Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 50 : Halls of Dovahndor and Hunters Cabin of Riverwood

Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 50 : Halls of Dovahndor and Hunters Cabin of Riverwood

Mods covered in this video:
1. Halls of Dovahndor (0:50) :
2. Hunters Cabin of Riverwood (6:10) :

Skyrim Mod Sanctuary - Nexus page for posting images:

Thumbnail image for this video is 'End' courtesy of kaldaar. Check out the above link to see it.

Mods used in taking this video:
1. Immersive HUD - iHUD :

Visual mods used in this video include:
1. Realistic Lighting With Customization :
2. DYNAVISION - Dynamic Depth of Field :
3. Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM :

The music playing is the Sons of Skyrim from the official trailer.

This video is in no way associated or approved by Bethesda and is intended for non commercial educational purposes only.

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  • Peter Barnes

    Good point. Maybe like a quest that involves you "dying" once that starts the quest and then once you beat the quest you teleport back to where you died with a spell or something to get back to the house

  • Atom Force

    Dovahndor - conveniently located in Narnia. 2 great businesses under 1 wardrobe

  • Svenner

    That hunter cabin is beautiful. Definitely going to use it with my Hunter/Adventurer character.

  • Beleroy

    Thanks Gopher, I'm really impressed by Dovahndor! Will install it :)

  • elviade

    Reply to Emikl L - I also thot of WoW not b/c of the Portal entrance but the floating isles in the sky with streams of water remind me of Nagrand on Draenor. I don't think Sovngarde had suspended space rocks(?).

  • Digital Cleaner

    They don't cut the price on DLC's as often as the actual game. Not all the DLC's are worth it, but I LOVE Dawnguard. As far as Dragonbourne goes, I am still waiting for my flying dragon in skyrim, it never came.

  • HV

    I hope you're being sarcastic .

  • Munitia Blastpaw

    Gopher, I'm glad I'm not the only one who is cursed with an unfixable shadow striping.

  • kiiper13

    well you can make them get there via the portal thing

  • Robert Farcingtin

    I thought there would be npcs called hero/warrior or maybe other dovahkins from the past their :p would've been cool

  • Digital Cleaner

    I totally disagree with this statement. Dawnguard is the best DLC out for Skyrim. Adds a ton of content, and if you like vampires it is a steel at 20 bucks. Youa re fucking high on crack. Some of the mods coming out are awesome, like "castle volkihar redux" on steam and nexus.

  • Peter Barnes

    How awesome would it be if you had to die in order to enter the sovengarde home.

  • Thukad

    Where is this portal to Dovahndor?  I can't find it anywhere.  

  • Hi

    Were is the portal located?

  • Zach Nightingale

    8:00: "Get away from everything" lives a few meters from Riverwood, Bleak Falls Barrow, Whiterun and Helgen

  • Sentient

    You should look at the Deus Mons mod. It lets you add servants and other people to your castle.

  • Digital Cleaner

    IMO, Dawnguard is worth the measly $20 for what you get.Which is two long and very interesting quest lines (playing slayer or vampire) and the NPC's (such as Serana) are more interesting. Heck, I'd problably even like to fuck Valerica, what a MILF, ya.

  • Endervin

    Just a big ******g spoiler on Sovnegard, Gopher. I love you, sorry for dirty words but I am really frustrated about that... hoped to see it myself someday, when I finally manage my mods :D

  • knell18897

    Uhhh..........he didn't caring sweetroll he place it in the cage chain inside another cage

  • endme

    Don't forget the armor set! Come on man, you can use that boat too. And besides, horse armor was worth $20 but they made it lower, why would this be worth any less?

  • omnomburgur

    The halls of Dovahndor should e filled with a bunch of warriors and spirits that live with you. It'd make the whole place a lot less empty and it'd be amazing.

  • CymruHunter

    You want to retire to a small picturesque cabin near Riverwood? Screw that I worked hard to kill Alduin I deserve the Halls of Dovahndor

  • Nathan Ritson

    Does hunters cbain of riverwood clash with corners of skyrim?

  • TheTechPoTaToCHIP

    because the guards use dragonbone weapons and dragonbone weapons are only added by dawnguad

  • Brian T-C

    I felt like gopher was trying to sell me the hunters cabin...

  • Spectrum

    reminds me of Valhalla

  • Patrick Apostol

    Wow! Dovahndor is looking freaking amazing!!It's a shame.. I like roleplaying Nomad characters..:(

  • TheUnamedHero

    The cabin looks great. I prefer the subtle look. Not sure about all the bones though,

  • Scarx2gt

    I am studying in England so I have to pay in pounds...which costs a bit more due to the conversion rate. If I was in a non-official region where the prices are just the same as NA then I would consider buying it. Also don't the Steam summer sales put everything on sale?

  • xhiphoptherobotx

    Are there any player home mods that are compatible with Hearthfire? I'd really like a player home that my kids/spouse/housecarl/pet could move into. I just don't use them otherwise. It would also be really nice to be able to adopt more than 2 kids and keep them in other houses or the same house. Even with Heartfire only you can have 4-5 extra beds, but only 2 kids. The sob stories get me, what can I say. Surely some modder has seen this as an opportunity, right?

  • Jarl Ballin

    It's there now. Heroes of Sonvgarde fill the halls, as well as some old friends from Oblivion. I will not spoil the reunion.

  • adam wickens

    riverwood is overrated. 

  • DerpyHands

    You should go into real-estate 

  • robobrain44449

    The followers who fall in battle should live in Dovahndor

  • Bob30737

    There is already a mod for that....but to do that you need to have finished the main quest.

  • josh valenti

    it's for the underground area and the portal

  • Scarx2gt

    Well if you want more good games you have to accept their money whoreness...I mean a lot of these game companies are going bankrupt.

  • Brycen Coy

    Because it uses dawnguard stuff

  • Scarx2gt

    I am waiting for the Steam sales in hopes for the DLCs getting a discount lol

  • cristian .martinez

    No one had the idea of combine the this mod with the Sleeping Tree Sanctuary? The hall would be the main building, the main palace, and the Sanctuary it would be the private quarters.

  • elviade

    The bones in the Antechamber of the Fallen appear to be a whale(?). The final hall has all the statues of the daedric princes and the statue of the Falmer. The Secret Sanctuary under the Hall is a Nightingale Enclave. 

  • LordBloodySoul

    So beautiful X3 Both look so awesome in their own ways :3

  • Slut Dispenser

    Am I the only one who though Zeal from Chrono Trigger?

  • 0GregorSchultz0

    soo....why did you got Skyrim?! :D

  • Dbzlotrfan M

    Bigger on the inside?

  • ChaoticEntity

    The Halls of Dovahndor mod is probably the most badass housing mod I've ever seen.

  • S3PT1M1

    this has actually earned a second comment- STOP MAKING MY LOAD ORDER HUGE GOPHER. dont actually stop tho :P

  • S3PT1M1

    ok, normally im kind of iffy on player home mods, but odly BOTH of these seemed like something i would actually use. obviously the cabin early game, and Dovahndor as a very very late game. but i really like them both. i find the idea of dovahndor really interesting, sort of like a hero equivalent to your own plane of oblivion, as you are (superlate game) pretty much the most legendary hero ever, as you stoped the end of time basically, so its a glorious over the top home gifted to you by the gods. absolutely love it

  • Niki Amber

    i spent that 20$ To. and i was glad that i did i get like 100% more mods to see

  • Aslan Lions

    Hi Gopher , you bro ! Make my skyrim look better than never ! Thank you ! Subscribed .

  • GiaNTfiRe GamING

    4:44 thumbs up if u closed your eyes

  • Amberlyn0007

    uh...I hope there's another mod to come to life then. I got virtual children to think about here.

  • Alpha King Atticus

    You gave away the game. I've probly made 100 Characters and only gotten to past the Thalmore Embassy misson 15 times.

  • Madi Amber

    i love Dawnguard. ive spent all my time on it now In vanilla All i did was run around and Murder. With dawnguard i actually feel up to questing

  • Charccy

    A dream comes true .. from the carriage in Helgen, straight to Sovngarde. Aka, to finish the game before it started.

  • BrokenArm TV

    can you actually put armor on those giant mannequins

  • Niki Amber

    i spent that 20$ To. and i was glad that i did i get like 100% more mods to see

  • ArcDragon6713

    I know of a pretty cool player home. It's called Alastherium, and you find it on the path to High Hrothgar. It's pretty cool so I think you should check it out.

  • Slothlyhood

    When I made my player home, it was on Solstheim. To make it accessible, I only loaded Dragonborn and Skyrim to make it. But I guess modders can do what they want, I just think it's better to make it as accessible as possible. It would be a lot better if mod authors had time to make a non-DLC version if the DLC is not required to use the mod.

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