Skyrim Mod: Civil War Overhaul

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Civil War Overhaul

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  • SageNode

    what happened to this mod? its not on the nexus anymore

  • LowTemp

    Does it work with the Warzones mod?

  • Anon Ymous

    Mod is kill.RIP mod.

  • Lerosnn

    "Future updates" good luck with that

  • Kevin Grootaers

    I think I have this mod and the immersive patrol mod. But I think something went wrong. when I went to Windhelm to join the Stormcloaks. It was under attack by a platoon of frost trolls lol.

  • SoullessPotato

    I think, to really help the war theme of this game, a marching and patrol mod should be made. So you can see training marches outside of the main cities, and have the patrols be much larger. Maybe the prisoners are lined up, or even put on a cart like you see at the beginning, heading to Solitude for execution.

  • Luke Cagle

    Where is this mod now?

  • Ekacahya Garfiantama

    Such a shame the dev took down this and many other good mods like Immersive Information overhaul (which tints red, drains colors, and blurs image depends on how low your health, magicka, and stamina)good thing someone mirrored it but i forget the link.

  • Godzilla52

    I'm really glad I downloaded this before the mod owner got rid of the link. Really think that its dickish when people decide to pull their mods like that. Especially when they're so popular.

  • BlakeSmith17

    "War has changed - MGS4"

  • GodofGames2468

    too bad the maker took it down to protest Trumps presidency well, that's wat multiple people said

  • Grant Walter

    Is there a mods where there are more soldiers to each battle?

  • Taco Taco69


  • The Chronomancer

    Skyrim belongs to the Hist!

  • EverythingNerdifying

    The mod author is an idiot. Hiding your mod because your chosen candidate lost isn't punishing anybody that cares or had anything to do with the election. It just doesn't make any sense.

  • ThatCrazyDrunk

    Is it possible to remove the tamed giants and wolfs and the mages and all of that bullshit ?

  • Kastrenzo

    mod is dead because author is a crybaby and removed it from circulation.

  • Daffy Duke of León

    2nd or 3rd playthrough? Haha ok

  • lord felniir

    Can someone please port this to xbox please

  • doespoopiscool?

    Why the fuck did the author take it down? Because of a presidential election? Who cares? What does it have to do with real life?

  • Matt Allen

    2 bad it no longer exists as the author got butthurt that thankfully Hitlery Cunton lost the election

  • Hanfox

    "The file you requested was not found in our database." D:

  • Alfonso Pulido Luján

    Long life to the Empire

  • Collin Skone

    Well, I mean, the Stormcloaks aren't exactly the most open-minded of individuals. So it doesn't make much sense to add diversity.

  • PaganWolf

    Too bad the guy who made it is a fucking moron who removed the mod over Trump winning the presidency.

  • Lloyd Nix

    This is alot like the cut content which is nice. But will it include recruiting and stuff?

  • Sam Scholdner

    so let me get this straight This mod author is going to punish the skyrim modding community because of the results of an election? what a beta male cuckold bitchboy. cant video games remain unpolitical ?

  • Shady Vladimir

    Fast forward to late 2017. The mod always remained buggy. Some major bugs were fixed, however the author blamed users for most of the bugs, and was a dick about it when experienced people told him/her that the mod contains bugs. The author got offended by users and the election, decided to be a dick about it and removed his/her mods. About a month ago was the last time we heard of him/her.'s clear that this author has some serious problems. Hiis/Her mods have also been posted countless times to multiple sources (, r/modpiracy, many mega links also exist).

  • Alberto Batres

    this mod its not available anymore

  • Vasilijan Nikolovski

    I just heard the reason why the author disabled the mod and woooooooow is he/she is retarded, hard to imagine someone so stupid could make a cool mod.

  • Raven 3-1

    the mod was removed from nexus?

  • Fox Jerky

    this faggot legit took the mod down because he disagrees with trump. look at the difference this libtard makes.

  • Sicky

    Is this still taken down, since the election is over?Also, the mod author is a piece of shit.

  • Shoowi Kaczynski

    Hey so what if we already did the civil war shit and have just discovered this mod.....?

  • Diego Alvarez

    I'm curious, if you do end up losing the war? how does the game play afterwords

  • CannonFodder

    ayyy baby you want some BgCcck?

  • some fancy guy

    "Another town needs our help, il mark it on your map."

  • The Brutal Bros

    A hold is under attack! I'll mark it on your map.

  • Safaetplayz

    I just love his outro

  • Shane Warren

    0:46 'Nearly all the soldiers are White Nords'... surprise! Pretty accurate considering Nords (Vikings) were White... Idiot

  • Ancap

    as the url says, apollodown is a big cuck. shadilay

  • Comical

    Too many white nords, gotta have some diversity.

  • DarkSentinel18

    is this on the skyrim special edition for xbox?

  • Raven 3-1

    this mod was taken down :(

  • TheNinja545

    A stormcloak mage, did you forget that nord's hate magic, and that stormcloak's are racist.

  • Big Texas

    >too many white nords>adds diversitywtf no. thats what the stormcloaks are all about..

  • Kyle Hogan

    D a M n S t O r M c L o A k S

  • Epic Mormon Brony

    whooooow. I just found out that the author refuses to allow downloads because he's apparently doing something for... well, to umbrella the term, LIBERALS FUCKING EVERYWHERE.Sarcasm aside, (s)he's apparently a feminist, Black Lies (not a typo) Matter support, and even a fucking Hillary supporter. Well, I'm honestly just more surprised that anybody on the Left had this kind of talent.

  • Big Tiddy

    Too bad the mod creator is a fucking loser and removes a fucking mod to protest the president

  • Hans Grab my Luger

    I see no problem with the stormcloaks being all white nords

  • Nick DeTingster

    "And as you can see, the AI of the npc's are improved" 30 seconds later, stormcloack mags runs right into enemies with swords

  • Pinochet69

    The "diversity" of this mod makes no fucking sense. I mean, it makes sense the legion would be multi-ethnic, but the Stormcloak cause is blatantly ethno-nationalist. Temporary mercenaries and allies from Hammerfell would make sense, but aside from that, the Stormcloak armies being anything less than 99% Nord isn't lore friendly. Argonians, Khajit or Dark Elves assisting the Stormcloak cause by their own choice is completely fucking absurd.

  • John Stark

    too bad the mod author took it down!!!!

  • 1oAce

    Mod author got made fun of on the internet and took down all his mods.... :[

  • HGVhGVxJY 4Cz2xD0


  • Magic Medic

    All this Pro-Trump screams in the comment section sound remarkably ironic now that he actually is president and delivering failure after failure. Sweet irony.

  • Sneaky Dab Emoji

    0:39 'Archers will provide covering fire from distance' - an archer literally just ran into you lol

  • dbelow _

    Brodual, you should really consider covering a relatively new mod called "Open civil war" which is alot like this one, only the author isn't a grandstanding political hackjob

  • Riley

    Still really glitchy

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