Skyrim Remastered - What Happens If You Escape Skyrim Before It Starts?

I picked up Skyrim Remastered which got me wondering: What happens if you leave Helgen, Alduin, and Skyrim from the very beginning?
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I've always wanted to escape Helgen the wrong way to see what would happen to Alduin and the rest of Skyrim. The answer is pretty interesting and now I'm a free lizard man heading back to Argonia!

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  • Snow Leopard Productions

    How come your hands free themselves when you’re shouted to the floor by Alduin?

  • Shark

    i never thought about this... no thanks for this stupid video asshole

  • Patrick Boaz

    Him talking to a STORMCLOCK guard: please dont hurt me I was not a prisonerMe: Helgem is a Imperial place, so stormclock dont care

  • MrRednecksRampage

    I feel like an idiot. I have auto play on and I'm like "this guy sounds like Trevor from achievement hunter"

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