The Senile Scribbles: Skyrim Parody - FULL SERIES

It's about time I did this I guess :) so here it is. Every Senile Scribbles: Skyrim Parody episode welded together into one long string of laughter and badassery! Enjoy! (For Easter Egg locations please see individual episode descriptions:

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"Death of Kings" Kevin MacLeod (
  • Robo boy

    If you want to take it up the ass from the thalmor you join these bitchs 😂😂😂

  • Blu Boiii

    6:37 what did that dragon say?

  • Umbralello Hard

    The main character is the ebony warrior

  • Daniel Moynihan

    That food that comes with your house one is so me

  • Ramirez The Astronaut

    lol who's watching in 2067 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻stop with this

  • Gregg The skooma trader

    The black door gave the dragon bone guy the fuck you finger

  • Matthew O'Bryan

    dark brotherhood scene was hilarious

  • Random things of things

    17:04 AND WTF ARE YOU STILL DOING HERE....Uhhhm i have 3 more letters*HISSSSSS

  • TheIronDruid77

    i watch this once every day. all the way through. I got 1-5 memorized. XD

  • Deathmelancholy Saudade

    "Fuck these things"

  • Emmanuel Yellowhair

    The imperial and storm cloak recruiter had me in tears lol

  • LikeWildFire

    20:33 I need a mod for all weapons that, when you swing them, they actually make the moaning sounds.

  • Jared Lancaster

    I'll admit half the shouts are useless

  • ArriesZombies

    Why the fuck do people get like 1k likes for just quoting the fucking video

  • Steven Ballard

    I honestly don't mind collecting the mysterious crystals or the deadric artifacts, even if it is pointless, because of Spyro, which is a collectathon, I kinda like collecting useless items that just look cool or are shiney. In fact I've probably come close to collecting every collectible on skyrim and new vegas, which means I'm probably obsessed with one of a kind objects, at least it hasn't crossed into reality yet

  • why is the fbi here? m

    I'm totally subing to you XD

  • IJN

    7:08 Look closely at the helmet.

  • Mewton V S Lulay

    9:14so that what it does

  • Øwëñs Life

    YouTube actually recommended the right thing

  • Robo boy

    Are you fucking with my nature. It's just the circle of life . You don't know shit about the circle of life because you live in a triangle of DEATH 😂😂

  • Killerbeast

    Fucking died at 26:50

  • Arda Gazioğlu

    Seriously though, why are Imperials so butthurt about anyone talking shit on the White-Gold Concordat? They fucking lost and now everyone has to pay for it. It is what it is. Why are they acting like it's a fair treaty?

  • haloassassin0404

    I got 6 skeletons in here bring it butch

  • redlambo5 chaos

    I was dead when the dragon taxi part came up

  • X_XWrench aka The SRC

    the crimson nirn root was so funny

  • SteelWolf50

    J'zargo getting the shouts tested on him is the best part. "YOU GAVE J'ZARGO THE HICCUPS". Funniest crap I've ever heard.

  • Dalton Dennis

    The loading screens lol

  • IzzikWave1

    Serena's voice though...

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