Skyrim Secrets: Krosis Mask and Infinite Carry Weight

For more infortmation:

  • pascal nayrat

    2:35 ... no... this mask is not so great for's better for thieves and novice-alchemists...mages can profit much more from some other masks.3:05 ... And yes the shout will always be the same...

  • dmitri chehova

    The new Solstheim dragon priest masks look sick. Definitely my favorite mask/helmet in the game.


    I killed him with shadow mere I just sat and watched

  • bringoutthelegos

    Killed the dragon before Krosis came out, however, my companion odmuud kept fucking dying, so I had to save and load multiple times.

  • Cath Gabadze

    this mans choice of words

  • CJ

    "it's worth a pretty penny too" DO NOT, I REPEAT !!!!!!!!DO NOT!!!!!!! SELL YOUR DRAGON PRIEST MASKS!!!!!!

  • dallin cantonwine

    Inventry.... U fucking retard gwt off ir fat ass and go to school its in ven tory. Fucking faggot

  • Nolan

    It's next to windhelm and some dwarven cave over here... real descriptive

  • Lilianah Martinez

    doesn't everyone do this? I've been doing this for years haha

  • Dovah Kiin

    the shout is the same

  • creepman25

    dragons are super weak to shock


    You know I've got PDA and an enchanted rose it summons a daedira to fight for me he'll kick anyone's ars no bother, brilliant for this fight or any! But you can probably guess I would say that if you knew PDA

  • L-J Young

    Help lost wooden mask! Put it in a chest now it's gone , any idea how do I get it back to complete collection of dragon priest masks! Please help !

  • Hudson Caust

    Or you could just do a console command to change the maximum carry weight

  • Windrunner Radiant

    I kinda stumbled upon the dragon and the dragon priest and Once the dragon was nearly dead the dragon priest popped up and yeah, I was surprised, but I was kind just like, "Oh, we're doing this now? Okay." And then used the Sanguine Rose to summon 2 Dreamora while I took care of the dragon and by the time the dreamora disappeared the dragon priest was really low on health and so I just deliveres the finishing blow, opened the chest, got the new shout, and took everyone useful from the dragon priest then went on my way, continuing the quest I was doing.

  • bossinater cool dude

    I actually found 5 of the masks but I failed to find the rest

  • Marga

    does infinite carry weight still work on the current version of SE?

  • Johnny Skeleton

    So I went there and he didn’t show up. Auto win??? Now where’s that mask

  • FandomKing Overlord

    Finally a ps4 player and someone who uses the same mods as i do

  • Galaxy Observations

    I sneak attacked Kronos and killed him I one shot because my base bow damage is 240

  • Lucas Huff

    I fought both of them at once.Level 37 Vampire Lord >:3

  • Adam Kiehl

    How does it give you infinite carry weight?

  • nate pig

    only 40,000. I have a WAY better tip. get a f**king life man. if you won't likes and subscribers. spend more time schooling yourself with the things you do. BTW I have completed skyrim 3 times yes I need to get a life. but tnx for the tip I'm always open to advice on playing my games. I used you tip for 9 hours and I got 243,984,126 gold.👍

  • Daniel 786

    The only thing I learned is Skyrim doesn’t say you are over encumbered when you’re over your weight limit.

  • sagich dirdochnicht

    I collect all the dragon bones. They weight a lot, but with smithing at 100, and then put it on the bench and make it legendary, you'll get a lot of money. More then simply selling those. But don't go nuts - it won't help, seller have restrected Money. Except you buy a ton of ebony ore if they got, then you can get your money back. I've got enchanting on 100, too. Double enchanted with the black star, redicolous prices.

  • gentlegiant6585

    So what/where is this infinite carry weight?? Allready beat both those guys (level 50). I do like to just pick up near everything that isnt nailed down and sell it all. Time consuming but I am very wealthy cause of it, which is why I was interested in the infinite carry weight.

  • Ron Barx

    The infinite carry weight glitch was not foolproof as I used it with my companion and I guess every item he collected that was past his carry weight capacity became a “stolen” item so I couldn’t sell. I also did use a tip I saw to put all the loot you want them to grab into a chest and am not sure if that was what messed it up or not. Going to go at it old fashioned style for now

  • P God

    I fought em at the same time

  • Stratelier

    Alternatively, just load everything into the dragon's corpse then cast a projectile spell like Raise Zombie at it. It's especially funny if you do this in a town, because the awestruck NPCs will chase after it.

  • Terrance Pemberton

    I shoved him off the cliff using force shout

  • James Flores


  • EpiK

    To get the shout without fighting anyone just slow time

  • Gage Collins

    I recently did this, and I'm a mage and I did try attacking him immediately but the spells couldn't effect him until about 10 seconds after he got out of the coffin things

  • GameOf Drones

    This is bullshit you kill them both as quest kill the dragon at shearpoint and you can just add things to inventory complete waste of time

  • linguistically oversight 86

    What you imagine that another sneak Archer

  • Short intellectual grandpa with alzheimers

    But I have deathbrand armor.. fuc

  • iNREEk

    I found this out too. But I thought it was normal on vr :(

  • Garon Linton

    Not much of a secret but Credit for taking on a dragon on Expert level

  • Jake McB

    There's a glitch with the companion pickup thing. Sometimes the item will randomly get marked as stolen when you use this glitch

  • Johnathan Mcfarland

    There is a cap on how much your companion can carry aswell so this video is a sham sorry to anybody that has watched this im not trying to offend anyone by my comment if i do offend anyone i am very sorry........ also i dont know about this so please dont hold me to im or get your hopes up .... if we upgrade our stamina we can carry more stuff . It might increase our companions carry limit but as i stated earlier in my comment i dont no so please dont hold me to that

  • dmitri chehova

    I like the Dukaan mask

  • Taxi Driver

    instructions unclear ! Penis is stuck in dragons anus ! plz Help

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