MMORPG Players In A Nutshell [Fate Stay Night Edition]

Pretty much sums up the MMORPG community.

Non cash players bruuuh.
  • Levobertus

    You fucking baited me with a MH thumbnail you faggot

  • maveric2170

    To the people who played grandchase, Fuck cash players.

  • Kendama

    Noo you could take unchanged the " unlimited blade works " thingy and make it a normal active skill, like that it sounds dumb

  • Yitharr Mytera

    tfw knowing Japanese backfires and you can tell that the audio doesn't match the subtitles at all because you can understand what's being said with your eyes closedwell, when Saber appeared and the subtitles said "Are you a fucking psycho Shirou?!" it wasn't too far off as she said "What are you saying Shirou?"so some of it is close enough lol

  • HangoverAnkka

    Clicked on video because MMORPG... left video because it's anime trash.

  • Clark Gutierrez

    Copy skill seems like it's worth a lot.

  • The Voidcaller

    WHO'S THE NIGGA NOW?!!!!!!

  • Kendama

    7:20 is it a motherfucking sao reference?

  • Joka Alpha

    10 October 2015 Player Emiya Shirou has been banned from the server permanently from using hacks.

  • Raka Pratama

    It is as if the Holy Grail War is another virtual MMORPG like SAOWell played...

  • KrisnaJati Dharma Dewa

    just because you're correct doesn't mean you're right

  • Captain Bananapants

    "Who's the Nigga now?!" - lost my shit.

  • Snowcore

    Nice multiboxing scrub

  • Fahmi Tajjuddin

    i never have strange emotion betwen laughing and cry affter i watch this

  • RiVale おにいさん

    When i can actually understand what gilgamesh said in japanese while reading subs makes me confused a lot 😂

  • Eirmund Gundnand

    Texts fades way too soon

  • Speed Fist

    I'm officially shirou

  • Sad Walrus

    .....and then shirou breaks f2p because op exclusive 5 star character is in the summon pool

  • Snowcore

    Shirou can't have that many items while bejng f2p. He probably bought some extra bags from the cash shop

  • jimbo

    its not skills, its hacking. hack the items

  • DarkMistTag


  • DeShawn Hurd

    Players who just get op items with cash have no skill in my opinion all they do is spam op items hoping to win I'm proud to be a player who dosent use cash to get items I use skills

  • thegreeenbeast

    cutting off his arm should have been 'disabling strike'

  • Cj Bladesworth

    Jack of all trades is pretty op.

  • Rimirg V

    Hahaha. This was hella good!

  • Ancientfungi

    Runescape fact ahead:Kiritsugu=Zezima

  • CalVale Online

    isn't me or Gilgamesh sound like all might hero academia

  • Duy Le

    Honestly, tho, if Gil can just be serious and go all out against any enemy he face... he could have won easily against all the other servant/master in Fuyuki lol

  • Ken Yoshida

    Guild Member:StealYoKill That one got me

  • Lollipichy

    Those subs are so accurate

  • Jeanne'D Arc

    Video in summary: PAY TO WIN SUCKS

  • Khandar William

    People die when they are killed

  • Romuland Meier

    Thats an acurate translation...i guess :)

  • Curtis Jaxon

    I lost it at this version of the UBW chant!

  • RePhantomz

    Ironic part is same logic kinda not work in fate go since there is only 1 cash item and whale can have e rank luck to the point missing a servant while EX luck free player got gill weaver jeanne etc

  • Amazing 13

    This remind me SAO full of mmo references.

  • holy Apocalypse

    I found this so god damn stupid but at the same time i cant help but love it

  • Cricket Nock

    This is how SAO should have looked like lmao, no, seriosly, that anime had some real potential

  • Magister vulpes

    ... Jack of all trades characters tend to be among the WORST to pvp with or to play with in general... You want to focus your attention into a single goal you want to play with and dividing your attention across many fronts means that yeah, you can do other things but that comes at the cost of doing everything at a subpar standard. Thus you need to make up your mind what you actually want to be able to do in this game and go with it.

  • andy panyavong

    What's shirous stats? and when does it show up?

  • ApolloGRL

    Dammit what a huge spoiler

  • bryan Elexander

    If you don't like most mmorpg gamers then why not do one or two things 1) Play mmorpgs offline. 2) Don't play them at all. Also, I find it cowardly to use the words of an anime character's words to express an I idea you have about others. You don't have to show your face but at least use your own words.

  • last fight

    haha this remind me playing oac2 redemption..truly make a real big distance between free player and high level hero cash player hahahahahahahhhaha😂😂😂

  • Static Board

    I find this legit, as always Archer classes in MMORPG are usually OP or Killstealers.

  • Reyna Nealla

    After watching this I really want a fate mmo

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