Skyrim Mod: Imperious - Races of Skyrim

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Imperious - Races of Skyrim

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  • MarvAlice

    This spot light is very out of date, but imperious is still my favorite race mod by far.

  • All Things Tech

    1:50 what skill tree mod is that

  • TheDaxter11

    i love this videos comment section

  • Agentflash18462

    I am Canadian so I can say sorry to everyone constantly, be 75% resistant to the cold and call upon an army of beavers and moose to attack my enemies

  • Totally Not A Spy

    I'm Italian, so i can call upon my heritage to change sides in a battle once a day, i start out with a maxed out cooking ability (which goes well with survival oriented mods) and i can forge fancier weapons and armor that gain a 75% increase in flair but are overpriced. As downside, i am also easily mistaken for a thief and therefore there is a high chance i might go to jail for no reason at all. Thanks Imperious!

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