Skyrim - 5 Hidden Enemies

5 Hidden Enemies that you may not have fought on your travels before, so now is the chance to conquer them!


Scott: newberrycrunch
Michael: oldberrychew


  • Joshua Reynolds

    you can also shoot an arrow at the sun orb to summon him

  • Cole Varela

    Number 1 should be mubcrabs

  • Fred

    Anise flipping sent people to kill me

  • joe wee

    this is why i love skyrim. its so much content to find. to play through one playthrough.

  • Gotis

    I didn't know about the dragon in Blackreach.

  • Twintaileddragon

    I was once just walking on the shoreline and 3 werebears just wrecked by shit.

  • Nathaniel Jernigan

    If you stand at the Skyforge and shoot an arrow over the Throat of the World, travel to the edge of the rift and collect the slain swallow, and use it's coconut halves during a double eclipse on a Mondas, while under the affects or the blessing of Akatosh. Then the Black Knight will be summoned and you must simply find which bridge he has decided to defend and challenge him to a duel. Defeat him by ending him rightly, and you'll receive a bonus reward. A golden compass that can connect to the many words of the multiverse, which will let you...

  • Jake Hackney

    I only played skyrim, should I play the others too?Which ones should I avoid?

  • Lord Giles

    the old lady is a bitchy witch? Good to know😏

  • thebestchris 121

    I remember I was playing and I ran into the old lady Anisse and I didn't know and Went into the basement..... and she killed me....

  • Alexander N. Benner

    The old Woman was actually one of the first Enemies I ever met in Skyrim. When I played it the first time I lost track of the one who helped me to escape and wandered lost around the lake, just to run into her at level 1 or maybe 2.

  • Scott Orris

    Karstagg was a bitch to kill. If you see for the first time, you will be like what the fuck is that.That frost cloak is huge and it eats away your health while his health regenerates. In my opinion, the hardest character.

  • optimisticow 308

    i love the soul cairn it is a great way to collect spul gems and looks cool

  • Urbex Productions

    I've wear bears all over sothstein

  • Joe Nesvick

    I don't go to Solstheim until after the main quest, so I'm usually ready for Werebears. I wouldn't be surprised if their's a mod to become a werebearI always see that old woman after leaving Bleak Falls Barrow, but I didn't know about her secret. Now I know to enter the cellar, at least it's not the cellar of the evil dead cabin

  • VampiricDoll

    When I first played the dragonborn DLC, I actually stumbled across the were-bears and died like three times.

  • Griffin Tyler

    You only have to use one of the reaper fragments to summon him.

  • Y Hello

    The old lady is one of the first people I kill every new name.

  • shadowslayer205

    Of all these, I only found the witch by myself.

  • Homosexuality is gay

    I shout at random times for shits and giggles and i found out about the dragon on accident.

  • Urbex Productions

    Took me like 2 mins to kill kastaag lol

  • Cortez Boyd

    where is the cabin cellur u speak of about the old witch thanks for the info u said here aswel

  • Karlo2 Playz

    were bear comes to me instead I go to them

  • Tyler S

    A hidden enemy is yourself fighting the urge to kill nazeem or not

  • Fish Head

    Yeah those werebears got me the first time around then I wolfed it up and had them fer dinner😝

  • sacha burzynska

    I m surprise the ebony warrior isn't on the list

  • Melissa Moore

    opening theme is the Oblivion aggressive music...

  • Tice Cream

    Enemy I'll send you to sovanguarde!2 seconds laterEnemy I yield, I yield!!!

  • Spare Games

    kaarstag is the strongest enemy unless you play nonstop everyday and is level 150

  • Galahxyy

    what about the ebony warrior??

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