Skyrim Mod: Familiar Faces

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Familiar Faces
Intro/Outro Music:
CC BY 3.0 -
  • What are you fucking gay


  • Captain Holliday

    I used FudgeMuppets Centurion to meet Their Cyromancer!!

  • Hjalti Early-Beard aka Tiber Septim

    my nord dragonslayer will befriend with my khajiit daedric warrior and we'll create a gang with my high elf vampire, my bosmer hunter, my argonian assassin and my breton battlemage

  • Vmeoh x

    This should be on xbone

  • XxSpartanKillerxX

    I want to see this mod come out to Xbox for special edition

  • kostas oikonomou

    I can't get the portal stone for some reason

  • The Eggplant Mage

    (insert obvious joke here)

  • Agent Washingtub

    Will this be ported to console?

  • Cr1mson 1

    i'm guessing this is not on xbone

  • Dire Wolf games

    So Just found this, I would sell my soul to get this on Console!

  • back off my meme stash

    Does anybody know of a mod where I can just pick my separate characters without trying to find each one's individual save file.

  • DeathIsLight

    do they have a voice type?

  • FluffyTurbo

    JContainers is needed and is unavailable due to a virus

  • Dremora Warlord

    And now to have an entire fucking army of one person. Thanks, mod maker!

  • Jordan Frederickson

    what visual mods are you using

  • PeirceTheChemicalBlackVeil

    When I enter it the character I already saved isn't working for other characters.

  • MrSeeq12

    tfw I lost my older saves and now I've only got my 62 lvl Breton

  • Nebby

    All the best mods are on the nexus

  • the Were Dragon

    now if i could only get my first skyrim charater of my xbox and put it in the shrine :,(

  • Jermar Makins

    I hope this ports over to sse

  • infamous4thson

    What happens if your character was a werewolf can they still transform

  • TheKillerOfAKing

    AWESOME! I really want this mod! I have it downloaded on my new copy of OG Skyrim for PC, but the Portal Stone won't spawn in my inventory, so i haven't been able to try it XD

  • Braadkuiken

    just a quick question, what if I have a character with gear from a mod which I then uninstall for my next playthrough, will this mod bug out?

  • Mystic wolve

    should make this for fallout 4

  • Martha Dalseth

    This is a really cool custom followers mod


    Very Good Mod I Use İt For My Female And Male Charcter :)

  • Jottan

    Will this mod come to xbox one? D:

  • Zxylo 5

    This + Guild Starter + ??? = Profit

  • Mauricio José Osuna

    O_____________O AND THIS EXISTS!!Well, not to the extent that I had wished for it to exist, but it's already most of the idea!What this mod really needs to be excellent is to be able, through methods unknown, copy the play style of any given character!Like, you have a rogue that will consistently be concealed and try only for murderous 1-shots. Normal AI just doesn't know how to do that, and an adaptive AI is required to learn these things.Also healer characters, I love playing them and am always dismayed by the non-existence of HEALERS in this game! Hell, there's 5 schools of magic that can be used in combat, but Restoration is, at most, used for Ward and Repel Undead, but never for its main feature, HEALING!And Illusion too! Of course they don't work on the Dragonborn, but c'mawn, every enemy caster should be able to cast Fury against your followers!

  • Mad Kwama

    Wait, so does this mod allow you to have 2 characters?

  • LightCrasher

    Dadicated to all people who wanted a cameo for their character from previous game in the next one, includeing me) Its a shame that Dragon age did not had this...

  • Bug the Greifer

    FudgeMuppet should use this.

  • faisal istaka

    This and Unbound make a great team. I play as Traveler and meet a Dragonborn in the road

  • RoboHobo

    so if you save one character, If you create a new one by starting the game again then the first one will still be accessible from the second one?

  • Grant Walter

    Now I can have my own personal wife and followr!

  • Zzarcon1

    I honestly don't know if this will make it to special edition....

  • Shinichi Kawashigi

    A new (and easier) way to make followers!!!!!!!

  • SVGBoi123 Gaming

    I always wanted to have ALL of my characters in one place, thanks to the creator of this mod!

  • DiE-lan

    All around me are familiar faces...

  • Theodore McKeon

    does it work on ps4?

  • YayDude123

    I can't download this because I can't download for JContainers for some reason. Can anyone help?

  • kaakeli

    Next time please "worn out places" mod?

  • tomwi

    is there any chance, that this will come to Skyrim se?

  • Zane Henderson

    Still not on special edition.... All around me are-

  • Samson Freeman

    Has this been imported over to xbox

  • Lord Zonar

    Guy: Go screw yourself!Me: Okayprevious female character appears

  • Patrick Mazz

    so this isn't in SE? damn

  • SnailFix

    Does this work with the alternate start mod?

  • Omega-Kiba

    This mod looks great. Now if only I could somehow get it for the SP edition of Skyrim.

  • GlitchingWolf

    The Trophy Room reminds me of the Legacy system from SWTOR, anyone else?

  • Charles Nokes

    This channel deserves more views...

  • zfghty uuyghju

    Awesome mod man! A-W-E-S-O-M-E-E-E-E !!! :)))))))))) But I have a question about it: Why the fuck would I want to encounter my character in the game if he/she doesn't act accordingly to his/her character build?Why the fuck does my dual wielding character use a bow even though there's no bow and arrow in his inventory? Why does he try to use shitty flames spell even though he doesn't have any progress in destruction skill tree? And why are both happening despite the fact that I chose "Warrior (One Handed)" class for my imported character? Is this mod serious? And by the way, for some reason, mod refuses to recognize his left hand weapon when I export my character.Whoever made this mod, dude, geniunely, if you can't do it properly you don't have to do it. I was very excited before I installed this shit but now I'm completely disappointed and pissed off. I hope you can never be able to make any other mods.

  • Ahmet Burak Aykul

    skyrim skyrim familiar can't parse error help please you can find console

  • I.M. Meen

    Whenever I teleport to the Shrine of Heroes, the game teleports me right back to where I was. I dont appreciate. Someone help pls

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