucken true!!!!

  • Sargent Arch Dornan

    god I can see alot of references from here and in the fallout one

  • ventedhorizon 64

    im going to lose my benefits im going to lose my only pair of clothes

  • Geeman Amatin

    35:36 who else heard the workers in the back ground grumbling about being bored?

  • Corporate Commander

    20 minutes in. the black soul gem bit. my sides are killing me

  • Zero Kiryuu

    Can someone make a mod that when you sell a vendor a lot of the same items, he will give you a Thank you Card, instead of gold?

  • Judas Iscariot

    everything I ever thought about skyrim just got put in a video

  • Rodrigo Ferreira

    i'm probably just stupid, but why is there a talking crimson nirnroot?

  • Bryce Petalas

    amazing. males me want to finish the game for once

  • Kitty Buttcheeks Clone

    Looks like a "how it should've ended" production thing lol

  • Faiz Syach

    Which best between the empire and stormcloaks?

  • GenericName

    Professional Gay-Mer.

  • Serpentgrad

    Speaking of enchantment.....who hear knows how to make a water breathing enchantment.

  • Manta Ray

    Why did he tell them to burn their uniforms in the end?

  • Rencol666

    i just watched it all in one go (for like 20th time?) while drinking beer. Thats all. Just wanted to say that.

  • matthew gaming

    the blacksmith lady sounds like a mix of Goku and Gohan from team four star lol

  • CaspianTiger

    The only reason they had the easy combinations on the door was to keep the living dead out...(I reed the books)

  • Blind Animal Ninja

    "Don't worry. We've all tried to kill the children... You are completely normal." Best loading screen ever.

  • Greg Jackson

    Good stuff! Funny! Thanks.

  • Fuze Ace

    Professional gay-mer 😂😂😂😂

  • Ex_DominoXIII

    Story behind the claws and doors: the doors weren’t meant to keep people from going in, they were made so the draugrs wouldn’t come out.

  • Basher Mejdoubi

    is it just me or a lot of stuff that happened in this was true

  • Clayton Miller

    I cannot stop rewatching

  • Aron Francis

    "Hey, the white gold concordat ended the war.""Ooh, you must mean the white brown concordat...BECAUSE I WIPED MY ASS WITH IT!!!" 😅😅😅

  • Dalton Prevoznik

    I just noticed his helmet says fuck da police

  • JustAoba

    I worship you. ×_× Like....God Seanzoz, wazzuuupBtw, awesome video!! Very hilarious! You're probably my favorite youtuber just because of this vid😂😂

  • Elemeno P.

    "I couldn't get your exact measurements from the friend zone" best line of the year

  • APH shark

    Me: So, what is a soldier with no armor?Imperial: A man with no benefits.Stormcloak: A man with no more clothes

  • babis8142

    What does it say at 10:05 about the mask?

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