Skyrim Mods: Build Your Own City - Part 1

George takes a look at a Skyrim mod in which you can found your own city and become a lord. There's a lot of contractors in the world of Skyrim.

Build Your Own City - Becoming a Lord (Alpha) by LemurFever

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  • Shade

    The old Zero Period Productions (2015 and before) reminds me of AlChestBreach.

  • SpLAttER FaCE10

    You should just call the video travel express

  • Scooby Doo

    Next time cut the crap, you re fucking annoying!

  • Fandom_ Fond

    What mod is this I already want to play this mod by the title!Also does this mod work for PS4?

  • memes and yees

    i cant stop laughing oml

  • Robert Spaans

    This is my first video of yours that I watched. I really think your funny. 😂

  • Damyn Couper

    is this mod going to be maded for xb1 as well?

  • Joey Wind

    I love your remarks. I was screaming at my screen, "The Winking Skeever is in Solitude!" Lol.


    Dude you're sooooo annoying

  • Catch'Dat Diamond!

    16:29 That bear at the corner smoke something.

  • Daniel

    Did anyone else see the deer Run into the water at 16:20

  • Dominik Körmendi

    At the 16:19 moment, you can see a dear, who just run into the deep water...

  • Ron Kilgus

    Seriously, you're not terribly funny, stick to the mod info.

  • Nick Bollerud

    Narrator is annoying as fuck.

  • Clash of Awesomeness

    This is too inappropriate, never watching him again

  • Daniel Outlaw

    your funny and love your videos lmao

  • Commander Wolf

    So this mod is basically the hearth fire DLC but for a town

  • Susan Stark

    20 13 I was using head phones when he wiseled and it hurt

  • Canadian Hauntings

    Decent video but stop the immature remarks

  • Backman360 L0RDShadowClaw

    will these more work for xbox360 Skyrim?

  • Jillo Ma Nillo

    I’m seeing more people complaining about hate comments than hate comments😂😂😂

  • Striker X

    Not many would sit there and read everything

  • Calvin Widiharsono

    @Zero Period Productions are you playing on steam or crack version. I'm not playing on steam but offline. these mods don't actually work in my skyrim folder

  • MEGAmeh

    This guy is trying so hard to be alchestbreach

  • 307 Nighthawk Airsoft

    When i play this mod i never here the NPC's reply back to me

  • Cameron O'Donnell

    You should build a castle

  • Bendy Plays

    I like these type of mods

  • Zinzah

    I can’t find it is it not compatible with SE?

  • The sanqiune wolf

    It said she pointed me in the direction of solitude

  • Stephen McCormick

    I wish this was for the ps3 or the ps4

  • SharkArmy

    Can you get this mod on xbox one?

  • Ronald Edwards

    just describe the mod. the hell dude. what is wrong with you?

  • Jeffrey Hameline

    This mod sucks I got to the part where you get the miller to clear the trees but I killed the steel guy so I can't even continue mavick just says pay me 200 septims and then he doesn't do anything

  • 卐Agent Vermont卐

    Someone port this to xb1

  • Curtasy

    Can I have any help? I am on the Xbox 1 and I'm frequently looking for this mod. Is it apart of the hearthfire DLC? I cannot find that guy in the Bunkhouse!

  • Sam Robinson

    Good video but massively irritating commentary

  • Kylah Rose

    you suck!you take to long to explain sh!t and your annoying. get to the f*ckn point already!

  • Robin Ranum


  • Bobby Billson

    Trying so hard for ad revenue

  • Danceing fox2001

    Omg the twitch streamers part hahahahahaha 😂

  • ShAdOw HuNtErOXO

    i would love to do this but i cant seem to find the file to download

  • Wolf Man

    A little A.D.D. much?? JEEZHigh School must've been Rough, Huh? LOL

  • Arcane Turbulence

    What are you, fucking 5? I got to 55 seconds and had to stop. I thought it was going to be a mod review, not a stand-up comedy attempt from kindergarten. Thanks, but no thanks... I'll look elsewhere.

  • Morgan J

    Just noticed this mill is right next to the buildable town of blackthorn

  • Sophie Hitchcox

    Is this available on PS4 or just X Box and PC?

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