Skyrim Mod: Familiar Faces

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Familiar Faces
Intro/Outro Music:
CC BY 3.0 -
  • Francis Soloria

    with this mod + Naruto overhaul + Uchiha Clan.. i can create Akatsuki or Pain's Follower..😊

  • infamous4thson

    What happens if your character was a werewolf can they still transform


    Very Good Mod I Use İt For My Female And Male Charcter :)

  • Coldmanmoran

    i never got the portal did i do somthing wrong?

  • Album Interpretations

    I would love this mod if I could get it to fucking work.Something about Jcontainers not being installed even though I did.

  • _ madmanransom _

    yo...that nord and that orc got some slick fuckin moves...

  • Titan's Playground

    where u got the dancing animation??

  • Clear your History

    This should be on xbone

  • Thorulf Scottson

    This+Levelers Tower+Ordinator=Holy shitMade an Orcish Shaman, fully perked out in Destruction, Light Armor and hit all the shout perks in Speech tree, brought him into my Orc Warlord playthrough. Two words:Damn son..

  • Alias

    Now I can have my own personal wife and followr!

  • Articulate Pineapple

    Dragonborn: "...then I found my past life and married her."Inkeeper: "Wow, you're such a fucking narcissist."

  • The Eggplant Mage

    (insert obvious joke here)

  • TheHuskyRiot Gaming

    Can someone let me know the actual name of the outro song, the link in the description doesn't really help

  • The Gaming Bondy

    I made my band of 3 brothers

  • Lord Zonar

    Guy: Go screw yourself!Me: Okayprevious female character appears

  • BleachNoSkip Takken

    This and Unbound make a great team. I play as Traveler and meet a Dragonborn in the road

  • Omega-Kiba

    This mod looks great. Now if only I could somehow get it for the SP edition of Skyrim.

  • jordan h

    I wish this was on se but that might be impossible

  • PeirceTheChemicalBlackVeil

    When I enter it the character I already saved isn't working for other characters.

  • Jottan

    Will this mod come to xbox one? D:

  • Feather of Ma'at

    Has anyone tried it with Requiem?

  • Braadkuiken

    just a quick question, what if I have a character with gear from a mod which I then uninstall for my next playthrough, will this mod bug out?

  • Carl

    Will this be able to come to Xbox?

  • Bug the Greifer

    FudgeMuppet should use this.

  • Psydish

    All around me are familiar faces worn out armour broken weapons

  • Kelly M

    One of the best mods I created.

  • What are you fucking gay


  • YayDude123

    I can't download this because I can't download for JContainers for some reason. Can anyone help?

  • Khaprisun


  • Mason Attano

    Wait, do the companion versions have the same inventory as well? If so, I could finally pull a Borderlands 2 and twink items between my characters.

  • Samson The Penguin

    Has this been imported over to xbox

  • Chuckie Sleaze

    This mod + instant shout mod + the mod that allows up to 12 followers (I think) = unstoppable army

  • Raven Bernabe

    Is this available on xbox one

  • Jordan Frederickson

    what visual mods are you using

  • MAGZ

    Wish this was a Xbox one mod.

  • Zzarcon1

    I honestly don't know if this will make it to special edition....

  • DarkWolper

    A great reason to restart the game and make some customiced NPC

  • RingMaster 7

    Okay 2 questions one is this mod on all platforms two is it in special edition

  • Lord Beerus

    Whenever I teleport to the Shrine of Heroes, the game teleports me right back to where I was. I dont appreciate. Someone help pls

  • Raul Limon

    They need to port this to Xbox 1

  • Necrosis Anlecedius the Dremora Warlord

    And now to have an entire fucking army of one person. Thanks, mod maker!

  • Noumenon Drift

    Damn, can't wait till I get my 3k super pc. Gonna have this mod on, with custom horses. Squad of vampire lords on black steeds, raiding skyrim. No fast travel, build a fort with dead bodies and corpses everywhere. Ahhhh! Might even upload a playthrough it's gonna be so fucken badass

  • Irsael Cevilla

    For console to or pc only

  • Njorunn Fjölvarr

    Does this mean I can finally marry myself?

  • Dire Wolf games

    So Just found this, I would sell my soul to get this on Console!

  • Cole Snyder

    Thank you for all your work. It makes finding the right mods SO much easier.

  • Pakistan ball

    All the best mods are on the nexus

  • RedScope

    This is probably the most script heavy mod in the universe.

  • Wilsol Alzate

    Imagine using this with Amazing follower overhaul, 5 dragon borns, the would be badass

  • GlitchingWolf

    The Trophy Room reminds me of the Legacy system from SWTOR, anyone else?

  • Tibbo Ocelot

    Gosh, I wish this was on console special edition so much.

  • Kane Norris


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