Skyrim Mod: Landlord - Build a Property Empire

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The fantastic Musical Lore by Nir Shor -
CC BY 3.0 -
  • derek Paulsen

    Why is the mod not working for me

  • AfterHours Gaming

    Great video! I do wish you would've government the trade routes more, but seriously enjoyed the content!

  • Alex Skutnick

    Yes.... And you make an entire video of a mod review. Yet dont tell us where to go to start it. Wonderful. Kys.

  • Jacob Kirk

    Does this mod have a SE version for PC?I already have to many mods and it makes my game crash now and then but I want this one as well

  • Warden Cancer

    I got this mod on Xbox one and it doesn’t have that many options

  • Xenovista

    So it's like Fable.

  • Spencer Leisch

    Yes! I can make the Angry Capitalist character. He bought the food you eat. He bought the air you breathe. He owns you, your house, and you pets. HE MAKES MORE MONEY THAN GOD.

  • Tsar Gopnik

    seeing nazeem in the rags sold the mod for me.

  • RoboKnight750

    Is this available on console

  • Gobi

    Ancaps: heavy breathing

  • Ansixi

    I combined this mod, bought everything, high rent, became high king of skyrim, turned skyrim communist

  • Charlie smith

    Where is the bank house

  • That Sodding Gamer

    Seems like Landlord on Special Edition is set to hidden now? that kind of sucks....

  • Anime Uchiha

    when the jarl's say now go I have a kingdom to run I run most of skyrims business

  • Callum Shamwana

    1:00Well. No market climbing for us Altmer then.Damn.

  • Gathoblaster

    Now I will definitly make a kajiit business man

  • Trygve Dalen

    I play Skyrim SE, does there exist a Special edition version too?

  • The Jabby

    whats that texture mod called

  • EpicMickey

    yo what is that sick outro song?

  • Albertus VanLubeeck

    I absolutely love the concept of this mod, and its possibilities are vests. I'd really like to see the ability to purchase mines, and pay employees to harvest the Ore.

  • InBassWeTrust

    I've noticed a certain sway to Brodual's camera in normal gameplay. It's obviously a mod of course, but what's it called. I've googled some keywords but to no avail. Anybody know what mod it is?

  • Ewan Happy

    Yes naziem I do get to the cloud district often I go there to FUCK YOUR WIFE

  • Blake Gerber

    Alright, I have a problem, I can buy the place, but that's all. No hiring mercenaries or extra workers. No collecting money from them after a few days I don't think I even got a radiant quest that they need help.

  • MineGamer 14939

    is there any way to retrieve a property title if I had hypothetically thrown it away?

  • CaptainRed1000

    Description advertises G2A. Fuck off.

  • Janszky József

    Enploye-s reset in a week it is a known bug but i never found a fix for it. Can somebody help me?

  • Xherdos

    what is the mod called for the Enemy healthbar?

  • Mr. Peace

    What is that camera mod

  • Hunter Gutierrez

    I was so mad this wasn't on PS4 😱

  • Tony Wolf

    Another Settlement need your help!!

  • batuhan dogru

    when darkbrother hood already make you more richer than all jarls of skyrim

  • Tutoi 3

    (After I watched Medici master of Florence well I really wanted to have my own landowning empire and a giant familly!!!)So yea this mod is a step in the right direction!

  • Decio Neto

    What mods are you using for the FPS camera and for the Enemies HP?

  • Grant Walter

    This combined with drug lord, bandit, guild starter, and build your own town mod=Maffia Crime Boss Role-Play

  • Def not a mouse Stop asking

    Sounds like the economic system from daggefall but improved, by not being broken

  • Djenco

    can this work on skyrim se if you port it over with no skse

  • leon jabs

    Can anyone tell me what graphic mod he use?

  • Fabrizio Illuminati

    "Do you visit the Cloud District very often? Oh what am I saying, of course you-""I HAVE MORE MONEY THAN YOU"

  • William Wyatt Earnshaw

    I have no idea how you play in first person view with whatever mod is making it look like you're constantly drunk. That would drive me crazy in minutes.

  • Amentallyillfemalegenitaliasadlybornwithout Aspine

    I came to this world to get away from rent and taxes I stayed to dish out rent and taxes

  • jona312312

    employees reset after a week time or spent is gone.

  • Joseph Schnabel

    Is this mod compatible with re-real estate mod

  • Serbian Crusader

    Nazeem: " Do you get to the cloud district often?"Me: " I own the cloud district."

  • nieznanyfrytek

    So my father gave me a small loan of milion septims...

  • CommunistPanda

    Am i the only one that didnt know "Nazeem" was mean?

  • Hunter Gutierrez

    I wish this was on PS4 😭

  • Dank Potatoes

    0:28 Bottom right corner:-So are you a Dunmer, an Altmer or a Nord?-Im not sure

  • 1oAce

    Id like some training... 250 gold... Id like to train you.. 500 gold.

  • Skit Son

    what texture mod is this?

  • Martin Schimmel

    How is the healthbar-mod called at 1:41?

  • Grant Walter

    Man fuck this. Its WAY different on Xbox. You have to store items in your bank account, such as gems and things like that, and then your account will increase its value but it has to be over 6000 gold for it to have that small bonus. You cant even hire employees for your propertys. nor can you even collect income! (i think they are fixing that though)

  • noah jariett

    is there a steam version?

  • Fewlix

    You see name and health above enemies , what mod is that , please help , i want it , thank you

  • Limon Khan

    another kulak for the gulag

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