Skyrim - Top 20 Best Armor Mods of All Times

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Welcome! Showcase for 20 best ever made armor mods for Skyrim according to your truly - from 2011 to 2017, from light to heavy, male and female, vanilla armors retextures and standalone sets - all the best in one video.

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==== MODS ====
Aesir Armor:
Armor of Intrigue:
Artifacts - The Breton Paladin:
Breton Knight:
Contractor and Mavari Armors:
Daedric Reaper Armor:
Dark Brotherhood HD armor retexture:
Demon Hunter Armor:
Dragon Carved Armor Set:
DreamBurrows Regal Huntsman Armor:
Evil MasterMind Armor:
Immersive Armors:
Medusa Drakul armors:
Resplendent Armor and Greatsword:
Silver Dragon Armor:
Tembtra Thief Armor:
The Gifts of Akatosh:
Thieves Guild Armor HD revival:
Warmonger Armory:
Zerofrost Mythical Armors and Dragon:

==== MUSIC ====
Jeremy Soule - Sovngarde
Vindsvept - As the Smoke Clears:
Vindsvept - Satyr:
Vindsvept - In Honour of the King:
Jeremy Soule - Nerevar Rising
Laura Platt - Dragonborn:

I do not own Skyrim or Skyrim mods. All credits go to Bethesda. Thank you for all the TES series. Also tonns of thanks to all modders and Nexusmods community who made next-gen Skyrim possible. Cheers!
  • bobby ray

    Basically the same armors in any other video

  • Jennifer English

    Half this video showed privates

  • TheFatKoala 22

    Is this just for pc or is it also console?

  • Potato Flopper

    Anyone else listening to death metal pizza and senpai while watching this video

  • Till Colman

    Dude wait 1 seconde ur sick!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it

  • Moustache Moustache

    the sword at 1:33 is the sword on the creation club

  • Kenny Warrick

    What was the first song

  • Knightmare 417

    At 10:34 what mod is he using for the great sword idle stance?

  • Bruce Leeroy

    The best ones just had to be made by zerforst. He's good at what he does but he's a narcissistic asshole

  • ASavageSandwich

    Anyone know if the Silver Dragon will come to the Xbone version?

  • Nikola Petrović

    I am done with Skyrim, now i just wan't to play Skywind. Other than that i am not interested in it anymore.

  • Davin Stott

    Its too bad the paladin one sucks

  • 1234bunda

    Who did this has the skill

  • Osiris Ramirez

    Hola este set de armaduras son solo en PC o están disponible también en el ps4, son con mod, cómo se Llama la canción del principio,

  • Andreas Walle Johansen

    So many cool armor mods and not only those same top 10 armours to. great video with good showcase of the texture of the armor

  • Wind Off

    I wish the silver dragon armor was available for sse

  • Thick Thighs Save Lives

    10:34 how do you get him to hold his sword like that?

  • Alexander Rüffer

    + everything from deserter x (nsk13)

  • Marox956

    Hair mod when contractor shows up please?

  • CrossRyuSpartan 12

    hi men i new in your can do a video how like this with all the armors in skyrimplease ?i try to do a closplay with mi girfriend and i liked do the best armor and you can show how see the armor en male and femalethanks!

  • Quantum Fusion

    Is the deadric Reaper armor only for females?

  • Jerry Carroll

    Are these armours mod for ps4

  • Luca Tomaselli

    I can use this mod in ps4?

  • Some One

    Eww. Four ads in one video. uBlock powers, activate!

  • Program Hacker

    CreationClub. Made them all unusable Help :( I want those :(

  • ivan kolesnikov

    Скайрим уже давно канул в прошлое, игра без начала и конца. Без какого либо смысла!

  • Alberto Parodi

    Are only for pc this mods?

  • Phantom Zone 40215

    What swords are used in the video

  • danlinkGamer 58

    Like si eres ruiseñor

  • Gilbert Nieto

    What mods do you use to get that graphics quality? It looks crisp.

  • Daan

    omg the medusa one is beast !!

  • Jamie Karas Jr.

    What holster mod we're you using for your wepaon

  • Tim Engman

    Bethesda needs to hire better armor designers I mean look at these beasts

  • Level Fat man joy

    Xbox one people the only one you can get here is The gifts of Akatosh

  • Juan Wessels

    Great showcase and video altogether. I've been modding for quite a while and it's nice to know there are always more mods out there to continue improving my game experience. Thumbs up.

  • TheSaltMaker

    God bless that guy who created Nexusmods

  • Daniel Taylor

    That's a weird place to put a skull

  • Black Thunder

    Is the breton knight armour light or heavy?

  • Black Thunder

    And also will these mods work on skyrim legendary edition?

  • Sinitar Gaming

    Some other mods used:Royal Armory (weapons): ENB:

  • King Monkey

    Some of these Armor mods were so beautiful that I almost cried.


    What mod did you use to get the 1h swords on the back? I keep looking and can't find anything (but I'm on Xbox so that might be the issue)

  • Bruce Leeroy

    Just love how the best looking ones r for pc only.... fucking disappointing

  • Theoretically Your wrong

    I like mods like these but i never get them when im playing seriously because they do look waaaay to unrealistic compared to the vanilla armor sets in the game, i do want to comment that you should do both genders for every set just to see how it looks on both ends

  • Leon Diehl

    Wait...there are male armor mods?

  • Great Bonzo

    DreamBurrows Regal Huntsman Armour is my favourite by far

  • Lord Moose

    I'm surprised the Ursine Armor isn't here.

  • Anonymousgaming

    Only cool one was the very first one

  • Jason Steele

    Subbed just for the music. No, some good ideas in the video. Thanks, man.

  • Adoring Fan

    Does anyone know how to get the Tembtra theif armor through steam?

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