THE GREATEST IDEA EVER? - Skyrim Mods - Week 218

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Outro song!

The Crossroads Inn by Kursan and Refurbmadness
Lind's Woodland Alchemist Dress by Lind001 - Lindsworkshop
OK_Custom Voice Followers by okame28
Tactical Valtheim by Epic Crab
Insanity Clause - A Christmas Quest. by DDProductions and Ryagard
  • Kurt Ironmonger

    She legit has a high pitch asian girl voice, i wouldnt call her a "Good voice actor" she has one voice and one vice alone.

  • bradley kane

    looks like a slooty link mod

  • ScorpiousDelectus

    2017 dude. Gay? Have a dislike.

  • Evan Day

    The dark elf looks like Midna

  • MedAlex

    bleach soundtrack , LOTR soundtrack... subbed :D

  • viking king

    I'm the greatest

  • TheLastButtholeDragon

    Henrietta.....hahahahaha I remember that name from one of his old vlogs lol

  • Michael Vinicius

    what's that enb he showed in 0:18

  • Jarrod Lehman

    Anyone else see him get launched at 3:18?

  • Kiriel Branson

    What armor is Alexandra wearing? The blue with the gold shoulder chain or lace? Please tell me that is armor and not clothes. She is wearing it at 1:00

  • Midnight Reaper

    "if your an otaku or a fucking weaboo." this made my day.

  • FokkeWulfe

    That Tetrachromatic ENB, was not just confusing, but, honestly, a bit idiotic. I spent 15 minutes on the sight to download the extra mods I needed to use it, and never ended up with anything to download. I love the mod lists, and pretty much download whatever crops up in these videos for Skyrim, and I'm starting a pretty good Fallout 4 list, but that one... I don't know. I couldn't get anything to do anything.

  • ThePyrofessional

    Gopher is Santa confirmed

  • Chase Dickson

    The crossroads inn is from the witcher 3

  • Michelle Sanctuary

    this channel is beautifully pervert, we love this channel so much.

  • 댜덧쥬

    Noemie means "no mother" in Korea and is a widely used insult lol

  • Rikkidi

    what texture mod are you using?

  • jay jerana

    I have that armor mod u r using for ur character, it was CIRI I believe

  • Einfallslose

    What armor is that at 1:02? It looks gorgeous, but I have no idea where to find it.

  • Master Beef

    My name is Henry and all my friends at school call me Henrietta

  • Blash The Spartan

    mxr did someone steal your sweet roll

  • The Bukkakian From The Planet Dillhole

    4:20 Oh traveling with Requiem's gonna be a hoot now. Those fuckers have one-shot exploding dwarven arrows. It's like that blot out the sun scene in 300, but shields suck balls.I guess all the arrows go to your knees. Then you blow up.....I want some lindor truffles in my mouth... ;_;

  • NNaemo

    After listening to K-Pop for about 2 years and seeing how young every Asian person with makeup looks, no age looks questionable to me

  • Kizito Dickson

    are you ever gonna finish enderal

  • Deathburn

    5 year old grandfather

  • NotSo Realist

    I'm sorry mxr, If anyone is looking for a place to study dovahzul: - I will update everyday. I hope to rebuild this strong dovahzul community.

  • Johannes

    What is that ENB please what he talked about in the beginning? <3

  • Coral Limhyun

    Наташа... м-да, японцы всегда изображают русских неграми с серебряными волосами :)

  • MisterDuckyGaming

    what character graphics do you have

  • zoe khemeron

    you sound like pewdiepie

  • DELTA A17

    oh my god... tactical valtheim has to be one of my most favorite mods of all time

  • Rayne Vixen

    That.... is not a dress... a skirt and a crop top, barely... Bra maybe? But definitely not a dress 0.o!

  • Daltion Smith

    what mod is that scythe from???

  • Chad Hyder

    Hi MxR Mods which mod was the one the added different variations of the original armor of skyrim

  • WillVP

    Please tell me what the player home was in the woodland alchemist dress clip

  • HoosierSons

    Were you playing ulqioras theme? Old howbto spell it lol. From bleach

  • 18wheard

    did i hear the bleach soundtrack in this video

  • Tatsusama

    "If you're an Otaku, or a fucking weeaboo, this is the mod for you." I love how much hate and disgust went into that word xD I had to pause the video cuz I was crying

  • Necro Pro

    lol fuck sounds like gopher

  • Silenx

    I've played insanity clause before I saw this lmaoLove it. XD

  • hjgfehfaf gdsghgh

    Can someone please tell me what armour she's wearing at 5:14

  • • AR • Productions

    haha Still loving it :) Keep it up

  • R3tr0001

    yoooooo its Gopher !!!!!! santa is Gopher hahahaha fckin beautiful

  • Inferno *

    i like the lord of the rings backround music in the videos.

  • Yolo Prod

    Well in my game Sela is not dying anymore I don't know why... Maybe because we're married..

  • Croz

    MxR can you please tell me what your grass mod is i cant get a good grass mod and im wanting your recommendation

  • Ai- Chan

    mxr did you get the weird gray flashing spots on the skyrim special edition? if so how do you get rid of them?

  • OceanSentinel


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