Arrow in the Knee Backstory - 'Knee Origins' (Skyrim Machinima)

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  • horrorkesh

    get the mod love watching guards die trying to say this

  • Patrick Stone

    I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an arrow in the knee...

  • Jordan Ramos

    I cried alil -rolling stonesits a masterpiece -GoogleGets me all wet inside -your mom

  • Marquard

    Arrow in the knee meaning : Getting married (Nordic saying )

  • Communix Gaming

    Do the next video on ArcheAge

  • Beaulah Fay

    Free Live Sex Cam Show, Exclusive Unlimited Access: BabeGirlsHere.BlogSpot------------------c0m

  • DJ_Keegan

    Someone stole my sweat roll :(

  • KingGun

    Arrow to the knee means marriage

  • Duarte Silva

    The way he pronounced Jarl gave me cancer.

  • The Owl

    This is all wrong. He was supposed to be an adventurer. Not a guard. Then he gets shot and becomes a guard.

  • Daniell Jacques

    iv watch this sen I was 6 and I still like that guard

  • Mohammad Ali Pakkam

    so that's the skeleton I saw in the water

  • Alan Cristhian

    Very good, except for the end kkkk

  • Austin Francis

    Machinima: stealing videos since 2000

  • Cody V

    What is the song at the beginning?

  • MEME Overdose

    Yeah, it means getting married. "I used to be an adventurer like you." Get it? Take that as a compliment.

  • Brittany Whiting

    Camilla Valerius and her brother were murdered by vampires at night, so I can't go look at the Local Goods anymore.

  • NAME

    How to basic in skyrim

  • Aidan Walker

    Does anyone think he sounds like Johnny Depp??

  • Michael Tanti Bellotti

    wow what a dick as if he didn't have enough misfortune

  • Red dog

    dragonborn is kinda jerky here freakin hillarious

  • Jared Elsen

    yeah everyone thinks its some sort of joke, but like a few said taking and arrow to the knee is norse slang for getting married. hints the getting down on one knee to propose

  • Zachariah Mcdonald

    video starts at 1:00 your welcome

  • Neon Zebra Productions

    This reminds me of skyrim cops

  • House Snow

    getting some how to basic vibes

  • Clementine

    I like that dudes voice. Almost sounds like Teldryn Sero.

  • Party BoyX9

    That was so fucked 👆 on so many levels, but 😂 as hell tho

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