Skyrim - 5 Hidden Enemies

5 Hidden Enemies that you may not have fought on your travels before, so now is the chance to conquer them!


Scott: newberrycrunch
Michael: oldberrychew


  • nukeman1303

    WearbearCare bear....

  • The green umbreon

    oblivion battle theme plays in the back groundOMG YES

  • Mr Sister Fister

    I’m guessing the reaper is gonna be on here as well as the dragon in blackreach.

  • Nick Barnett

    Hidden? Hidden behind DLC pay walls you mean. This is an ad!

  • Hunter

    i usualy play the game on adept difficulty, today how ever i finished my first 100% destruction cost reduction with the 2 dragon priest masks for lightning and fire and turned it up to legendary and it feels like novice. you shoot and endless amount of spells that constintly stuns the enemy for an endless loop of death

  • Mr. W

    Werebears have a British fighting style?

  • ant asser

    i think i kill the bitch at the cabin anyway

  • Odin Knowledge Seeker

    Holy shit I just drew the connection. The reaper is the first boss from Gauntlet Dark Legacy!

  • Ayato

    I discovered Vulthuryol by accident xD


    i guess i am about finished w my first play- through. I cant find anything new. I am sad. I am happy to know that it is nearly time to being my first Oblivion Character.

  • Micker Team

    I don't understand that "old lady" she are pedophile or what

  • Joshua Paterson Evans

    l went in the old women celler and came out and was killed

  • GameLord The Badass

    Could vulthuryol be an Easter egg for smaug the dragon that's lives in the lonely mountain in the hobbit?

  • Evan Buck

    I found that old woman early on in the game, but it was a night when she was sleeping, I didn't know anything about her so I just stabbed her in the back with my iron great sword XD

  • Angelic Vengeance

    Um during someone gameplay a while back ? I saw werebears near solitude at the time he had no mods or anything they can be anywhere.

  • Terra Ramsey

    The last one. You can bet him by a secret glitch when you climb a rock on the side of the wall and kill him with arrows... Just saying

  • Yoro Tassaumee

    Damn it I was in the soul cairn yesterday and only got arvak and a mace

  • Hunter Stevens

    Pitch the Ebony Warrior Against Carstag to see who is stronger. Ebony Warrior is THE Strongest.

  • r jwal

    I killed the old lady without even realizing about the note lmfao

  • Phillip Lambo

    when dragon's shout, how do you know they're not just trying to communicate with you?

  • Poland Ball

    Am i the only one who wants to be able to transfer into a wearbear? Is there a mod for that?

  • Master Jake

    I have no idea how to get to the reaper because I don't know if it is for only ESO or what

  • Mae Anderson

    Who else punches dragons to death ? Hehehe

  • Joshua Paterson Evans

    l went in the old women celler and came out and was killed

  • Emir Musa Kibar

    that ld lady was my first enemy

  • Joshua Paterson Evans

    l went in the old women celler and came out and was killed

  • Monkey

    1:43 ''British Fighting Style'' i wanna see that

  • TheCrazyGamer 97

    These enemies aren't really that hidden coz long before this vid came out last December I've though all those enemies

  • Joshua Paterson Evans

    l went in the old women celler and came out and was killed

  • Trey Brzezowski

    I have a mod that sets Vulthuryol's Level to 3500. It makes the fight more challenging with all that HP!

  • tekkara

    The old women was killed by a dragon

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