Skyrim Mod: Imperious - Races of Skyrim

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Imperious - Races of Skyrim

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  • Bro Doodman

    I'm American. I passively gain a bonus to destroying other peoples cultures. I also gain a passive resistance to insulin. Once a day I can summon pizza man to deliver 30 cheese pizzas to my house, but only if the TV is on and I'm wearing a USA shirt.

  • Raymond

    Iam Braziliam, so i have 80 points in pickpocket and i cam Sumom my ancestors to fuder the inimigo

  • Stormanex Plays

    I'm Czech so I'm immune to alcohol poisoning and i have 100+ stamina (because we are good at sports) but i need to drink at least one beer per day :D

  • angel martinez

    I'm African American and I have 100% chance to live of the government

  • Shadow666hero

    I’m Australian,I am OP.

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