Skyrim Mod: Civil War Overhaul

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Civil War Overhaul

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  • Collin Skone

    Well, I mean, the Stormcloaks aren't exactly the most open-minded of individuals. So it doesn't make much sense to add diversity.

  • Miasimon

    And then the fun is ruined by the single dumbest reason that mankind could imagine... politics.So, fuck the Stormcloaks and fuck the Empire! I am a strong, independent Dovahkiin who don't need no allies!

  • Comical

    Too many white nords, gotta have some diversity.

  • HGVhGVxJY 4Cz2xD0


  • Cristian Rodríguez Drewko

    WTF? This mod is no longer avaiable because Trump won? It must to be other reason for removing this mod. I don't believe that the author is that stupid. It doesn't make any fucking sense.

  • Guy Buddy

    This mod author is a filthy milk drinker, keep your personal politics out of Skyrim, we've already got enough bullshit on our hands with dragons, Imperials, and Stormcloaks

  • Shoowi Kaczynski

    Hey so what if we already did the civil war shit and have just discovered this mod.....?

  • Alfonso Pulido Luján

    Long life to the Empire

  • vasishta pulijala

    Is this mod for the Xbox one?

  • Thugnificent

    I really wanted to play this :(

  • Joshua Seagondollar

    So apparently the recent election has spilled over into Skyrim mods.Damn shame, cause I was interested in trying this out (as I only completed the Civil War quest once to say I did it, then never did it again cause it bored me to tears). I was looking forward to a way to spice up the civil war, but I guess I'll have to keep searching since the author removed all his/her mods post election.

  • Alberto Batres

    this mod its not available anymore

  • Emil Rye

    Mediafire link to the mod:) you're welcome :D

  • Tony ZhAng


  • Dr. Plague

    Mod author got made fun of on the internet and took down all his mods.... :[

  • The Amazing Wall

    deletes many many hours of work in modding for a video game as protest against someone who doesn't even know what skyrim is

  • Grant Walter

    Is there a mods where there are more soldiers to each battle?

  • matthew spence hirst

    Will this come to Xbox one?

  • Raven 3-1

    the mod was removed from nexus?

  • Jerr Jerr

    another badass mod down the drain.and it have to do with voting. that an utter holocaust of serious bullshit.

  • Steve

    Wait, what was the point of even taking it down tor protest? what would that even accomplish?

  • Spicytoast

    Mod author made the mod private because of the US election? What a dumb fucking moron.

  • Leafy has #nochin

    What's the author's name?

  • LowTemp

    Does it work with the Warzones mod?

  • SageNode

    what happened to this mod? its not on the nexus anymore

  • Cancer Police

    I hope Trump deports the faggot author

  • video gamerx7

    Is this compatible with War Zones 2015?

  • Adam Doge

    Too bad the guy who made it is a fucking moron who removed the mod over Trump winning the presidency.

  • GodofGames2468

    too bad the maker took it down to protest Trumps presidency well, that's wat multiple people said

  • Squillium Fancyson

    The mod author took down all his mods and replaced them w/ #BlackLivesMatter, #LGBTRights, #OccupyWallStreet, #TransIsBeautiful, #YesAllWomen, #RefugeesWelcome, and #ImWithHer — stating that he’ll only re-add it on November 9th. He hasn't said anything since Trump won XD. Liberals.

  • Gaming Dragon

    why can't i download it pls can you give me the mod Brodual?

  • John Stark

    too bad the mod author took it down!!!!

  • Ancap

    as the url says, apollodown is a big cuck. shadilay

  • HipsTer_Miraak 63

    bethesda really dun goofed

  • heroherobaby TV

    I clicked the link and link said fuck off (file not found)

  • Thorulf Scottson

    The modder removed this one cause Hillary lost. Petty as fuck. Some of us don't even give a shit about politics, we just want to play a game. Looks like a good mod, but I'll never know because the modder's an immature twat.

  • Leo Torres

    is this mod demanding?

  • Shane Warren

    0:46 'Nearly all the soldiers are White Nords'... surprise! Pretty accurate considering Nords (Vikings) were White... Idiot

  • The Chronomancer

    Skyrim belongs to the Hist!

  • Elliott Gaming

    It was taken off the Nexus!

  • Safaetplayz

    I just love his outro

  • Hasse

    is it possible to get this mod anymore?

  • Fox Jerky

    this faggot legit took the mod down because he disagrees with trump. look at the difference this libtard makes.

  • Elliott Gaming

    Do they start attacking cities off screen even if you haven't started the civil war questline?

  • Magic Medic

    All this Pro-Trump screams in the comment section sound remarkably ironic now that he actually is president and delivering failure after failure. Sweet irony.

  • Godzilla52

    I'm really glad I downloaded this before the mod owner got rid of the link. Really think that its dickish when people decide to pull their mods like that. Especially when they're so popular.

  • Shoop da Whoop

    you can delete this video. the faggot mod author took it down,.

  • Tyrone Kleppinger

    is this mod comin for Xbox ?

  • Chris Welch

    he took his mods down because his protest over Donald Trump winning the election?? lmao thats just freaking funny

  • Luke Cagle

    Where is this mod now?

  • Nisa Jensen

    Damn I wanted to play his mods. he should of just maybe inserted some dialogues supporting his political views, instead of deleting all his mods. That way he can actually get his message across like he wanted to, because it's his mod and he can do what ever he pleases with it. But.....with what he did, we all lose.

  • ProMemeThief

    Too bad the mod creator is a fucking loser and removes a fucking mod to protest the president

  • Minecraft Maniac

    I wish there is a mod the lets dovahkin fight and kill both the imperials and the stormcloaks

  • sillyninja65

    if anyone still has this mod reupload to nexus, the author done a dick move and removed it all cuz donald trump became president

  • Dan Ramirez

    I was wondering why the mod was taken off the nexus, I come here only to find out that the mod author removes the mod because Hillary didn't win the election. I don't even live in America, Why am I getting punished for something so stupid?

  • Epic Mormon Brony

    whooooow. I just found out that the author refuses to allow downloads because he's apparently doing something for... well, to umbrella the term, LIBERALS FUCKING EVERYWHERE.Sarcasm aside, (s)he's apparently a feminist, Black Lies (not a typo) Matter support, and even a fucking Hillary supporter. Well, I'm honestly just more surprised that anybody on the Left had this kind of talent.

  • Original American

    Skyrim for the Argonians!!!!!

  • Anon Ymous

    Mod is kill.RIP mod.

  • Sicky

    Is this still taken down, since the election is over?Also, the mod author is a piece of shit.

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