This is: Skyrim's Creation Club's Launch

This is the FULL review of the creation club for Skyrim as it stands now.. Disgusting.
Creation Club. More like... copy-club, AMIRITE?
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  • Kanye West_fo__prez

    And don’t heart my shitty comment stop trying to be edgy but I actually love you even though YouTube shitty algorithm never shows me you videos love you Bambi and you should do a scary video game play through even though your a pussy

  • Magnificent Man

    Why the fuck does steam look like that?

  • Kinda 0FiNCE1VE

    This is what happens when companies started by actual game creators goes big gets taken over by marketing people after Years. Also back up on the mic no one wants to hear ur mouth smack not being critical but it does annoy people to hear that noise.

  • Kody Fulton

    You smack your lips way too fucking much while making this video. It sounds like you're eating goddamn peanut butter while making a shitty video. Get it together or fucking quit youtube

  • Avalanche Game Art

    You installed the Survival mod on normal skyrim, and you were supposed to enter a beta branch.Also, you're too biased. I know Zenimax is shit, but you attack the game for the sake of it.

  • some dumb 'greymon

    Straight from their website: "We won’t allow any existing mods to be retrofitted into Creation Club, it must all be original content."

  • Calamity556

    Realistic Needs and Diseases is by far one of my most favorite survival mods. It stomps all over Creation Club's pathetic excuse for a Survival Mode.

  • Tony Harrison

    So it doesn't even work? No wonder they slashed the price from $8.00 to $0. It's not even out of Alpha testing yet, and they're calling it beta. Yet people will continue to shill for CC, and continue to say "give it more time". Sorry, but as far as this consumer is concerned.....time is up.Now I believe I understand why Chesko has neglected support and development on Frostfall/Campfire/Last Seed for the past few months (I wasn't sure at first, but those warmth ratings on the armor are identical to those in Frostfall, so that REALLY suggests this is his project); he has been in bed with Bethesda trying to retweak them to work without SKSE, so he can make just a little money (less than he has made from donations, I'd wager). I would have hoped he would have learned something from what happened in Spring 2015, but apparently not. I won't be surprised if he ends up ragequitting over the obligatory backlash he's about to receive over this, and that's unfortunate, but perhaps not undeserved. There may even be some fine print in his contract that states once this garbage goes public and for sale, that he must end support on and delete Frostfall/Campfire/Last Seed for SE. Now if I'm wrong, and Chesko in fact has nothing to do with this paid mod, then I apologize. But again, those warmth ratings (and in fact, the entire warmth system) are straight out of Frostfall, so it looks to me like either he sold out AGAIN, or else Bethesda is about to have a DMCA takedown based entirely upon their own rules for CC mods.At any rate, Bethesda has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that amateur modders can do better than they can, because even with their "professional" support, this mod (which already exists in a MUCH better state, at no cost) is a massive pile of shit. As much as I enjoy Skyrim, and amateur mods, a big part of me hopes that this sinks Bethesda financially. We're not getting any younger, after all, and this CC bullshit is just wasting resources that could otherwise be working on an Elder Scrolls VI.

  • mrnickbig1

    If you opt in to beta on PC, good luck trying to undo it! If you decide you can't stand the crappy mod, you can't uninstall it or get off beta. Bethesda trashes your file permissions and won't update, preventing launch. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game several times, and it never works. The problem seems to be survival mode, itself, and there seems to be no way of deleting it, specifically. Hopefully the permission problem will be resolved when it goes live.

  • Matt Slouse

    what is that steam skin with todd howard?


    2:55 You sound like Pewdiepie. Not complaining :D

  • I Cunt Spell

    The last bugthesda greedworks game that I've bought was exactly skyrim. Seeing how piss-poor job bugthesda greedworks did with it (bugs, glitches, awful story...) it made me realise that it will be the last game I buy from them.So glad that I did and never looked back.

  • Kanye West_fo__prez

    Your voice make me wish I could die

  • Shawn Driscoll

    Frostfall sucks. Unless you're OCD.

  • Jason

    Fuck you bethesda its just 1 free creation club mod

  • Dan J

    You hit M'aiq!!!As you know, Frostfall also had heat rating as well, on apparel. Looking at that piece of shit there, I know what mod I'll stick with..

  • Ian Proctor

    Should have named him pete hines

  • Mikel Erickson

    I deleted Skyrim. For Bethesda to add this to a 6 year old game is s#it. You know its bad when Valve says no to your mico trans actions. Get free mods from any one but Bethesda and donate to the modder that way they get all you donated.

  • Justin C

    dont even play video games but i enjoyed your video. very funny.

  • ElevatedArcher

    It just works my dude

  • 6Rock6God6

    You didn't know that if you go fifteen minutes without sleeping or eating you become significantly weakened? How have you survived this long?

  • 777icekitsune

    sounds like he is trying to be the next joel from vine sauce.

  • Km Ca

    Use a damn bow not a Shitty axe

  • Knowledge?

    jarl ready for this roast.

  • Gamersector

    he can't talk english....

  • Kanye West_fo__prez

    But I’m erabic so only way to commit suicide is by bombing

  • Thugli

    Just a little bit of munchies. Lemme just stop for a snack real quick eats 4 breads 30 potatoes and 3 venisons

  • adairtab

    It looks like its 800 credits

  • Alan Jones

    its frost fall but you cant make fires or get warm clothing unless you download a free mods [if it lets you] and the second you step in the cold areas marked on your map you will start to die,and the crappy survival mods has nout to help stop this unlike frostfall but both mods are made by the same mod maker chesco [great modder] but this bethesda abortion survival mode is a sub par paid mod that cant work on its own but there are no other paid mods to help it more crappy paid mod from bethesda,GREED COMES TO SKYRIM.

  • Zach Webster

    I very much enjoy this new video style you're making Bambs. keep it upppppp!

  • Victor_Vector 7474

    Has anyone ever pickpocketed cicero when he was injured then seen him get up to attack u perfectly fine?

  • Whiterun Guard

    Jarl ready for this? Balgruuf said to me you can fuck yourself Bethesda.

  • Shlomo Shekelstein

    You're hungryYou're fatiguedYour penis has caught fire. Your family no longer loves you.You now have herpes and low resale value on your house. Thanks for playing Skyrim survival mode.

  • 80827135

    Thats what i dont like about their games. How food is handled, like not eating parts of a cheese wheel just necking the whole thing. How a deathclaw steak is a quarter the size of the raw one. Or how theres only ever one buffout pill in each container

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