THE GREATEST IDEA EVER? - Skyrim Mods - Week 218

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Outro song!

The Crossroads Inn by Kursan and Refurbmadness
Lind's Woodland Alchemist Dress by Lind001 - Lindsworkshop
OK_Custom Voice Followers by okame28
Tactical Valtheim by Epic Crab
Insanity Clause - A Christmas Quest. by DDProductions and Ryagard
  • Kurt Ironmonger

    She legit has a high pitch asian girl voice, i wouldnt call her a "Good voice actor" she has one voice and one vice alone.

  • MedAlex

    bleach soundtrack , LOTR soundtrack... subbed :D

  • TheLastButtholeDragon

    Henrietta.....hahahahaha I remember that name from one of his old vlogs lol

  • Daniel Kohls

    my skyrim wont start after installing some mods ;(

  • Its Me

    Henry you better reply to me

  • Its Me

    I time traveled from like ... 2010

  • Simply Patrick

    Damn, MxR you went from textures graphics and stuff to titties, boobies, and more boobies.

  • Rayne Vixen

    That.... is not a dress... a skirt and a crop top, barely... Bra maybe? But definitely not a dress 0.o!

  • Rama Jakaria

    Mod name on thumbnail please

  • FokkeWulfe

    That Tetrachromatic ENB, was not just confusing, but, honestly, a bit idiotic. I spent 15 minutes on the sight to download the extra mods I needed to use it, and never ended up with anything to download. I love the mod lists, and pretty much download whatever crops up in these videos for Skyrim, and I'm starting a pretty good Fallout 4 list, but that one... I don't know. I couldn't get anything to do anything.

  • Mike Leahy

    5:27Wait, Crossroads Inn was established in 4E 324, but Skyrim takes place in 4E 201.UNIMMERSIVE!

  • HoosierSons

    Were you playing ulqioras theme? Old howbto spell it lol. From bleach

  • Blash The Spartan

    mxr did someone steal your sweet roll

  • LTJ Production

    got an ad. seems like monetization for this vid is working

  • RidgeFireDragon

    I have that armor mod u r using for ur character, it was CIRI I believe

  • Yolo Prod

    Well in my game Sela is not dying anymore I don't know why... Maybe because we're married..

  • Ayato

    the mods on the thumbnail ?

  • Elias Meniar

    She is a girl and a cat, at THE SAME TIME

  • Michelle Sanctuary

    this channel is beautifully pervert, we love this channel so much.

  • Inferno Slayer69

    i like the lord of the rings backround music in the videos.

  • Jarrod Lehman

    Anyone else see him get launched at 3:18?

  • WillVP

    Please tell me what the player home was in the woodland alchemist dress clip

  • Deathburn

    5 year old grandfather

  • 댜덧쥬

    Noemie means "no mother" in Korea and is a widely used insult lol

  • Zoe Patterson

    you sound like pewdiepie

  • hjgfehfaf gdsghgh

    Can someone please tell me what armour she's wearing at 5:14

  • Rama Jakaria

    mod name in thumbnail pls

  • Chase Dickson

    The crossroads inn is from the witcher 3

  • Resolving Paradox 13 (RP13)

    Followers that die are a dying breed!" LOL No shit

  • Eugene C.

    f*cking wiabu hahahaha that's funny hahahah xD

  • Matthew Blu

    Gophers voice is kreygasm

  • Felix Godoy

    I started to watch this series from newer to older (including the 5 revisited videos), and at this point, I had already doubled my Skyrim game folder size.

  • Zack Maxwell

    He knows when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake. Do whatever the #$%^ he says, or he'll cut you like a cake.

  • jake anderson

    ya there ant they try to cast a man as a bitch one more time im gonna shoot em for wasting my time

  • jake anderson

    ya there ant they try to cast a man as a bitch one more time im gonna shoot em for wasting my time

  • 18wheard

    did i hear the bleach soundtrack in this video

  • Chad Hyder

    Hi MxR Mods which mod was the one the added different variations of the original armor of skyrim

  • maidik

    Anybody know if OK_CUSTOM VOICE FOLLOWERS is on xbox? I'm one of the weeaboos he mentioned

  • Daltion Smith

    what mod is that scythe from???

  • bradley kane

    looks like a slooty link mod

  • austin post

    Some of these arent on xbox

  • fitzsimmons4545

    What was that music while he was reviewing tactical valtheim sounds really familiar

  • Silenx

    I've played insanity clause before I saw this lmaoLove it. XD

  • Necro Pro

    lol fuck sounds like gopher

  • Evan Day

    The dark elf looks like Midna

  • eli

    Almost in every fucking door there has to be a loading screen one time there was this seethrough door so when i see seethrough doors i'm like okay this can't be a loading screen door and it fucking was like skyrim you make me ashamed because i buyed you...

  • Kizito Dickson

    are you ever gonna finish enderal

  • //Haley MSP//

    What level are you on on skyrim? I'm literally on level 10 ._.

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