Skyrim Mods: Build Your Own City - Part 1

George takes a look at a Skyrim mod in which you can found your own city and become a lord. There's a lot of contractors in the world of Skyrim.

Build Your Own City - Becoming a Lord (Alpha) by LemurFever

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  • SharkArmy

    Can you get this mod on xbox one?

  • Skyrim Gamer

    Is it for pic or Xbox

  • ShAdOw HuNtErOXO

    i would love to do this but i cant seem to find the file to download

  • Airectix

    I think if it was like this in the become high king mod it'd make it more enjoyable, for instance if you had to build your own city from scratch to gain influence with the other jarls.

  • Bobby Billson

    Trying so hard for ad revenue

  • Damyn Couper

    is this mod going to be maded for xb1 as well?

  • Nazareno Brunelli

    Uno modo jajajajajajaja so funny.

  • Wolf Man

    A little A.D.D. much?? JEEZHigh School must've been Rough, Huh? LOL

  • Catch'Dat Diamond!

    16:29 That bear at the corner smoke something.

  • Eclipse Bee

    All people says he's trying hard .....he's funny for me, and the way he change his voice or talk is the same thing I do when I'm bored, not to mention the weird voices and dances while sitting :')he just overly highly bored hihihiI love this video!still yes, the curses are...abit too much

  • ReleaseTheDevastation

    Watch from 7:45 and read very carefully, and then watch for about thirty seconds and you'll see that Zero didn't read his directions very well haha. Oh well this mod is pretty cool nice video Zero!

  • Danceing fox2001

    Omg the twitch streamers part hahahahahaha 😂

  • 307 Nighthawk Airsoft

    When i play this mod i never here the NPC's reply back to me

  • Joey Wind

    I love your remarks. I was screaming at my screen, "The Winking Skeever is in Solitude!" Lol.

  • Commander Wolf

    So this mod is basically the hearth fire DLC but for a town

  • Elyas Lawson

    ll be there by tomorrow cut down all the trees and take up the stumps by tomorrow that'll only be 1500 like what

  • Calvin Widiharsono

    @Zero Period Productions are you playing on steam or crack version. I'm not playing on steam but offline. these mods don't actually work in my skyrim folder

  • Jeffrey Hameline

    This mod sucks I got to the part where you get the miller to clear the trees but I killed the steel guy so I can't even continue mavick just says pay me 200 septims and then he doesn't do anything

  • Arcane Turbulence

    What are you, fucking 5? I got to 55 seconds and had to stop. I thought it was going to be a mod review, not a stand-up comedy attempt from kindergarten. Thanks, but no thanks... I'll look elsewhere.

  • Grand Chef

    Vinterfell is on the ruins of Nimalten. Thats the broken cage door.

  • Honoured LeGaCy

    I know these is cheap comedy.. but when you said you ate his father I had a weird moment where I found that funny.. am I okay?

  • Daniel Outlaw

    your funny and love your videos lmao

  • memes and yees

    i cant stop laughing oml

  • Cryptid undead

    Decent video but stop the immature remarks

  • Stephen McCormick

    I wish this was for the ps3 or the ps4

  • pana

    dude for the text to not disapear you need a mod called fus ro doh, or something

  • Noah Abruzzo

    Dude your trying way too hard

  • suh dude

    Anyone see the suicidal deer at 16:20 😂😂

  • Soul Storm

    Does he just have the voices turned down, or does the mod not come with voices?

  • Dominik Körmendi

    At the 16:19 moment, you can see a dear, who just run into the deep water...

  • Ronald Edwards

    just describe the mod. the hell dude. what is wrong with you?

  • OrangeTheEnderGuy //Animations

    They should make this mod for console!

  • Lenny The Lizard

    Your such a try hard

  • Shade Animates

    The old Zero Period Productions (2015 and before) reminds me of AlChestBreach.

  • Robin Marie

    Awe! My Belrand was in this video! ❤❤

  • Overlord Sauron

    will these more work for xbox360 Skyrim?

  • Striker X

    Not many would sit there and read everything

  • Fandom_ Fond

    What mod is this I already want to play this mod by the title!Also does this mod work for PS4?

  • GinoStra JRGR

    Stop cursing so much👇


    Dude you're sooooo annoying

  • Vegan Avy

    I don't know why people dislike this guy so much. Maybe sometimes he tries too hard, but don't we all? I honestly think he's hilarious when he's just himself. He truly makes me laugh😊

  • SpLAttER FaCE10

    You should just call the video travel express

  • Morgan J

    Just noticed this mill is right next to the buildable town of blackthorn

  • The sanqiune wolf

    It said she pointed me in the direction of solitude

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