Skyrim: 300 (Battle of Thermopylae)

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  • Shix Lo The Crusading Slav

    Plz make the sequel to this I really want to help out

  • A C

    They were two great warriors and there and they were the samurai and the Spartans


    How did you get those red capes ?

  • Blaa Blaa

    Every general and king had kickass well made custom made armour to protect his ass , but in cinema they protect themselves with their bare balls and cut heads off with a spear shaft Man this is some inspiring historic shit!

  • Dillan Jake

    Does anyone have the Mod Authors name?.

  • Master of Skrubs

    I love the blank expression on the face of the Persian who lost his head at the start of the slow motion scene. "Oh I lost my head. That's a pity."

  • Besim Baraka

    Uhhh a few things where not correct in this battle like how there was only 300 Spartans there was 1000 soldiers from another city-state

  • Otachi

    What was the mod they used for the Immortals?

  • Jerrone


  • oserger gfd

    in skyrim there are not spears

  • The other Slim Shady

    3:53 those boys dabbed

  • dominic gonzales

    Spartans, the greatest warriors to ever exist.

  • Spaceman Spliff

    Lol @ all the different death sounds from old video games and movies.

  • Jose Brothers

    How do I find the immortal armor mod can someone send me a link

  • cobaltcatmaster

    Can't say with the word how amazing this video is.. ^_^

  • Bruno Vergatti

    Leonidas kinda held the off hoping the greeks would rise also. So, there.

  • BrockTheZabel

    Is there a mod to add spartans to this game. If so that'd be so cool

  • PotatoPeopleGaming34

    This is inaccurate since Spartans didn't charge into battle but held their ground and slaughtered whoever came close

  • Seth Leoric

    my characyer looks like leonidas

  • illuminate sos

    funny thing is those badass helmets are actually in the game. but with black mow hawk

  • Currently Not Wanting To Live

    2:26 who else notices the Persian standing in the Spartan group not knowing wtf was going on

  • Michael

    The Spartans fought ISIS before we ever did

  • Omar سلوم

    what mods did you use?

  • Dillan Jake

    Can someone please link the immortal armor mod I couldn't find it anywhere,cheers.


    anyone know the mod list, like for the spartan armor and weapons, they look sick

  • Mexican Candy Dealer

    Our arrows will blot out your knees!

  • Jay Musones

    Imagine a first person view game like this

  • GhostSkater

    God of war music ehhh

  • kitez opo

    Unfair! Leonideas don't use Fus ro dah!

  • seth thompson

    I've played with them once on xboxlive

  • Greek Shadow7

    the Spartans know each other from the age of 7,they never left a battle they fought till the last man

  • Thuta Suan

    So the Persians are the redguard and the Spartans are the imperials or nords

  • Tiago Barroso

    they are gonne to sonvengard

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