Skyrim Mod: Immersive Bounty Hunting

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Immersive Bounty Hunting

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  • Snozzberries mcspoon

    Rewards for hunter down murderers are very small. I mean the purchasing power of 100g in skyrim will only get you a dinner and a room at an inn. if your going to the cheap places. like what. It is especially noticeable in vanilla skyrim.

  • Kevin Neira


  • GameLife

    The Notice Board pretty much replaced this mod here is a link.

  • KingKaelan McBride

    Is this on the steam workshop?

  • Jailene Leonard

    man I have XBOX 360 ):

  • Revernaut

    Why do all of your armors look so dark and uneventfull?

  • Kyle Tee

    wish this comes to xbox1 tomorrow

  • elmo TM

    I didn't know Ali G played Skyrim

  • Zzarcon1

    Imagine this, plus a bunch of loverslab mods.....

  • Matthew Anghel

    greetings from the future

  • ArOnis D4rk

    finally found a cool mod that makes skyrim more realistic

  • urlilbrojohn

    do they say why they have bounties

  • Josh Crabtree

    The posters should look more like hand drawn parchment not western photographs

  • mrhightech1117

    Immersive breathing Immersive walking Immersive Immersion Immersive new game button Immersive singular pixel

  • Salmaan Jaffer


  • lXBlackWolfXl

    Why is everyone whining about the hundred gold thing? Its essentially the same thing as the radiant quests you get for asking for work from an inn keeper. All this really changes is now you can pick up the quest from a wanted poster, you can bring the guy back alive instead of killing him, and now you actually have to bring proof of your deeds rather than simply telling them the guy is dead and them believing you despite having never met you before.

  • Lucc Gameplay

    Not good mod because photo is newest not an like skyrim's time idiot

  • Baginda Tarihoran

    I think the Notice Board mod does a better job in this case.. but idk, it's my opinion.

  • Denzel Gallemit

    Would this work well with the Followers Go on a Trip mod?

  • Carl

    Will this be able to come to Xbox?

  • Freeasabird

    What self respecting bounty hunter would take a job to kill an "Infamous" Bandit leader or whatever for 100 measly gold? why not 800 or 1000 or 12 to 13 hundred gold? 100 gold would be for people that stole an apple or scratched his but in public, not for a guy who leads a band of bloodthirsty cutthroats that raid towns and rob trading caravans, and steals WAY MORE than 100g's worth of stuff. Not to mention all the killing. is all that really worth 100g in skyrim?

  • Gak237

    honestly this is the kind of mod threat makes me wonder why this isn't a feature in the base game

  • Skippy McThicc

    Needs more population, needs to be linked together with other mods to make it feel like you are not the only bounty hunter out there. Could even include an entire faction to help populate the world with bounty hunters.

  • Mojkanaltube Mojkanaltube

    do "bounty gold" can increse reward from bounty? well try it

  • Baarondones Slatskie L.

    Potentially stumble upon competition in the form of other bounty hunters whilst pursuing your target? As in you travel to the last known location of the bounty to find they're already dead and a rival bounty hunter is waiting for you. The variety within them either ambushing you or just telling you to piss off would be nice as well.

  • William Allerberger

    It adds more life if you are a mercenary !!

  • House Of Albert

    Id like to see a mod for hunting rouge battlemage for magic combat.

  • Josh Young

    The cool thing for this mod would be. If you played as a bad guy you could find your face on the board.

  • Kestrel _

    Rival bounty hunters that will try and steal your bountys and claim the rewards

  • heavy wepons guy

    What's the name of the song at the end


    is this mod available in workshop ?

  • Skeemo

     Nice feature would be if your character has a bounty on his head, he gets his own note on the board and would get randomly hunted by bounty hunters

  • Konstantin Sadovskiy

    Nice! But only Riverwood.. If it was possible to not start a new game and different cities (not only Riverwood) I'd install this mod.

  • Minney Clemens

    This is a great idea. The posters stand out a little too much (they look artificial) and I think there should be a reason (would it be hard to create a "crime generator" that creates random offenses? I could get to work on coding one if it would help) for hunting them and the worse the crime was, the more dangerous they are, the higher the reward. (Again, a great idea but those are my initial thoughts (I know, who cares?))

  • J Moneyxl

    I might use this for my redguard bounty hunter

  • AboodTK 115

    does this mod work with OBIS ?

  • revan21

    All these mods with "Immersive" in their name.This mod isnt any more immersive then the Vanilla bounty hunting.Great work Gopher ! Really great.....

  • 98pabbub

    The mod should have higher rewards. Nobody cares when the player has a $100 bounty...

  • Esqueleto#Contente TV

    better mod of bounty´s in TES...

  • Thukad

    I would love to see more of this

  • ImNotFlawless

    This mod had so much potential. And 100 Gold is a small amount about it doesnt take away from the fun.

  • Spark

    And now! Immersive Living! You need to press a button to breath continually. The speed at which you tap the key changes your performance in may situations. Is you stop breathing, you die, unless you're in water, in which case you die.

  • Devon Bly

    It's a shame when that sort of thing happens.

  • Sir Biscotte

    When i choose Ok,come quietly now. the bandit fight me again whithout he's armor and weapons. please help

  • nottheonlysinner

    lol 100 gold. Nice I can buy an apple pie and bottle of wine.

  • Walht

    This with notice boards is great

  • Casper Dar

    Their SKULL? You have to freaking skin someone and scoop out their brains to turn in a bounty? That's not even remotely worth 100 gold.

  • Nobody Nothing

    You know how in Final Fantasy XII there were bounties for monsters hidden throughout the world? And they were actually really challenging and tougher bounties would appear as you completed them? I had never had so much fun. They really nailed monster hunting, why can't they do it here? IN FACT there should be a monster hunting guild where your rank and reputation increases as you slay monsters just like in FFXII. I know it's a rip off, but it would be awesome.

  • GodOfTheeGames

    I got this mod, and tried it out, and for some reason the only Bounty poster on the riverwood board was the Tallowhead guy. And that's it :|Why am I not getting any other bounties? This video shows multiple bounties.Is it because I am on a old save? I know the mod author advised on using a new save, but I've sank like, 1 year into my current save (Life Span totally spent well!). There is no way I am gonna suspend that just to create an entirely new thing, just to sink 3 months in getting that Dragon Smithing perk, and an extra 6 getting to level 300... And then 5-7 hours beating Alduin, as well as fucking up Miraak 3 hours after, and Harkon after 9 hours during the day (Real-life-wise.) after beating Miraak......

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