Skyrim:Hearthfire DLC: Dawnstar Mansion (Finished)

This is my Dawnstar house or mansion that i have just finished
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this is the piano version of the Elder scrolls V skyrims main theme
this was written and played by taioo on youtube
big thanks to him for letting me use his music
  • Im a pineapple

    Why is everyone hating about his house??? Because personally i think you did a great job with your house and you inspired with all the unique items you got in your house its like a museum of all your adventures in skyrim i think it's just awesome men +1 sub

  • cheesecake baconater

    how do you start quest on 360?

  • Voidwalker 2065

    I just want all you haters to know that he doesn't have to care about what you say to his house. I bet he spent a lot of time putting his things on shelves and whatnot. shut up. maybe you could compliment the house, not criticize it. 👌

  • gaming fish

    Its not even finished

  • Santi Bahena

    This or windhelm DECISIONS 0.0

  • The Great Gamer (tablet 2)

    Help me. I have everything to make a arcane enchanter for my home and yet I cant make one. It says I dont have a grand soul gem...yet I have 5 grand soul gems!!!!wtf!!

  • Kevin Alibert

    it's definitely not a family friendly house, no kitchen? where did your wife go to make you sweet rolls????? Seems like you put random stuff on your wings without thinking about it your trophy room is empty but your armory is full and why make a great bedroom while the space for your child room upstairs has nothing inside? from the outside your house looks great but from the inside it looks crap,sorry I know the video is old as fuck and you probably have make way better houses since but this one is not impressive

  • El Me

    Original ass youtube name

  • Mouse Man

    3:40... Only real payday 2 players will get Cloker memories

  • The Gamer Cast

    games with best music.1. The Witcher 32. Skyrim3. Halo CE - Halo 3

  • NightlyShadow Lexi

    Looks pretty nice inside :) i would say pretty big inside !

  • Tortoise gaming

    The dlc isn't working

  • Brian Miller

    hOW DID YOU GET EVERYTHING to stay in place, everytime i come back its all moved.

  • Parker Moore

    Wth is that at 2:42???

  • Jumps Cx

    how did you get the Dragon skulls in there and the drougr

  • Mark Henman

    I bet he spent hours arranging all his items and weapons


    Every time I go to my house, a group of dawn star soldiers keep trying to kill me.

  • Corvus

    Opinions r like assholes, most people hav one. I hope my Skyrim home looks half as good as yours.

  • Alperen Duloglu

    how did u put display cases on the entrance? I havent got that option on my workbench

  • Miley CryingLush

    I'm still deciding between Morthal or Dawnstar (Maybe I'll get both)

  • Death

    I fell through the pit and the stairs in the elder scrolls dwemer ruin... I hadn't saved for 20 minutes


    anyone know what the fook this 'Snowleaf Cottage' is all about? Can't seem to find anything on U-toob or Giggle about it,, but its popped up and fecking disappeared TWICE now

  • dmitri chehova

    I love how you can even leave random things around like pots or jugs and they will remain there.

  • Leo Green

    How did you get the satues/dragon heads?I cant find out how to do that

  • young gwalla

    only subscribed because he said "dick slap that like button"

  • Sekai on

    Nice house bud, not criticizing anyone here, but I hope you can custom the place for looking like a house, not a Museum. Im more of the type of dude that likes little house with just what you need because I dont have a family anyways so...

  • Chris Williams

    y u got 2 dawn breaker swords

  • Masło Masło

    It's not finished man

  • Kyizar

    you know how this works0 DragonBorn1DragonPriest2Mirrak3Lydia4M'aiq the Lair5brinyolf6Uffric7Genneral...i frogot his namr8Annoying Person9Parrthanx

  • Blacklight virus44

    wonderful house, and decorations are very good too nice work..

  • Zbigniew Beczko

    Fajne Podobny do Mojego Domu

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