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The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal by MannyGT
Sulfuras - The Reclaimed Hand by johnskyrim
Hikari UNP by Poro Plush and SkyrimGTX
Immersive Speechcraft by SirSalami
Igloo by Sonogu
  • Elysium Heart

    With the Immersive speechcraft mod I wonder if you can get Braith to attack a guard so she gets killed >:P

  • Si Rennie

    Hello MXR well the companion hikari have you mentioned file does not exist on Skyrim Nexus Her Name is hikari Apparently she does not exist on Skyrim Nexus

  • Alirio Miguel Aranguren Medina

    What happen to Hikari!? :'( 2 years too late

  • Kristatos Durgan

    Igloo and The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal are the proud than Skyrim mods is only limited to the imagination.

  • hjgfehfaf gdsghgh

    Hey. Can somebody tell me what is the race of the character +MxR Mods plays with, and how does he get her to walk like the way she does, in that catwalk like thing, moving her butt sideways, slightly crossing her legs with each step ( Like, is this part of the race traits, or is this some other mod).Also, I'd like to know where I can get the armour/apparel she's wearing at 1:13.I appreciate any info. Thanks in advance.

  • The Wanderer

    i am actually alaskan. and i can tell you every iglue dose infact have an invisible wal before the bed. its inconvenient but we make it work.

  • GlassLegend#

    wow !   she was a foxy is why Skyrim gives me, a boner every time I play now

  • bougra22

    the hikari mod does not existe any more. can someone help me to find it ?

  • Madgod

    9:25 Not lore friendly. CoC is Sheogorath.

  • Mik Moen

    5:51 Nip slip for y'all.

  • Lizer Kabizer

    What mouth guard/mask are you using?

  • Anarchism Democracy Taken Seriously

    What is The Name of the Mod That is Turning His LEather Armor into That Magnificent Work of Art ?.

  • Honoured LeGaCy

    What mods to you use to get YOUR character to look like that?


    Hikari is invisible except eyes and mouth. Is there a fix?

  • ᏕᏗᎷ

    Leilani is the best follower mod.

  • Tenvian Rabbit

    What is that armor in the beginning of the video?

  • bot marcos

    who got a copy of hikari follower?

  • Jardeonds

    That intro was especially funny as I am trying to get some modest and less exposed armor lol. there is some ridiculously exposed armors on nexus.

  • Chris Busenkell

    LOL, awesome story about hurting some thin skinned mod author....ahahahaaha...that's awesome, it must've been a super charged version of him/herself, or maybe a version of their girlfriend and you pooh-pooh'd her looks..."Eh, I could take it or leave, it's her pussystink that made me kick her to the curb!" and the waterworks came on....poor bitch must;ve cried til her cell phone sticker ruined the pink sticker

  • Will Adamborn

    Robbaz will not be pleased 😂

  • AlleyCatNinjaGaming

    You're so much funnier nowadays.

  • Caeden Mason

    You Should ask potastics To turn alexstrasa into a folower

  • Ivara Youkai

    Torbjorn: MOLTEN COOOORE!

  • Anthony Madden

    two handed is your mom's highest skill

  • Anonymous Gamer

    I hate Skyrim mods inspired from oblivionhere's a thingPLAY FUCKING OBLIVION THEN

  • Carl Svahn

    Whats the music at 10:27?

  • Classy Amateur

    hikari needs snapdragon enb

  • Aniket sharma

    Can someone please name the intro music?

  • Brentin Anderson

    If I had to fight my character from oblivion, considering the level I was at the end there's no way I am gonna win.

  • Baconish Ifunny

    5:54... i think i see da nip

  • S.F.P

    If they every get around to making another Elder Scrolls game that isn't Elder Scrolls Online, it'd be nice if it gave you access to multiple areas of Tamriel, maybe even all of Tamriel. To scale. I think our computers are ready.

  • After Supper Voyage

    I think the most attractive follower for me would be Alduin

  • Catsaretheworst

    Sven is the hottest follower

  • Bronze King

    what idle animation is he using ?

  • Libra

    2am and u sent all day on the video so it's only 2 hours of work ? Thus is right because of how high quality it it

  • Chris Busenkell

    the reclaimed hand was actually a legend taken from a chimpanzee crap fight at a local zoo, i think it made the news and the leader of one of the monkey factions had been sandbagging his stinkfinger grim for months and it imbued him with a supernatural strength...amazing story...on the news'

  • NoticeMeSenpai? unicorn

    Fun fact, 'Hikari' means 'light' in Japanese

  • Verna Carlson

    Did you was waiting me 😅


    Hikari is no longer on Nexus    :/

  • Unknown

    Did you was waiting me? Lol

  • Sphex

    which armor mod is this that Alexstrasza is wearing when the video starts?

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