Skyrim Secrets: Krosis Mask and Infinite Carry Weight

For more infortmation:

  • Hudson Caust

    Or you could just do a console command to change the maximum carry weight

  • Shawn Atlas

    What level work you when you took him out?

  • Ayoub Black

    after i killed the dragon miraak stole the dragon soul ?

  • Queen Bitch

    krosis was an easy battle.

  • The Bean machine

    I took down Krosis when I was a level 6 ;-; and got Throw voice, I was kinda salt but it's okay :3

  • Ian Tebben

    I made the mistake of fighting them both. Thank god I had super high sneak and archery otherwise I would have been screwed

  • Wolfy Sparks

    how do i kill krosis

  • SavageCabbage 1


  • Adam Kiehl

    How does it give you infinite carry weight?

  • bossinater cool dude

    I actually found 5 of the masks but I failed to find the rest

  • Nico Agravante

    Exact location's name is Shearpoint.

  • Rustam Safarli

    Just open console command menu and increase your carry weight to 5000 let's say. Oh wait you're on Xbox

  • dimethyl dreamer

    I fought both of them at the same times at lvl 12 it was hard and i ran out of potions but i did it

  • Wolfy Sparks

    i wanna get the dragon shout though

  • Systematiclol

    TLDR: Get your follower to pick stuff up... save yourself 4 mins 20

  • Omega_Blaziken

    wow im geting a full shout

  • Casey Hutton

    I love fighting the Dragons!

  • Dubstep Zero

    I actually stumbled upon it whilst i was on my dark brotherhood quest.. Tis was fun actually

  • dallin cantonwine

    Inventry.... U fucking retard gwt off ir fat ass and go to school its in ven tory. Fucking faggot

  • Goku The Type of Nigga

    I'm confused. I'm on my first playthrough ever, and have three masks Volsung (which I use,) Krosis, and the wooden mask I found last night. Krosis is marked as heavy armor on my game not light armor, and I use light armor 😵

  • VerDeLanceDeNigro

    companions have a limit, its not infinite

  • TheReivenlocke

    Glad I read the comments. Better than suffering through someone taking too long to tell you something simple.

  • Nolan

    It's next to windhelm and some dwarven cave over here... real descriptive

  • T Nasty

    I sold the mask a long time...Shit...

  • Northern Pfannekuchen mit frittiertem Iltis

    You said vidya. #yoteslaya

  • DLmadison100

    Okay, the question that I have is this:  you're using your companion for "infinite carry weight" but he dies, he gets killed incidentally... Can you reanimate with the dead thrall scroll and the follower will still be able to carry all that weight or will the spell reanimating a dead person cause you to lose all of your loot? (Do you need to loot them first?)

  • pascal nayrat

    2:35 ... no... this mask is not so great for's better for thieves and novice-alchemists...mages can profit much more from some other masks.3:05 ... And yes the shout will always be the same...

  • Ridicuze

    Dwarven Cave and Dragon Club...

  • girlsdrinkfeck

    or just type carry wight on console command

  • Trevor Phillips

    I dropped it because the mask was trash.

  • Muhammad salim

    I already do that I thought that this would be a glitch with krosis that allows you to carry an infinite amount of stuff

  • Daniel 786

    The only thing I learned is Skyrim doesn’t say you are over encumbered when you’re over your weight limit.

  • Taxi Driver

    instructions unclear ! Penis is stuck in dragons anus ! plz Help

  • Nasir_The_Might Productions

    Everyone knows this shit ,I nothing related to infinite carry weight ! Fucking click bait!

  • WatterEgg

    I fought both of them with a blade armor on my level 30 character 😂

  • Nancy Gray

    one timei killd meko

  • Caiden Wichert

    Gave the giants club to moll the lioness and HOLY SHITE

  • Jordy Lubbinge

    I did fight them at the same time butt my follower farkas had some daedric armor on . And I always vote dragons priests had to worship a dragon but this one was fighting the dragon

  • Sam wise

    A pretty penny #fishandchips

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