Skyrim Mod: Imperious - Races of Skyrim

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Imperious - Races of Skyrim

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  • ThePieMan


  • Sir Scrubbington

    As an American, my passive powers are "Firearm Proficiency", which grants a major bonus to any and all firearms, "American Presence", which makes people generally friendly towards me, and "Founding Father", where if you are the first to do something, you will gain a greater chance on achieving it, and for the quest, I must do 15 democratic actions or assist in spreading democracy to at least 1 nation. The activated powers are "Trump Card" which is the ability to call upon the United States Armed Forces to assist you when you are in dire need, and "The American Dream" which allows you to, once a day, deceive one person into doing whatever you wish.

  • Kingmaj 12

    I'm African-American as a result guards have a 16% suspicion increase around me , and are much more likely to stop me on the road and check through my loot for any 'contraband' . However on the plus side once a day I can activate one of two powers "This are my streets!" Which summon all fellow African Americans to come to my aid especially against law enforcement and "Natural Athlete" Giving me a stat boost in speed, agility , unarmed combat , and a 1.75% health regen , I am however much more susceptible to ranged weapons , and am easily caught when I attempt to steal things.Thanks Imperious!

  • Computerfreak

    As a Canadian I have +40% passive resistance to frost and can apologize to end combat at any time. I have -20% chance to successfully intimidate, but +30% to persuade. After I have apologized 103 times, I can summon an army of beavers who are armed with maple syrup cannons.

  • Supreme KeK - Lord of KeKistan

    I'm a Mexican, once a day i consume a hot burrito to channel the power of the thu'um through my anus. Thanks imperious.

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