MMORPG Players In A Nutshell [Fate Stay Night Edition]

Pretty much sums up the MMORPG community.

Non cash players bruuuh.
  • light yagami

    "if you think you could beat me 1v1 then you are gravely mistaken fucker, if you can't even see how onesided this battle is, then let your fuckerness die with you " LOL IM DEAD

  • Invincible Earth Liberation Granzon

    "Name: Red Dick""Guild: StealYoKill"I died fucking shit

  • Shadow Sharazen

    which episode does this happens

  • WooZiiFuZii

    I lost my mind at 11:12 when it says Server Maintenance :v

  • black animals

    what a retarded trash anime fight

  • Heralds El Dreadlagg

    Elsword in a nutshell :v

  • Kyoya Fuyusaki

    white is bakuya and black is kansho. just saying

  • below one The all

    You mongrel cheat, report

  • Jéferson Leandro

    As someone who have played a few P2W MMOs using no chash at all, I find this video to be fucking beaultiful '--'

  • Datu Kula

    a way better SAO then SAO

  • ignacioM1999

    11/10, deberian hacer un spin off de eso, mejor que SAO

  • Minerva Vargas

    This is really accurate to every MMORPG players XD. I love MMORPG but I play with ingame items XD

  • AxeCrazyAutobot

    ...I wish there was a fanfic of this concept it's hilarious.

  • Ninko

    I wish PvP matches were always this epic

  • ShadowT0nberry

    Shit. I'm crying. I'm laughing too hard. This isn't safe.

  • YayaFingerButters

    "Red Dick" XD

  • Have You Ever Heard Of Kyonko?

    Enuma Elish Damage type: 1hitKOI'm done at this part

  • Rin Okumura

    Item name: EaRank: God (Cash item)Dmg: 1HKO This is way too F@cken hilarious!!!!

  • Montey

    This gave me motivation to play vindictus :)

  • OrionoftheStar

    So then... that would make Taiga that retard who just goes around spamming crap in the chat, then?

  • jazethpogi22

    "Having cash items doesn't make you invinsible"True specially to the old Ragnarok Online players when cash shop doesn't exist at all and people have to actually grind and hunt for rare items and powerful weapons and cards without relying on real life money... Ah the good old online games where you can OP as fuck without spending shit in real life...

  • Ha Ppy

    When Gilgamesh was being absorbed by the grail, I thought itd be funny if he said his mom was calling him to dinner

  • Gate Of Babylon

    Lol, Shirou is a hypocrite, how did he get all those "SKILL USE" if he didn't pay money (and was at a level much lower than Gilgamesh's).(And no, I'm not butthurt, I just decided to compare the funny realization with actual events from UBW.)

  • Stephen Greenslade

    Both are scrub's that need to Git gud cash items but no skillz?!, Skillz but no cash items?! scrub's and in the MMO rpg's i play lvl don't mean shit my lvl 1 char would pwn these scrubs.

  • TruMikuel

    I wasnt sure if I loved you or hated you for making these...Then I got to the ending. I love you make more.

  • alexcfyung

    Shirou should be lv 100 too as he definitely wont spend less time playing then Gilgamesh. which also make sense since same level in MMO have huge difference when one is cash and other isn't

  • Justarandomperson

    666th likes! now can I summon Satan with this catalyst?

  • John Peacekeeper

    Dude.Shirou was using his main and an alt at the same time.

  • Rik Boersma

    ohh i was thinking unlimited skillworks would even out the stats. like pvp matches in some games.

  • John Peacekeeper

    When you've paid bare minimum but have flawless rotations

  • Blue VoltAhoge

    i literally Laughed too goddamn LONG!ow my sides,where have you gone~!X,D

  • Jafroboy

    Shirou should've been a Hacker, that'd have been funnier and more fitting!

  • Zuikaku_

    you switched Kanshou and Bakuyaother than that, though, it was great

  • Naru

    My god... this game is so unimmersive.... how comes that the saber class is a slow heavy knight that can't even equip actual sabers?????Did they translate the game with some stupidly cheap translator that's even worse then the completely free Google Translate like the rest of those cheap PTW trash from the east?

  • Brent Lee

    Status: disARMed (-75% less attack)

  • Sporkazoid

    Was half-hoping/expecting Shirou's hit on Gil as he draws Ea would be "Skill use: Disarm"But goddamn, this is awesome :D

  • Shal ucard

    Shouldn't gils guild be called the cash elitist?

  • tiggerk23

    this is why you play league 😂

  • evotemplar

    Title Correction: Free MMORPG Players In A Nutshell

  • Gebony」

    this is beyond amazing

  • Shawnlings

    Report Red Dick for ks

  • Fear GX

    rogue with zerker buff and all cooldowns available

  • Emiya Kiritsugu

    WOT Player:Gilgamesh: Unicum Object 252 that spam 2 key.Shirou: A skillfull player with no prem acc and no gold ammo driving a T32 try to penn OP tank.Archer: every cancer arty😂

  • Jude Olang'

    LOL.. I was dying all through!!

  • Naru

    Free to Play player using macros and precise skill order with perfect timing versus Cash Shop player playing with a mouse because even having only 1,2,3,4,5 bound is too complicated. XD

  • tojo

    from witch fate game is the thumbnail?

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