Skyrim - 5 Hidden Enemies

5 Hidden Enemies that you may not have fought on your travels before, so now is the chance to conquer them!


Scott: newberrycrunch
Michael: oldberrychew


  • Bechemel Sauce

    Karstagg smacked lydia and she ended up outside the arena thing. Hes one tough son of a gun 😕😕😖

  • yugi4000

    the dragon was pretty easy for me . he landed outside the city zone and never flew again . so i just used a ton of arrows to kill it . karstaag however , now that was a dreadful fight .

  • Kride

    The women was the first 'npc' i killed.

  • vloging bethala

    When he said werebear i thought he said care bear 😝

  • Oliver Cane

    What if you are a Werebear and a Werepig?

  • Louis Pellissier

    A Skyrim video with Oblivion music xD

  • Marie Pie

    If you have the shrouded gloves, level 100 sneak (with all its perks), and a good pair of daggers you can kill karstag at lv 40, 20 if you're a mage with the dual casting destruction perk (the one that staggers enemies). Karstag was only ever a challenge for me on my warrior characters, thus proving that "true Nords" are complete SHIT

  • Angus Kedwell

    Karstag is actually in solthiem not Skyrim

  • stpastabeard


  • Byron Jones

    didnt know about the reaper. I remember Karthstagg being the most difficult battle I had in Skyrim. Only fight where I felt I HAD to use Dragon Aspect. When i finally killed him I was out of potions and had maybe 25% health left.

  • Good Night

    Any enemy is easy compared to Karstaag.Probably gonna use the alchemy glitch to build an imba bow before I approach him next time.

  • IceMaster972

    How did the dragon even get to Blackreach? By digging?

  • Kevin Ray

    Maaan y’all some polite muthafuckas yacuntz. For real tho, you guys are legit af and by far my favorite content creators on YouTube.

  • Alex Odinson

    What about Drelas at Drelas’s cottage? He leaves his door unlocked, so I walk in, only to be met with fierce and powerful fireballs, he says nothing, just attacks...

  • Angus Kedwell

    The reaper was probably a Breton because they are the only ones that can spit slime

  • Žan Ujčič

    ...british fighting style?

  • Viv H

    I'm waiting for a compilation of this guy taking breaths after each sentence.

  • Parker Lafever

    I made a new character recently. I was level 8-10 near markarth. Two were bears rolled up on me out of now where.

  • Mr. W

    Werebears have a British fighting style?

  • Angus Kedwell

    And the reaper probably killed a deadra

  • Patrick Roy

    Reaper is slimer confirmed

  • Great Doofus

    Even at level 87, Karstaag is a pain in the butt on legendary. Tougher than the ebony warrior, imo. Unless you use the fortify restoration trick or any other method to cheese through.

  • Moon Pie Lover

    THE WABBAJACK!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sabin97

    i fought the cave dragon!i dont remember if i intentionally shouted at the orb or if it was accidental...this was years ago....

  • jnagtube

    The one thing I've always disliked about the elder scrolls is how aggressive the intelligent (human) NPC's are. Everything always ends in a fight and an NPC dying... why can't we befriend bandit groups? Or better yet work at helping to further the agenda of the witch creating the coven and if we are a female protagonist maybe joining them? Even if you are a bandit living in a shack in the middle of nowhere... theres more to be gained than loot if a stranger enters your domain. For example knowledge and news... it would be cool if NPC's took you alive for instance and tied you up if they won in combat.

  • Berend Zwikker

    I saw the witch when i just begon


    when i started playing the game and just beat the tutorial i was free roaming and i ran into the old woman....i didnt know she was a hidden boss or anything i killed her, took the bread i found in her house, and took her robe (idk y) and i went away !!!

  • will riseabove

    Lol I found the dragon by accident in black reach because my aspect ratio on my tv wouldn't show the compass/: all i had was clairvoyance to even find the place and it wouldn't show how to get tf out. Actually if you think about it he lands at the exit so it could be a hint for those who get stuck?

  • Emma SpAce

    I really want to know what a were bear were wolf fight looks like, I cured myself

  • Jesse The Great

    I was bored so I just killed the lady in the cabin and then found out she wanted to start a coven lol

  • Purple Diamond

    i killed that witch at level one

  • Ice cream Eskimo

    so i pickpocketed here and she sent some thugs after me so i went a killed her hand but the contract on here corpse

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