Skyrim - 5 Hidden Enemies

5 Hidden Enemies that you may not have fought on your travels before, so now is the chance to conquer them!


Scott: newberrycrunch
Michael: oldberrychew


  • Liam Goel

    Magic Anomaly is the hardest enemy, levels indefinitely.

  • jake chef

    The old lady scared the shit out of me the first time I saw her cause I was level 3

  • Mr P359

    I 2'shot karstag and I'm level 45

  • MrMnx666

    Where can you "foind" these enemies?

  • John Kunselman

    This video brings back a lot of memories. I really need to go back and play Skyrim

  • Kiwi Wilson

    As soon as I saw the werebears transforming, I transformed into a werewolf and mauled them.

  • Growing up Gaming

    Ha, just walked past her house the other day and wondered what quest she was a part of.

  • Sylvious D

    2:45 Dark Overlord Of Fire abbreviated is DOOF.

  • Master Jake

    I have no idea how to get to the reaper because I don't know if it is for only ESO or what

  • BeatsNBassNRhymes

    that is the grey fox's mask on the reaper

  • Emir Musa Kibar

    that ld lady was my first enemy

  • Blade The Bear

    What!? Anise is Morias Sister!

  • Alexander The Insane

    It's too dark in the Reaper's room. I never knew he looked like that.

  • Christal Wolf

    Anise is a granny bitch.

  • Alexander The Insane

    How do we know to unrelenting force the orb? is there ingame lore/ book?

  • Harry Paul

    when i found anise i was being chased by bandits i ran into the house and the bandits one hit killed her

  • The green umbreon

    oblivion battle theme plays in the back groundOMG YES

  • Grim Jackal

    Karstaag is level 19 or 90???

  • Matt Funari

    If you're upset you can't go werebear, simply get the 1kb mod that changes your werewolf texture & sound to werebear.

  • Blade The Bear

    I Knew Ainse in the Cabin was Suspicious! I said "She's Probably a Witch" and my Friend said "Just because she's an Old Mage in The Woods doesn't mean she's a Witch!" I knew it! Take that!!!

  • Zaidak S

    Wait... I killed that old hag on my first day of playing skyrim😂😂

  • Nec Divinos Mori in Vitam

    Where is the ebony warrior?

  • Madam Wolf Gaming

    I encountered ware bears like 4 times when I went to the islandthose fuckers scared the shit out of me.Sees men in ragged clothes"huh?" goes up to them and they transform gets freaked out and turns around "run bitch!"leaves Cicero there to deal with them

  • blu dat

    You should be able to summon karstag infinatley but every 3 summons you have to fight him again

  • Gamerlady 17

    I killed that anise witch for sending thugs after me & for trying to form a coven.

  • Gwennie

    Hi yes ur name is play video're Australian....and you have his voice....ARE YOU MICHAEL CLIFFORD?!??!!! And even if you're not i still love u okay bye

  • Ctip 6429

    wat about that big redgard on 80 lvl in ebony armor

  • DavionXY

    I find it disturbing how Dawnguard became the regular game.

  • Elbert Kids

    i killed that old lady when i started as soon as i saw her.. i was evil

  • Piggy Gaming

    I beat kaarstag at level 44

  • liszst

    I remember seeing the werebears for the first time. I thought my game was being all buggy again when I saw three naked men in their undies fight a bunch of horkers on top of a glacier. Then they turned and I was like, oh.

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