Skyrim Missing NPCs Fix - Open Cities Skyrim Missing NPCs Tutorial

For anyone who is experiencing missing NPCs in their game, whether from uninstalling Open Cities Skyrim or for some other reason, here is a way to retrieve them. I couldn't find another video that covered this well, so I made one. Hope it helps you out.
  • veteran0121

    Yeah I wanted to use this mod, but it causes so many problems that it's just not worth it.  It would've been nice to be able to merge the overworld with the cities without screwing up the NPCs.

  • Alien Behind The Door

    omfg man. Thank you! If I was gay I would kiss you!

  • Logan Shuberda

    Anyway you can do this on console?

  • ikoshin

    Thanks for this, had same issue.

  • Grudgerson

    A much faster way is when you are TCL'd into your city and have the NPC selected is just type 'recycleactor' you dont need to keep leaving the city or write anything down, they just 'respawn' into the normal city. Just use 'Aura Whisper' find em all and wham bam. Considering how many cities and NPCs there are this is definety the least pain in the ass method.

  • Dominique Bryson

    is there any way to fix this on consoles

  • WiggaMachiavelli

    Already figured this much out on my own, though this is a very good, in-depth video. What I haven't figured out is if there's a simpler way to know exactly which NPCs aren't where they're meant to be.For me, I found Balimund, Brand-Shei, Edda and Marise Aravel in Riften, and Beirand and two Stormcloak soldiers in Solitude, by no-clipping through the walls.However, Ghorza gra-Bagol and Tacitus Sallustius were missing from Markarth, and Evette San was missing from Solitude, but none of these NPCs were within the walls on the overworld map when I clipped through. Moved them back where they were supposed to be, no trouble, but it raises concerns that I may now be missing a whole lot of NPCs whose absence I haven't noticed (which is quite likely if they're useless and especially if they're generic NPCs like guards who are nevertheless tracked individually).I wonder if anybody else has had the same problem - namely, NPCs going missing, presumably due to uninstalling Open Cities, but then not even showing up in the "twilight zone".

  • Jeff Ouellette

    Thanks! Can't believe that the OCS devs still haven't provided a fix over 2 years after this vid was posted..

  • Neleo Van Tonder

    I lost eorlund and and that blacksmith girl in whiterun

  • Sruly Steiner

    4 years later, I have this same problem, and after searching online for a while i finally found this video. Thank you so much!

  • Philip Eduard Ygat Pradas

    Here i am playing replaying skyrim with mods in year 2018. thanks for the guide man!! you are my savior.

  • ltdbassplayer

    Awesome! You sir, have saved my game in progress!

  • Arry

    Please guys I need help1. Every possible follower says I already have one when I don't?2. Everyone is disappearingOK everyone is missing like mjolland Aaron are missing and Delphene is missing falia greymane is on the ocean somewhere and lots of white run people are missing like the black mercenary and ysolda. The old falia grey mane is out in the ocean. Is it sovengarde? I need her for a quest to turn in. I need ysolda to give her the tusk and lots of white run people are gone do :(. Mjoll is gone and I want to see her to see if I can marry her and earon. Delphine is gone which I fucking need for the main story. Also for the ohdavhiing thing because I saw that your follower will show up there. Because I need a follower for higher levels. PLEASE HELP

  • Xyphr

    Thank you! "Open Cities" fucked my game too, great tutorial

  • GamingCasing

    You can also look up their id online so you do not need to go into the alternate city

  • Hanzo Poh

    To anybody who has missing NPCS after using the OCS mod:I have gone through all the affected cities and dig up all the NPCS in the ghost town so here are the list of them (it is according to my skyrim and my list of missing NPCS, so I am not sure if it differs for everyone else. Don't blame me if your missing NPC is not located here.) SOLITUDE:000198D8000198B3000198B9000198BD00041FB9MARKARTH:000198E4WHITERUN:0001A68A0001A675RIFTEN:00019DF700019DF800019DCF00019DD700019DD800019DF100021EA600019DDC0002054500019E140004E0B3WINDHELM:NO MISSING NPCS HERE :)All this is done in accordance to the tutorial and with predator thermal vision in order not to miss out any NPCS.

  • V-DarkWolf-V

    Eorland died because he was glitched in the sky. is it bad if i copied him after he died? will this affect my gameplay

  • Drathir Vandree

    ty so much that helped me save my game


    thank GOD you helped us, they should take that open cities mod offline if it causes this, it totally fucked me. I am new to pc and this mod is in top 10 lists :( it really annoyed me.

  • RecalcitrantRaccoon

    Thanks, this really helped after I uninstalled OpenCities and went into Riften!

  • Andrew Larson

    you are my savior man thank you so much.

  • Matthew Walters

    Thank you.So.Much.The fact that OCS completely nuked my NPCs is frustrating. What's worse is the fact that the mod creator has not addressed this problem.

  • Siegfried Invictus

    jesus god thank you, that asshole who made open cityes was just deleting my posts when i was asking him about this problem, guess he doesnt want for people to know that is mod destroys the game.

  • Josh JeanJacket Jaeger

    Shit.  I've been listing off all the missing NPCs with the Reference IDs and "prid" command.  Then I use "moveto player".  One. At. A time.

  • Gusti Scarlett

    Still using open cities, there's actually a portal connecting riften and another riften or is it just me?

  • Firefox365

    Note to anyone trying to fix this now on PC, go into the city and take note of all the names of the NPCs in the "Fake Cities" then go online and look up a RefID list for all NPCs. Then go into the city normally and type "Prid <RefID>" then moveto player.. It removes the need to click on them, though if you can't find the RefID you will need to click on them.

  • 0oXEROo0

    well this sucks..So many NPCs are missing from my game and I still have the mod. any help?

  • Vonx

    I don't have any main cities on my map anyone know how to help?

  • 30calRover

    thank you! if there was one thing I would add, it would be to click somewhere with no location id before you try and turn collision back on. I had trouble with this part. Took me a bit to figure out

  • Matías Nicolás Cornejo Gallardo

    Thanks man, nice tutorial.

  • bighugejake

    holy crap! thank you so much for this

  • James Hurt

    Thanks for this, I had a problem in Whiterun with the smith..

  • amir ellert

    for those who still have issues: I too was unable to cancel the TCL command while having the ID on, and I didn't find any other way to make them come to me except for the one in the video. What I did was just to undo the TCL in the "ghost city", then click on the npc with the console. Then I "entered" the city from within using the city gate. Only then it worked; Though Shadr (which was missing) is stuck in place and doesn't move at all.

  • TsubasaChronix

    They could have talked about this in the mod post instead of faulting us for not reading readme. Something this important should be known on the front page prior to installing this mod.

  • Shawn

    You're a life saver. what a stupid mod. if there was a warning in the mod description I never would have installed it. POS

  • Allyski

    I had to uninstall all of my mods because my game was broken. I accidentally uninstalled open cities the wrong way. I reinstalled it and the problem happens even with open cities. I don't want to uninstall it the wrong way again and i can't find the Open Cities REAMME. I hope you can answer or at least help me get to the first step. Thank you, this is an amazing guide.

  • Spectra1799

    Even near the end of 2016 with Skyrim Special Eidition this video helped me alot!

  • Connor McAllister

    Any idea how to Fix this on console? Bersi honey hand was missing before this mod was even installed now there's some weird stuff going on like accessible doorways (which are rocks) that take me to Ghost riften but won't let me leave the city where my map indicates he is


    i'm having a majot issue,i start the tutorial inside the wood of the cart where the driver sits and ALL the characers are replaced with big red diamond shaped boxes with ( ! ) inside.its been going on for moth's now, and its absolute torture and no ones been able to help me so do i fix this ?.

  • daniel van roden

    ty my dear adrianna avenicci the ''not the best blacksmith in whiterun ..... bla bla bla'' , i missed her greatly, thank you for returning her to me. i am for ever greatfull

  • Shwangk

    This is amazing!!! Now I just have to hunt down the dapple gangors.

  • James Atkins

    Unknown variable(ID here)parameter float (optional) appears when I try the two ID's for Whiterun. The reason I'm trying this is because when I select and NPC's ID, I'm unable to turn on Collision and have to desleect the ID. Anyway around this?

  • Andrew Larson

    +HoppingMadMedia I found the fastest way was to just bring them to the gate instead of going back and forth in the city.

  • Yumeha Minakami

    If I delete all of my game saves and restart a new game will that be able to fix the problem?

  • Rei Senpai

    What will happen to quests that are in cities if I uninstall the mod? It showed quest markers for a quest in the city outside of windhelm, but then it fixed itself. How will this affect other quests I have?

  • BiteMyShinyMetal4ss

    Awesome, thank you! I had the problem that the Vigilant Tyranus disappeared even though he did appear at first. After some time he was gone. Luckily I had a savegame with him still appearing, so I opened the console, clicked on him and loaded my latest save. From there I could summon him back just like you instructed. Thanks alot again!

  • Erik Norman

    You can also move the npc's just out of the city gate. They will walk in automaticly. This way you can solve this sissue by not suffering throgh a ton of loading screens.

  • Erik-Jan Jedvajić

    i was about to reinstal the game. thankfuly i found dis vid. thanks

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