Skyrim - 5 Hidden Enemies

5 Hidden Enemies that you may not have fought on your travels before, so now is the chance to conquer them!


Scott: newberrycrunch
Michael: oldberrychew


  • Daniel Maas

    That witch killed me at lvl 5... Bitch.

  • Joshua Paterson Evans

    l went in the old women celler and came out and was killed

  • Joshua Paterson Evans

    l went in the old women celler and came out and was killed

  • The random Idiot on YouTube

    I take double damage from fire... that makes dragons hard to beat but there is my immunity to frost

  • Poland Ball

    Am i the only one who wants to be able to transfer into a wearbear? Is there a mod for that?

  • Yoro Tassaumee

    Damn it I was in the soul cairn yesterday and only got arvak and a mace

  • Odin Knowledge Seeker

    Holy shit I just drew the connection. The reaper is the first boss from Gauntlet Dark Legacy!

  • Angelic Vengeance

    Um during someone gameplay a while back ? I saw werebears near solitude at the time he had no mods or anything they can be anywhere.

  • Divided Reality

    I always knew that there was something going on with that elderly woman.

  • Nick B

    Hidden? Hidden behind DLC pay walls you mean. This is an ad!

  • lammy doodle

    I thought that the woman in the cabins name was pronounced... Ainsley

  • Joshua Paterson Evans

    l went in the old women celler and came out and was killed

  • Caleb Goodrich

    #khajitmasterrace Let the comment war begin ;)

  • TheCrazyGamer 97

    These enemies aren't really that hidden coz long before this vid came out last December I've though all those enemies

  • Matthew Lee

    the reaper is disappointing

  • Mr. W

    Werebears have a British fighting style?

  • Micker Team

    I don't understand that "old lady" she are pedophile or what

  • Ruthless Killerz

    The top pair of karstags eyes look like ets face

  • Terra Ramsey

    The last one. You can bet him by a secret glitch when you climb a rock on the side of the wall and kill him with arrows... Just saying

  • Joshua Paterson Evans

    l went in the old women celler and came out and was killed

  • Gabriel Pendley

    But to be fair, although they are rare, you might want to prepare for the ware bears there

  • GameLord The Badass

    Could vulthuryol be an Easter egg for smaug the dragon that's lives in the lonely mountain in the hobbit?

  • tekkara

    The old women was killed by a dragon

  • Shootingstar

    I was going to a solstheim quest and three shirtless men ran up to me... I think you know what happened next 😔

  • H TP

    Karstag, very strong hidden boss

  • Kenny McCormic

    I’m guessing the reaper is gonna be on here as well as the dragon in blackreach.

  • r jwal

    I killed the old lady without even realizing about the note lmfao

  • Phillip Lambo

    when dragon's shout, how do you know they're not just trying to communicate with you?

  • android 16

    Wasn't karstaag lvl 150?

  • AFI36 -2903

    I once stumbled apon a creature that looked like a red deathclaw and when i killed it it had a dadric heart on it anybody know what it was

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