THE GREATEST IDEA EVER? - Skyrim Mods - Week 218

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Outro song!

The Crossroads Inn by Kursan and Refurbmadness
Lind's Woodland Alchemist Dress by Lind001 - Lindsworkshop
OK_Custom Voice Followers by okame28
Tactical Valtheim by Epic Crab
Insanity Clause - A Christmas Quest. by DDProductions and Ryagard
  • Masamuni

    the mods on the thumbnail ?

  • Nick Julian

    being an otaku myself, i lost my shit laughing to this episode

  • Lea K.

    Ok but what is that magical weapon/staff/thingie at 10:05??

  • Dave Unger

    is Henrietta voice acted by Banana Man maybe?

  • austin post

    Some of these arent on xbox

  • Its Me

    I time traveled from like ... 2010

  • Nathan Webster

    Is there a English dub?

  • Resolving Paradox 13 (RP13)

    Followers that die are a dying breed!" LOL No shit

  • Anirudha Mahindrakar

    Mxr which mod did you used for your female character?

  • Its Me

    Henry you better reply to me

  • fitzsimmons4545

    What was that music while he was reviewing tactical valtheim sounds really familiar

  • Eugene C.

    f*cking wiabu hahahaha that's funny hahahah xD

  • WillVP

    Please tell me what the player home was in the woodland alchemist dress clip

  • General Kalani

    What was the song you used for the Valtheim mod?

  • That one american

    Why isn't firefly the opposite of waterfall

  • luc lloyd

    is there some mods for a race quest were you could unlock special and exlusive race talents, skills, spells, weapons, etc. . .?

  • Scriptomancer

    Omigosh, what is that circlet at :55? It's so pretty! Also, Tactical Valtheim would fit so nice in my current playthrough! Definitely downloading that.

  • maidik

    Anybody know if OK_CUSTOM VOICE FOLLOWERS is on xbox? I'm one of the weeaboos he mentioned

  • jake anderson

    ya there ant they try to cast a man as a bitch one more time im gonna shoot em for wasting my time

  • Rama Jakaria

    Mod name on thumbnail please

  • Blah Blah

    "They aren't essential, that's a dying breed of followers."Nice play on words mxr.

  • Zack Maxwell

    He knows when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake. Do whatever the #$%^ he says, or he'll cut you like a cake.

  • Mike Leahy

    5:27Wait, Crossroads Inn was established in 4E 324, but Skyrim takes place in 4E 201.UNIMMERSIVE!

  • johnny blaze

    what? 9:27 santa gopher?

  • LTJ Production

    got an ad. seems like monetization for this vid is working

  • Dave Sulphate

    lol "shameless pug"

  • H DH

    What is the music used?

  • Jahannie Ayala

    "Put a ring kn that bitch, marry the shit out of her"😂😂😂

  • 댜덧쥬

    Noemie means "no mother" in Korea and is a widely used insult lol

  • Wolfwarrior beast ninja

    Is it wrong that I want to play and or watch Lord of the ring now? Because I do and u do p.s like if you agree

  • My opinion is stupid And doesn't matter but

    U rlly jus spoiled r1

  • Matthew Blu

    Gophers voice is kreygasm

  • Soul Nibbler

    I swear to god this guy has the same fucking voice as pewdiepie wtf

  • Elias Meniar

    She is a girl and a cat, at THE SAME TIME

  • Rama Jakaria

    mod name in thumbnail pls

  • Florin Stîngă

    What mods are good for graphic for npc and character to look better

  • Hentai Haven

    Did he voice henrietta???

  • ᅚᅚSpreyzZ

    Can someone tell me who the grill in the thumbnail is?

  • //Haley MSP//

    What level are you on on skyrim? I'm literally on level 10 ._.

  • Simply Patrick

    Damn, MxR you went from textures graphics and stuff to titties, boobies, and more boobies.

  • Turtle Emperor

    my skyrim wont start after installing some mods ;(

  • Waffle Kitsune

    1:53 I'd probably use him since I'm probably the only girl here on this channel-

  • Kris

    Almost in every fucking door there has to be a loading screen one time there was this seethrough door so when i see seethrough doors i'm like okay this can't be a loading screen door and it fucking was like skyrim you make me ashamed because i buyed you...

  • Felix Godoy

    I started to watch this series from newer to older (including the 5 revisited videos), and at this point, I had already doubled my Skyrim game folder size.

  • Johnathan Jones Llanos

    No thumbs because I didn't wanna download any of the mods BUTT!!! I though of a mod to develop that I cant (because I'm lazy not creative and... Welllll... Lazy... Also computer... Um not... Good.) Life of skyrim mod. Become the ruler of all skyrim. You start as the ruler of whiterun or Riverwood (depending on your difficulty) You have the ability to start wars with other holds and can make different and better guards and/soldiers. For example long, mid, and short range. Static and/or dynamic. Large siege weapons or small versatile weapons a.k.a. Infiltrators. You can choose to Infiltrate on your own and simply take the throne through sheer sneaky...ness. Or command troops as a king or general would. Or even a bit of both. Also there will be small things (at least small to the casual gamer) that will effect the battles such as how much your soldiers celebrate after each battle and what rewards they get an much more. I would very much like (if you so choose to use this idea. Pls do lol) to be able to help with decisions on these things. Even if it's small decisions. Idgaf Lmao. Imma be rubber solong as I getta lil shout out or not. No fucks ever givin. Anyways many more ideas if you want or don't. Like I said no fucks givin.

  • Mizar's Games

    Hey ads are back on MxR mods, does that mean MxR gets the money or is YouTube ripping him off.

  • jake anderson

    ya there ant they try to cast a man as a bitch one more time im gonna shoot em for wasting my time

  • Vinsu Braun

    Whats your installed graphics mod & texture mods in that video?really need to know please. i want my skyrim to look like that too

  • Mia. W

    0:59 what armour is that 😎

  • Nymphonomicon

    Jimi asks too many damned questions... that must be who Santa wants you to kill.

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